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Home Elevators Make Your Home More Accessible Home elevators make your home more accessible, particularly for the sick and aged. With reliable elevator suppliers providing some of the best brands and various residential elevators for various residential applications, you’re sure to find the one that suits you fine. As homes grew, so did the need for safe mobility solutions. A residential elevator not only serves utility needs, but also makes your home an architectural attraction. You can get really extravagant home elevators or the basic ones that are still good looking, safe and sans hassles. A Simple Residential Elevator – Savaria’s Telecab The Telecab from Savaria is an example of a utilitarian elevator. It is absolutely simple, needs no hoistway, pit or machine, and is a breeze to install. If you’re looking for a simple, quick fix elevator this is it. Some of its features include: • • • • • • • •

Emergency battery-lowering device In-cab telephone Electro-mechanical door lock Open door sensor Pressure relief valve Halogen light in cab Emergency stop and alarm Remote hand control

Extravagant Elevators from Federal Elevator From the basic to the luxurious, welcome to Federal Elevator’s Renaissance luxury home elevators. They come with a maximum of 8 stops and have a top speed of 50 fpm and a capacity of 750 lbs. It’s a smooth ride and the elevator offers a battery backup system as well. The various features of this luxury home elevator include: • • • • • •

Photoelectric eyes Telephone cabinet Digital floor indicator lights Arrival gongs and lights Motion activated cab lights Voice activated controls

The other attractive features of this residential elevator include a choice of car gates that include the manual black scissor and powered as well as manual accordion folding formats, and bi folding formats. Brass, stainless steel or any other desired cladding is provided. It has a state-of-the-art hydraulic system, while the slack cable prevents the elevator moving in both directions. Best of all, it consumes quite little space. More Luxury with Savaria’s Infinity Home Elevators Staying with the luxury theme, Savaria’s Infinity also gives a great touch of extravagance. It offers great customization options such as the choice of gates – accordion type having 3 vision panels or the horizontally collapsible one. This 5-stop elevator weighs around 1000 lbs and can travel up to 50 feet. You can modify this residential elevator based on your individual taste, home decor and space constraints. Elevator suppliers offer plenty of choice for the cab walls, hand rails, floors and ceilings. Get the Best and Reliable Models from Elevator Suppliers Reliable elevator suppliers are your guide to the cost-effective as well as really luxurious and customizable home elevators. Not only do they have great models lined up, but they also provide professional installation and flawless periodic maintenance, ensuring you have a great experience owning these elevators. These home elevators make your home more accessible for your loved ones, while also tremendously increasing the attraction factor of your home. Contact:

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Home Elevators Make Your Home More Accessible  
Home Elevators Make Your Home More Accessible  

Buying and owning commercial and home elevators is a pleasurable experience since you have the experienced and reliable elevator suppliers o...