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A chic night at New York City

Ana Cristina Cevallos

Introduction Paragraph:

New York is a beautiful city, full of charm and magic, where girls from all over the world can express themselves, feeling the essence of the city. However, it is not only the coquette personality that the city transmits, but also the sense of being so full of details, that it teaches people to appreciate life even in the simplest aspects. Each one of the photos shown in this photo album shows one of the many parts of the city of New York, teaching that everything has a meaning, if only seen with a different perspective. The photos show the elegance of New York, including the fun that girls can have, but without leaving aside the values and self determination that each person must have within them.

Photo 1:

Techniques: 1. Grayscale (desaturate) 2. Balance colors 3. Colorize 4. Btightness, contrast, hue, saturation

Message: This image communicates a message of coquetry and elegance. Women in New York can definitely express themselves by transmitting their chic personality, not being afraid of the world, nor of showing their fashionable side.

Photo 2:

Techniques: 1. Smudge 2. Dodge

Message: This photo transmits a message of grandeur to the viewer. New York is a big city, with so much to show and offer, but mostly, that the city has opposite sides, in order to charm people with different opinions and points of view. In a deeper analysis, in general nothing is one sided, and this picture expresses the different tones of life, that relate to people’s different perspectives. The upper part shows that there is no limit to anything, because dreams and ambitions can go as high as we wish them to.

Photo 3:

Techniques: 1. Free select 2. Cut 3. Paste 4. Photo montage 5. Smudge

Message: This photo shows that women can actually conquer the world, because by having a clear objective, there is anything you can’t do, when walking firmly towards achieving the dreams. New York is, in fact, an excellent place for all of those dreams to come true.

Photo 4:

Techniques : 1. Selective colorization 2. Colorize 3. Brightness – contrast

4. Color Balance

Message: The message of this picture is that in New York, even the simplest sign has its charm, and therefore, in life, beauty is not necessarily found in big aspects, but also in small details that in make life better in their own unique way.

Photo 5 :

Techniques: 1. Hue - Saturation 2. Brightness - Contrast

Message: The message of this photo is that, like the big city of New York, people have to learn that life is full of lights, so that whenever it feels too dark to go on, just remember a moment in Times Square, standing in the middle of the darkest night, but still, experiencing the happiest moments. This means that even in the greatest obscurity, there will be always a bit of hope.

Photo 6:

Techniques: 1. Blend

Message: The message of this picture is that New York, as well as all cities are extensive, and sometimes it is hard to differentiate between one aspect or the other. However, one must learn to appreciate the entire picture, in other words, every aspect of life, enjoying all of them.

Photo 7:

Techniques: 2. Glass Tile 3. Gradient Flare

4. NL Filter

Message: The message of this picture is that life is not always clear and satisfying, because even in New York, dreams can feel shattered and one may feel lost or broken. However, it is up to each one, to stand up, and show the world the strength and power that lies inside, overcoming all difficulties, like the moon always shining, that’s the way people are able to show their perpetual radiance.

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A Chic Night at New York City  

Ana Cristina Cevallos