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EDITOR NOTES JO ALCORN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 2016 has been a fun ride and I can’t believe there is still so much more to come with this collection. The product launches were a great success! So thankful to so many publications that have featured our products; below is just a few there‌are too many to show, our thanks to everyone. The people I have met at the different events and product knowledge meetings have created amazing experiences and connections. I am also excited to launch our online magazine to keep everyone in the loop about our products, new product launches, and the latest trends and news in the industry.

Happy Holiday! WINTER ISSUE



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A NEW WAY OF BUYING FURNITURE By Jo Alcorn Photos by Jason Hartog

When it comes to buying furniture, it can seem overwhelming with so many fabrics to choose from, styles, colours and even legs to decide on. No one has the time anymore to go through that long process or wait 8-12 weeks for their purchase to arrive. Furniture shopping has become a chore instead of being an exciting time of new. When I started my career in 2005, I freelanced at a furniture store while building up my business. The amount of books, paperwork and guidelines that I would have to go over with a client was exhausting. The system was very complicated and left room for errors. I felt that there had to be a better way and I found that the market was lacking in the affordable luxury department, as well as Canadian made products and eco-friendly solutions. (I suffer, as do many, with allergies and sensitivity to off gassing from product chemicals.) Another challenge I dealt with was clients returning furniture pieces because they could not fit the items through their doors,




hallways or staircase. My mind was spinning with ideas on how to overcome these situations. That is when I started designing my own collection with a small company. Despite the end result being a severed relationship with the manufacturer, I gained invaluable knowledge. About that time, I started teaching a design fundamental course at Humber College North Campus in Toronto. Included in the course were units on human dimensions, ergonomic design and how the body functions in a space. The course was a great reminder and refresher to the information that would then kick start this collection’s design. After building three collections with major hiccups and manufacture closures I was ready to give up the idea of creating a collection unlike any others. Then I received a phone call and a connection was made to meet with a manufacture about designing a new collection. Whittington & Co is a well-known, high-end Canadian furniture manufacture located in Oakville, established in 1994, who was looking for an affordable line to add to their collections. As corny as it sounds, I am a huge believer everything happens for a reason. This would now be my fourth collection I’d designed. I had learned many lessons of what works, and doesn’t, from my past experiences. I was bringing to the table ideas that I previously wasn’t able to implement, as they weren’t then perfected. I am truly happy to say that I am proud of and excited for, this collection as it solves so many problems and creates great solutions for so many. This collection is all about affordable luxury Whittington & Co is building the furniture as they do with their high end custom line: well-made and long lasting . However, we have developed a new way of making the frames that helps with the turnaround for constructing each piece - engineered frames with modular construction (which simply means, they’re rather like Lego pieces). Each component has its own integrity and strength; when combined, it is even stronger as a whole. This saves on space in the warehouse, so that pieces can be stored for quicker turnaround of products and each pieces is easily assembled; this in turn helps with the timeframe of shipping products out and labor costs. Now customers can receive their order in 4-6 weeks.


Another cool thing about this system is that you can disassemble the pieces to fit through tight spaces like a doorway, hallway or staircase. Now everyone can have luxury furniture even in the tightest places. This collection offers an eco-friendly solution within the construction; water base glues, partial soy base foam, recycled and engineered hardwoods, low-carbon footprint on materials and more! This collection only offers a few legs types to choose from for easier ordering, selected designer fabrics with coordinating accent fabrics to make discussions simpler and less overwhelming. As a bonus, we were able to help with the price by sticking with one grade for the base clothes. The base clothes are all 100% polyester, so those of you with kids or animals, you now have no excuse why you can’t have nice furniture. The rub count and durability of the fabric is amazing for all households and lifestyles. The fabric choices are now easy and fun to choose from knowing that a designer has pre-selected them based on looks, style, trends and durability. Fashion and function come together in this collection! .

"THERE IS SO MUCH MORE I WANT TO SHARE" There is so much about this line that I want to share, and will continue to do so throughout each issue. Next issue I will be talking about my hypoallergenic, dust mite control, animal cruelty free, dog bed/pillow line and the backstory on how that collection was born. Make sure to check out the Jo Alcorn website to view all the different pieces under the shop tab and stay tuned for the new products to come. In 2017 Jo Alcorn Wallpaper will be hitting showroom floors making decorating your spaces that much easier by coordinating wallpaper with the furniture and pillow collections.


A brand that represents a new chapter in the legacy of Whittington Furniture. Over the years, Whittington Furniture has earned a renowned reputation in the Canadian furniture industry for its' quality, talented artisans, fine craftsmanship and expert custom capabilities. Today at Whittington & Co, we strive to continue that tradition by being a distinguished source of talent for the industry, transforming creative expressions of personal styles through the fine art of upholstered furniture. In doing so, we hope to capture and showcase the beauty and imagination of all designing minds. Absolute customer satisfaction will be the sole focus for all of us at Whittington & Co. To iterate this, we continuously engage in a variety of initiatives aimed at improving your experience and strengthening our relationship with our valued clients.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year. We are happy to announce that we have sponsored another family this year for Christmas through Holiday Helpers, helping spread joy to all and giving back for all of our blessings this year!

From the Jo Alcorn Team!

Happy Holidays! WARM WISHES FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON @JO_ALCORN #joalcorn #joalcorncollection #joalcornfurniture #joalcornpillows #joalcorndogbeds WWW.JOALCORN.CA

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I am excited to launch our online magazine to keep everyone in the loop about our products, new product launches, and the latest trends and...

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