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HUSKY KEY CLUB September Edition | Volume III | Issue VI The Official Chino Hills High School Key Club Newsletter

Division 15 | Region 13 | California-Nevada-Hawaii District

Chino Hills High School Key Club September Newsletter-Page 2 Table of Contents/President’s Note: Hello Key Clubbers! I would like to formally introduce myself as the Chino Hills High School Key Club president for the 2013-2014 year. This is my first president’s note of the school year and I am absolutely ecstatic to be writing to so many amazing returning and future members. From the moment I became a member, Freshman year, Key Club has impacted my high school career in such a beautiful way. People always tell me that this organization is doing so much to benefit the rest of the world, but the way I see it, the experiences, skills, perspective and friends I’ve gained from being a part of it, is something that I will never be able to pay back. My goal this year as your president, is to show you how Key Club can become an integral part of your experience in high school. The events that our club has planned for you this year will truly be something to remember. With AIDS Walk, Haunted Hike, Fall Rally, and many more service events coming up, we can definitely guarantee you the adventures of a lifetime. To the greatest advisor in the world, Mr. Misawa, I know I don’t thank you enough for all you do for us, but please know that I could not feel more blessed to have you by our side, 110% of the time. To my executive board, I have no words for how proud I am of all that you have accomplished as officers. Your hard work, passion for service, and the fact that you can put up with my craziness, makes me fall in love with each of you more and more each day! Lastly, to returning and future members, our club is nothing without you. Your passion to serve others truly inspires me and I hope with the greatest sincerity, that the time you choose to spend with Key Club, is something you will never regret.

Table of Contents: Opening Cover…………………………..……...1 Table of Contents/President’s Note……...2 Key Club Core Values….……………………..3 Club Rush Week………………………………..4 First Meeting of the School Year….….…...5 Isaiah's Rock……………………………………...6 Fall Rally Pre-view……………………………...7 Back Cover……………………………………..…8

Yours in Service, Sona Senapati

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Key Club’s Core Values:

Character Building, Caring, Inclusiveness, and Leadership The above are what Key Club International refers to as our Core Values. These are the values we try to instill and help cultivate within each and every club member. Key Club's mission statement: "Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership." Objectives of Key Club International:  To develop initiative and leadership.  To provide experience in living and working together.  To serve the school and community.  To accept and promote the following ideals:  To promote the adoption and application of higher standards in scholarship, sportsmanship and social contacts.  To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship.  To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render unselfish service, and to build better communities.

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Club Rush Week: “Join Key Club, the BIGGEST club on Campus!” During the second week on school, from September 3rd6th, officers and members advertised our amazing club to the freshmen and other students who were looking for clubs to join. We had a lot of people asking what Key Club was, so many of the officers and members were busy explaining all the great aspects of Key Club. Those who weren’t busy explaining were passing out flyers and brochures. We even pinned some students with clothes pins that had information about our first meeting. Towards the end of the week, some people were starting to yell out, “How do you feel?”, and of course, we had to do the cheer. In the end, we had at least 400 people signups and many of those have already paid their membership and have officially joined the club.

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First Meeting of the School Year: Thank you so much to everybody who came out to our first Key Club meeting of the year! With over 400 people at our first meeting, this new year has come with a great start. You guys truly gave us the attendance we’ve been hoping and anticipating for. During this very first meeting, we projected a short video in hope of answering your questions of “What is Key Club” or “Do you guys REALLY make Keys”, and our answer is “Yes, we really do make keys”- keys that open your hearts for new opportunities. Throughout your experience in Key Club, we will be centering upon 4 core values: Leadership, Character Building, Caring, and Inclusiveness. To do this, we will be providing many service opportunities that help our community both locally and globally. Raising money to create a better future for others, and being servant leaders for those whom we can help- that is what our job is. Keep updated for new opportunities through our meetings every Monday during lunch at the theater. Also look out for reminders on our Facebook and Wix page! Key Clubbers, your participation and initiatives to become leaders count. Lets together make “Caring, Our Way of Life” through service. -Joyce Xiong

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Isaiah's Rock: The first Key Club event of the year for our school was on Friday, September 13th. It might have been Friday the 13th, but our Club had the spirit to help out as much as we could! We had the opportunity to help out at the Isaiah’s Rock in Chino from 4-7pm. Being as it was the first event of the year, we had some new members who were able to experience firsthand what it means to be in Key Club. There were about 12 of us there, and we were split into three groups: one group labeled bags of food and organized them into boxes, another group was assigned to package clean diapers into bags that were to be available to anyone who could not afford them, and the last group was assigned to help sweep dust as well as move boxes. All of our jobs were in a close workspace, so we were able to keep each other company, which was great, since it was our first event. The new members were really enthusiastic and funny, which was awesome. They had some pretty interesting questions about Key Club as well, and the officers that were there were to answer them and also talk about the great events later on in the year, such as Fall Rally and Aids Walk. After a while of doing those jobs, everyone was assigned to package the diapers into bags, mark them, and then transfer them to a larger storage container. After we were finished with this, we were given a break. This was a great chance for all of us to get together and bond. We had a few laughs and talked more about Key Club. Overall, our club’s first event of the year was a success and in the end, gained new members, helped the less fortunate, and created new memories .

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Fall Rally South Preview: Hey Key Clubbers’! It is almost time for one of the biggest Key Club events of the year, FALL RALLY! On November 9th from 7am-8pm, our Key Club, along with others from all over California, Nevada, and Hawaii will get together for a day of fundraising and fun. At Fall Rally, which will be held at Six Flags, Magic Mountain, there will be motivational programs and a whole lot of Key Club spirit. At almost every turn, you will see a Key Clubber, who will be decked out in spirit gear. Also, there will be tons of small spirit battles, and of course, the “How do you feel?” cheer. You will be amazed at the amount of people you will meet and become friends with. This does count as a service event, because all the proceeds that are made throughout the day will be donated the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP). One of the main highlights of the day is the main SPIRIT battle, where our division, Division 15, along with many others will compete in a spirit battle for the spirit stick. FALL RALLY is an awesome event, so make sure that you get your ticket!

Thank you for Reading!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.� -Margaret Mead Chino Hills High Key Club| Division 15| Cali-Nev-Ha District Chino Hills High School|16150 Pomona Rincon Road, Chino Hills, California, 91709-3101 Editor: Jaie Peshawaria


CHHS Key Club September Newsletter (2013)  

A recap of Chino Hills High School Key Club's September events, and a preview of upcoming events..

CHHS Key Club September Newsletter (2013)  

A recap of Chino Hills High School Key Club's September events, and a preview of upcoming events..