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uper tells us his views on the Hip-Hop scene now, and what he feels his doing for the “exstinct” genre. Also he tells us about his up and coming album R.I.P To My Past and what this means to him and much more read on....

who else apart from yourself is holding down for U.K Rap music: Right about now in the U.K who else apart from yourself is holding down for Rap music:Wow diffidently Giggs but his already got where he wants to be, so hmm Krept & Konan I’ve listened to there mix tape Redrum over & over again. Also Don Strapzy his like the British Eminem I know its wrong to compare but his that good. If you could choose three Mc’s to do a collab with who and why: Errm tricky question, but diffidently Rass Kass his my idol, errm Gang Starr and RZA. That was a really hard question (laughs) there’s so many artists id love to do collabs with I grew up on all that old school stuff, Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep that’s me I just love Hip-Hop.

Tell me about your upcoming album: Tell me about your upcoming album:My New album is called R.I.P My Past because I know that this is a new start to a new life and its going where I want it to go, I’m doing something I love and people love it with me so it makes it a lot easier. What made you get into Hip-Hop: What I love about Hip-Hop is that You can put it over any beat and it’ll sound good. Its not like Rap where the tempo is fast, the tempo for Hip-Hop is slow and precise. Hip-Hop is poetry it is an art that only few can master.

How was you discovered: Well I used to do poetry at a coffee bar when I was young, then I was introduced to Hip-Hop by all my elder cousins that’s when I started jumping on this Rap ting, dropped my first mix tape sent it to BlackArts Label then that’s when it all started. Who’s Doing it for hip-Hop now: Personally I don’t think no one has truly mastered hip-hop, it’s like it’s a lost art which no one can maintain it ya’feel me . However rapper Nas is still holding it down for the hip-hop scene. An even Wu-tang an all that there still about you just need to find it, that’s if you’re a real hip hop fan. It wont be mainstream as 50Cent and all that S***.

Could what’s happening to hip-hop happen to another genre of music: Yeahh I can a lot of it happen to metal music I’m not a fan of the genre but I have a real open mind to all sorts or music and I have listened and claimed a few albums. But yeah its all branching off and going into indie music, soft rock an all that, people forget where it all originated from it P***** me off at times because I’m like come on know your history before you preach Would you say you’re the saviour of hip-hop: Err I wouldn’t save saviour as such, but hmm more like an inspiration id wanna be the type of guy people would say hey look at that guy I like what his doing I wanna try it. I love competition and I diffidently think that there are artist out there that can offer something to hip-hop 2011.



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