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Residential Dumbwaiter - Makes Your Work Easy and Risk-free Increase the Accessibility of Your Home No matter whether it is used for indoor or outdoor applications, a residential dumbwaiter has a wide range of uses in your home. A residential dumbwaiter helps you to transport goods or other things such as groceries, clothes, firewood, books, and toys around your home or multistory building, thus making your work easy and riskfree. Residential dumbwaiters add elegance and convenience to your home based on your needs. It can carry weights ranging from 75 to 150 lbs. Residential dumbwaiters can also be used for commercial purposes in restaurants, stores, medical practices, offices, libraries, banks and other centers for easy transportation of goods between the floors. Today, a wide range of residential dumbwaiters with advanced features and options are available from leading manufacturers in the industry. Inclinator dumbwaiters from the Inclinator Company of America and Ascent Dumbwaiter from Summit Lifts are some of the commonly available and popular residential dumbwaiters. Features of residential dumbwaiters: • • •

• • • • •

Automatic, low voltage control switches Pre-installed belt and chain drive Run on a track system for ease

of movement Built-in interlocks Magnetic door switches are provided to prevent it from moving with open doors. 20" wide x 20" deep x 30" high standard car (optional sizes of 24x24x30 and 30 x 30 x 36, and custom size are also available) Digital key pad locks to lock for child proofing Up to 4 stops

• •

Made from durable heavy-duty steel material Different loading configurations - single side, opposite side or adjacent sides

Benefits of Residential Dumbwaiter • • • • • •

Built to last longer Fast and easy installation Come with manufacturer warranties - includes free servicing and replacements for damages Easier to handle and assemble Save your valuable time Make your work easy and risk-free

If you have a plan to build a dream home, then residential dumbwaiters are the best way to make your home more comfortable. Contact:

DAY Elevator and Lift 50 Hempstead Gardens Drive West Hempstead , NY 11552 Call us: (800)758-5438 E-mail:

Residential Dumbwaiter - Makes Your Work Easy and Risk-free  

Residential dumbwaiters, is ideal for transporting goods between floors, can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

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