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Elevator Inspections for Residential and Commercial Elevators NYC Building Codes state that elevators in the city have to be thoroughly inspected at regular intervals, not exceeding one year. The best way to arrange for elevator inspections for residential and commercial elevators is to contact professional elevator dealers as they can arrange for a qualified inspector to carry out timely inspections. Elevator Inspections to Avoid Non-compliance Issues Inspections are performed in accordance with both N.E.C. (New York Electrical Codes) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) 17.1 safety codes. These standards and safety codes spell out various requirements to ensure user safety such as lighting outlets, required level of illumination, switches in machine spaces, elevator smoke and heat detectors and sprinklers, elevator recall in emergencies and so on. The inspections are carried out to carefully coordinate all these requirements and ensure that they comply with the necessary safety standards. Non-compliance would result in penalties. To avoid this, the equipment should be thoroughly assessed by licensed professionals. If you own this mobility equipment at your residential or commercial building, it is your responsibility to ensure timely professional inspection. Established Dealer for Professional Service Established mobility equipment dealers can arrange for licensed professional inspectors to perform inspections for elevators. These professionals will ensure that your equipment in installed correctly and function safely. Code compliance is the most important part of the inspection process. Violation of these safety codes can result is user injury, liability claims, and penalties.

Professional elevator inspection service includes: • • • • • • • •

On-site inspections Annual/periodic inspections Specification development Maintenance surveys Violation resurveys Modernization surveys Test witnessing Code evaluations

Benefits Failed emergency backups, missing parts, pit and machine room issues and so on are corrected as part of the process. The inspections ensure: • • • •

User safety Equipment compliance with specific code regulations Reduced equipment downtime Reduced odds of accidents and injuries

Apart from the inspection services, many of the mobility equipment dealers offer repair, alteration and maintenance of the equipment and make them function flawlessly throughout. How to Arrange for Professional Inspections Browse the web directories and yellow pages to find mobility equipment dealers. Choose a dealer with wide experience in the sale and servicing of accessory devices. When it comes to elevator inspections for residential and commercial elevators, ensure that your dealer arranges for licensed inspectors to carry them out. Contact: DAY Elevator and Lift 50 Hempstead Gardens Drive West Hempstead , NY 11552 Call us: (800)758-5438 E-mail:

Elevator Inspections for Residential and Commercial Elevators  

To ensure user safety and code compliance, it is necessary to arrange timely elevator inspections for residential and commercial elevators.