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Townsend BBQ Help-out

Division15 June DCM

End-of-the-Year Banquet

June 2013| Volume III| Issue III

Division 15|Region 13|Cali-Nev-Ha District

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CHHS KEY CLUB JUNE NEWSLETTER Editor’s Note and Table of Contents: Hello Key Clubbers! It’s been a great start to this new Key Club year. Personally, over the last three months that I have served you, it has been absolutely wonderful. I would just like to say that I have enjoyed every moment of it. I am grateful that I have had this opportunity and I will continue to do my best to make the rest of this year the best it can be. As you may or may not know, my job is to take photos at service events and really just try to capture the “spirit of service.” I encourage all of you to try and attend more service events, that way, you can experience firsthand that “spirit of service “and also so it can give me an opportunity to inFeaturing in this Issue…! Front Cover…………………………………………....….1 clude more people into the picEditor’s Note/Table of Contents…………….…….2 tures and newsletters. I would Upcoming Summer Events…………………………..3 like to thank the members for all End-of-the-Year Banquet Review…..……………...4 their dedication and also thank Photos from Banquet…………………………………..5 the executive board for all their Townsend BBQ/Dance Help-out………...……...6 support. Have a great summer Senior Graduation Ushering………………...……..7 everyone! Officer Training Conference………………..……...8 Senior Dedication………………………………..……..9 Back Cover……………………………………………....10

-Jaie Peshawaria

CHHS Key Club Editor 2013-2014

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CHHS KEY CLUB JUNE NEWSLETTER Upcoming Summer Events: Relay For Life: This event is huge and so much fun. I know I am advertising this event constantly, but I want as many people as possible to attend! Details on how to sign-up is on our website!

“Cal Aero Library Volunteering”

“Concerts in the Park” Every year, our Key Club helps out with the “Concerts in the Park” at Veterans Park in Chino Hills. These concerts run for about 8 weeks. At these concerts, we will be selling food or drinks to fundraise money for our club and our service partners, such as the PTP program. It will be very festive, so try and attend if you can. REMEMBER THAT KEY CLUB DOESN’T STOP DURING THE SUMMER!

Our Key Clubbers will now be able to attend this library and volunteer there on a parttime basis. The library is open Monday to Friday from 3:30 to 8pm and Saturday from 105pm. If interested, you may volunteer there anytime they are open. Just be sure to fill out an application because it is mandatory if you wish to volunteer there. This library is located at 15850 Main Street in Chino. This opportunity will be able throughout summer so take advantage if you are interested.

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CHHS KEY CLUB JUNE NEWSLETTER End-of-the-Year-Banquet Review: Key Club Banquet was my so amazing and a truly exceptional experience not just coming from an officer’s view but as any attendee. Each and every individual in there has proven that they are dedicated to service or are willing to take the initiative to become a future leader. In the slideshow, there were tears, shocks, and laughs of joy. Everyone had an amazing time just enjoying good food or posing for pictures in front of our beautiful backdrop. Banquet was by far one of the greatest achievements from the beginning of our term, even in preparation the board was able to effectively plan, assess, and innovate to make banquet successful. To me, I had fun blowing balloons, seeing all my friends come, and watching members get awards and receive a warm hug from our IP president. This was definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences so far and I hope that as a club, we will continue to cheer, celebrate, and inspire others to provide service and spirit to those who need it. -Dennis Chen

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Recap: Page 6 CHHS KEY CLUB JUNE NEWSLETTER Townsend BBQ/Dance Help-out On Friday, June 7th, our Key Club had the honor of helping out at Townsend Junior High’s annual 8th grade BBQ and Dance. From 4:30-9:00pm, our club did as much as we could, from the set-up to the clean-up. We started off by bringing the materials outside from the storage. Cotton Candy, Snow Cones, and Candy filled the tables as we continued the set-up. I was so surprised by the amount of food that they had! The music was loud, the hot dogs were grilling, we had all the elements needed to have a great time. The students arrived and began to chow down on the hamburgers and hot dogs. Many came up to get cotton candy and snow cones. We had to really work to avoid any back-ups. Midway through the event, our club had the opportunity to speak to the principal about starting a Builders’ Club. It has been one of our club’s goals to charter a Builders’ Club, so we were extremely excited when the principal agreed to have us over to their school in the fall to show the students a presentation on Key Club and information on what a Builders’ Club is.As the night progressed, we helped clean the tables and pick up trash. The 8th graders were having a great time and we were happy for them. After most of the students were finished eating, they headed into the media center to dance. In the media center, there were so many interesting and fun activities. There was a face painting stand, a video game room, a photo booth, and of course, a dance floor. It was almost a black-out dance; there were many strobe lights and even, a DISCO BALL! This BBQ and Dance was a good chance for us to grow closer to Townsend Junior High. This friendship might be especially significant because the school might have their own Builders’ Club this fall. After the students had left, we cleaned the lunch tables and media center. We even helped out after the event, taping signs and marking the floor for their 8th grade promotion. In the end, our club had a great night of service and we look forward to any future interactions with the school.

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CHHS KEY CLUB JUNE NEWSLETTER Senior Graduation Ushering: Graduation Ushering at the Citizens Bank Arena was a memorable event I’d never dare to forget. As attendees charged through the doors to find a good seat for Graduation, volunteers shuffled around, passing out programs and guiding people to where they wanted to be. Running around from one end to the other and counting different numbers of programs people wanted, the night of service turned into a night of leg and math exercise. But hearing thank-you’s from so many people at one time and seeing the anticipating eyes of different families covered our tire and exhaustion. Saving the best for last, volunteers were given free tickets to attend the graduation. The arena was no less than baseball stadium. From all corners of the arena, people stood, cheering and clapping. The event became one of our major fundraisers for the month of June. CHHS Key Club was given $300 from the school for the volunteers who attended. Being able to satisfy attendees, fundraise, and experience such a wonderful graduation, the event was a great success. -Joyce Xiong

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CHHS KEY CLUB JUNE NEWSLETTER D-15/D-36West Officer Training Conference: On Saturday, June 15th at the Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis District Office in Rancho Cucamonga, CHHS Key Club officers and even a few members (Justin Li & Max Yang) gathered with other officers of Division 15 Giraffes and Division 36 West Huskies. At this Officer Training conference hosted by Amy He, D15's LTG and Aaron Gomez, D36W's LTG, all officers present, listened intently, and took intricate notes regarding how to be a better officer. Throughout general sessions, we learned about the history of Key Club, the structure, and a general view of how to keep a club running. Over the course of the conference, several workshops were held specific to officer positions such as President, Vice President, and Secretary. Generic workshops were held such as Public Speaking, and Finding Service Projects as well. Although it may have seemed like the conference was all work, and no play, there was in fact many ice-breakers which provided a fun way to bond with the other divisions! The conference proved extremely insightful to all, and many officers walked out of the Kiwanis District Office with a new perspective of Key Club. -Sona Senapati

Recap: Page 9 CHHS KEY CLUB JUNE NEWSLETTER Senior Dedication:

THANK YOU SENIORS! Seniors...What a journey it has been. Thank you for your hard work and inspiration. You will be dearly missed. Each one of you has a bright future and will go on to do great things. Continue to serve others and remember to always carry that spirit with you because it truly makes a difference.

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