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KEY CLUB District of Jamaica: Division 2



I'm sure that by now, we've all heard about the recently-held Key Club District Convention in Malvern, St. Elizabeth. Now, for those who thought that the convention was held at the Bethlehem Moravian Teacher’s College, you're partly correct. This year's convention had a new twist to it - most guests slept away from the convention site - either at a "Hostel" (Sounds a lot like "Hotel", doesn't it? hmm) or at Munro College (yes, the boarding school). So, each time we had to go back to our dorm rooms, we had to take the shuttle bus back to the room. Keep in mind that there were over 300 Key Clubbers at this year’s convention who had to be transported with 3 coasters (each holding about 35 persons... do the Math). This change from the usual "everyone sleeps on the convention site" came about due to a fault of the administrators of the Bethlehem Teacher's College (No Doubt!!)

Apparently, they "were unable to" clear the dorms of

the students for the same weekend that they rented the campus for. So they had to organize for us to stay else where...and the only option that could hold the majority of the guests was the Munro College, where the conditions were be honest. Nevertheless, when DA Navara gave the ultimatum of ending DCON a day early OR toughing out the conditions and go the full duration of convention, most persons chose the latter. So...we went on with DCON 2011


Saturday began at 5AM

. For one reason or the other, we didn't have

our service walk, so we went straight to the meat of the day. We had our

workshops for officers AND THEN headed into Caucusing (Each division goes to a room and the candidates go to each and present their election platforms as best as possible). As we know, all three persons contesting the posts of DST & Governor were D2-ites

. Therefore... they had all the possible

support from their home division. House of Delegates was then called and voting began! I wasn’t a delegate myself but I heard that this session was looooonnng, but it ended in time for dinner. Subsequently, we moved into the talent show which had several tantalizing performances, especially that of our talented Violinist from Campion College, Kathryn Hoo and Keanu Daley from Ardenne High School who copped Gold and Bronze respectively. Malvern's "The Building" After the talent show, the shuttle buses took us back to our dormitories to get ready for The Governor's Ball...the highlight of everyone's weekend. On entering ‘The Building’ (Self-Named because of the song selections of the DJ. ‘Twas obvious what side of the Border he stood on), everyone came out and partied like there was no tomorrow ... Literally. Excitement at Munro It is alleged that the first night at Munro, the Cornwall College Boys were floured, and so had planned to retaliate against EVERYONE who they suspected (the boys schools) to be culprits with some watery dumpling mix. Luckily, the district board got wind of their plans and calmed the scene before the situation escalated. Closing Ceremony On Sunday, the main & highly-anticipated event was the Closing Ceremony. The votes from House of Delegates were tallied and the winners announced. The distribution of the annual awards was also done. I have

taken the liberty of listing ALL the relevant awards below (of course, by relevant I mean pertaining to our division). For all those who are interested, I have attached a copy of the entire PowerPoint Presentation of Awards from DCON 2011. Enjoy! On-behalf of all schools in Division II, I’d like to take this moment to congratulate all awardees, notably: our Governor Elect Jodie-Ann Dunn, the District Secretary Treasurer Elect Romona Morgan - both from Campion College AND the District Bulletin Editor Elect Christopher Harper from Ardenne High School. You all have continued the tradition of excellence which the division boasts.

D2 AWARDEES AT 26TH ANNUAL JAMAICA DISTRICT CONVENTION Distinguished Presidents o Durene Tavares (Excelsior High School) o Justine Deacon (Wolmer's Trust School for Girls) o Krystal Mills (Campion College) o Gilroy Gordon (Ardenne High School) Distinguished Vice Presidents o Shanique Dunchie (Wolmer's Trust School for Girls) o Nicoy Downie (Campion College) o Roshaun Hewitt (Jamaica College) Distinguished Secretaries o Trishauna Young (Excelsior) o Gabrielle Burke (Wolmer's Trust High School For Girls) o Romona Morgan (Campion College o Tori Tulloch (Ardenne High School) o Chadwick Anderson (Jamaica College) Distinguished Treasurers o Ella-Kay Ellis (Excelsior High School) o Hye-Kyung Moon (Campion College) Distinguished Faculty Advisors o Miss Violet Stevenson(Campion College) Distinguished Club o Campion College Annual Achievement Bronze: o 1st Place: Mona High School o 3rd Place: Excelsior High School Gold: o 1st Place: Campion College

o o

2nd Place: Jamaica College 3rd Place: Ardenne High School

Major Emphasis Program o 2nd Place : Mona High School o 3rd Place: Campion College Single Service Bronze o Mona High School Gold o 1st Place: Campion College o 2nd Place: Jamaica College Projects o 2nd: Campion College Fundraising o 2nd: Campion College Monthly Reporting 1st Quarter: o 1st Place: Campion College o 2nd Place: Mona High School Second Quarter: o 2nd Place: Campion College Third Quarter: o 2nd Place: Campion College o 3rd Place: Excelsior High School Fourth Quarter: o 2nd Place: Jamaica College o 3rd Place: Campion College Talent o o

1st Place: Kathryn Hoo(Campion College) 3rd Place: Keanu Daley (Ardenne High School)

Impromptu Essay o 2nd Place: Roshaun Hewitt o 3rd Place: Romona Morgan

Scrapbook: Traditional o 1st Place: Campion College Scrapbook: Non-Traditional o 2nd Place: Mona High School o 3rd Place: Excelsior High School Club Poster: Non-Digital o 1st Place: Campion College Club Poster: Digital o 1st Place: Excelsior High School o 2nd Place: Ardenne High School The 2011-2012 Key Club District Board Governor: Jodie-Ann Dunn-Chung DST: Ramona Morgan DBE: ChristopherHarper Webmaster: Ijah Brown D1 Lt. G: Shanice Walsh D2 Lt.G: Chadwick Anderson D3 Lt. G: Leila Green D4 Lt. G: D5 Lt. G: Brandon Ten-Fah D6 Lt. G: Renisha Daley D7 Lt. G:


Saturday began at 5AM . For one reason or the other, we didn't have our service walk, so we went straight to the meat of the day. We had our...