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By Nain Kanow -

Ameriplan Corporation is a healthcare company which is based in Texas, USA. The Ameriplan Corporation has a very large network of healthcare professionals like dentists and doctors which provide discounted service to members of Ameriplan. Basically, Ameriplan charges a monthly fee to its members in return for a discount whenever a member gets himself checked at a healthcare provider listed with Ameriplan.

What Is Ameriplan

Ameriplan acts as a wild card for the under insured, but is not an insurance company. Membership is very beneficial to people who need to visit doctors regularly, as the money they save over time can add up to staggering amounts. Dental discounts are anything fro 25% to 80%. Ameriplan saves hundreds of millions of dollars every year for its members. Ameriplan covers almost all the areas of healthcare like visual, dental, chiropractic, hearing, prescriptions at pharmacies among others. The member base at Ameriplan exceeds one million people and many new members are added every year. There are many testimonials on the official website at Ameriplan which are very positive about Ameriplan. Members have saved a lot over with Ameriplan and are happy with the services offered to them. A single Member has to pay $11.95 per month, while a family of members has to pay $19.95 per month. Some healthcare comes free with a particular type of healthcare. The dental plan is the plan most

promoted by Ameriplan and visual chiropractic care plan is free along with a prescription plan. Members receive a membership card within 15 working days. Members can use this service card with any service provider in the country. Service providers at Ameriplan number far in excess of a hundred thousands. They can be divided into 30,000 Dental Providers, 60,000 Medical Providers, and 7,500 Chiropractic providers, 12,000 Optical Providers, 4,000 Optical Providers and 56,000 Retail Pharmacies. The network is scattered across all of America, and Ameriplan accepts new application from aspiring service providers. Ameriplan has been around since 1992, and has expanded through the network of providers which it has put in place. Ameriplan promises huge earning potential to its service providers. It claims service providers can earn a six figure income within a period of 4 years Guaranteed. Of course, this means that a service provider has to put in hours of work every week. Ameriplan is perfect for start up practices. The large number of Ameriplan members can act as patients, and a start up practice won't have to waste years building a loyal patient base. Established healthcare practices may or may not benefit. Also, the location of the service provider plays a critical role in the number of patients the provider is likely to receive in a given month.

Service providers with Ameriplan get a website, business cards, and training, follow up, advertisement avenues and support. Ameriplan has an established business system which is likely to benefit newcomers in marketing. Ameriplan is the largest medical discount organization in the USA. With no indication of a scam, aspiring healthcare marketers can try their luck at Ameriplan without fear.

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