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Residential Elevators - Add Style and Elegance to Your Residence Today, quality home elevators are available to meet your practical needs as well as to enhance the beauty and value of your residence. They are a space-efficient accessibility solution that improves the quality of life for aged and disabled people who face considerable difficulty in negotiating staircases in multi-storied buildings. Residential elevators come with a wide variety of safety features. The standard features incorporated include battery backup, emergency light and alarm, hoistway and door interlocks, cable safety devices, slack chain, emergency stop switch, upper landing hatch cover with safety sensors, automatic car lighting, and more. Certain residential elevator systems generally require some modification to the structure of your residence or home, whereas models such as Telecab, Eclipse and Minivator can be installed without making much modification to the existing structure. Customers can personalize residential elevators to suit their specific needs. For example, they can specify options such as colors, glass panels, automatic doors, design, speed, finishes and other options to match their residential settings. Benefits of Installing Home Elevators Installing a residential elevator in a multi-storied house offers significant advantages. • • • • • • •

Improves convenience Provides mobility solutions to physically challenged family members Offers extremely safe and smooth ride Durable Virtually maintenance free Adds style, elegance and uniqueness to your house Can be customized according to individual needs

Leading manufacturers who provide feature-rich home elevator systems include ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord, and Federal Elevator. Lev Home Elevator, Volant Gearless Home Elevator, Signet Home Elevator, Infinity Luxury Elevator, Panorama Elevator and Renaissance Elevator are some of the popular home elevator models offered by these manufacturers. Most of the branded models come with warranty and ongoing installation and maintenance service offer. DAY Elevator & Lift 50 Hempstead Gardens Drive West Hempstead , NY 11552 Call us: (800)758-5438 E-mail:

Residential Elevators - Add Style and Elegance to Your Residence  

Residential elevators not only provide convenient access to the different floors of your multi-storied building but also add style and elega...

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