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June 2012

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Real Ting Dis


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Consciously Speaking "Our destiny will not be written for us, but by us." - Barack Obama

A wise man one said, "Every man got the right to decide his own destiny."- Bob Marley Destiny refers to the flow of events that transpire over a span of a lifetime. Destiny is the manner in which things work themselves out, naturally. Individual destiny is in the hands of solitary beliefs. Our everyday choices, large or small play apart in our ultimate destiny or final destination. Similar to fate that is predetermined, it is written. The righteousness we seek is a path that leads us on our journey that is destiny. We all have dreams, how those dreams transform into a reality is destined, some say, in the stars. Destiny plays a major course in everyones life and can not be outran only embraced with willingness. The minute we lose faith and stray away from the ultimate goal, we lose control of the destiny given to us. Our life has an ending on this time side of life that only God knows thereof, the climax or life we live, before the finale is solely up to us. Some of us choose righteousness, some of us follow evil but, we all must reach a level of fulfillment or completeness for a sense of accomplishment. Step by step, God is in control. The measure of man is determined by his righteousness. Everything happens for a reason. Live life to the fullest. Jahmerikah Marley, ReCreation Magazine ™ Creator


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Artist Spotlight


Born in California but raised in Detroit, rapper Big Sean made big news in 2007 when he signed with Kanye West's recently formed label, G.O.O.D. Music. Sean had met West through a hip-hop radio station in Detroit. He was just trying to impress the superstar by displaying his freestyle skills, but after Sean's in-studio performance, West offered him a recording contract and helped set up his debut mixtape, Finally Famous Vol. 1, released in 2007. A second volume arrived in 2009 with a third following in 2010. A year later he would issue his official debut, Finally Famous: The Album, featuring the single "My Last" with special guest Chris Brown.


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Great Sphinx of Giza Egypt

The Sphinx of Giza is a symbol that has represented the essence of Egypt for thousands of years. Carved from the bedrock of the Giza plateau, the Sphinx, 150 feet (45m) is truly a mysterious marvel from the days of ancient Egypt. The Sphinx lines up with the Pyramid of Khafre at the foot of its causeway. In between the paws of the Sphinx is a stela, now called the "Dream Stela", which is inscribed with a story. The body of a lion with the head of a king or god, the great sphinx has come to symbolize strength and wisdom.


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Black History


Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards He is called by most members of the Bobo Shanti as Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards, without Mother or Father, a Priest of Melchezidek, the Black Christ in the Flesh.He founded the Boboshanti Order in Jamaica in 1958. He, along with his descendants and Haile Selassie are seen as Gods. Marcus Garvey is regarded as a prophet. The Bobo Shanti believe in Black supremacy and that there should be repatriation of all black people to Africa. In addition the Bobo Shanti order also believe that black people should be reimbursed monetarily for slavery.


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People & Places

Born 09/16/1986 in Los Angeles, CA, Kyla Pratt began her career at age 8, appearing in a commercial for a computer game. She later appeared in several ads and has also won the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Rising Star in 1999. She landed her first staring role in the sitcom One on One, while being the voice of Disney's Penny Proud (2001). She also played Eddie Murphy's daughter in Dr. Dolittle (1998).

Now a mother, Kyla Pratt remains beautiful and irreplaceable. Go Girl.


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Cover Story

Do you remember where you were when you got word that Barack Obama was elected 44th president of the United States? I do. I was in my college dormitory celebrating with my then, roommate. She was in tears on the phone with her mother exchanging feelings of bliss and I was in a full daze staring at the poll results television, smiling from ear to ear. We were sending and receiving celebratory text messages from everyone in our phonebook. Together we quickly made our way into the student parking lot only to find more students dancing in the streets and triumphantly shouting from the balconies. Jay Z's My President is Black was blaring from the athletes speakers while they rode around with their windows down. It was a parade of festivities for all Obama supporters. Truly an amazing night. It was at that moment that I realized that as an American citizen, my vote does count and my voice was heard at the ballots when I confidently made my decision. It was a glorious time for our nation, a change had come. Like the Messiah, he became the hope we could believe in. Not only were we ready, we were willing to make history and progress together as a people. Jahmerikah Marley


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Cover Story

Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1979, after he finished high school, Barry went to Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. There, he started to learn about his African roots and decided to use his African name, Barack. On February 11, 2007, Barack Obama announced that he would run for President of the United States in 2008. He made history. • The name Barack means “blessing from God” • He is left-handed. • According to Blender magazine, his favorite music includes artists like The Fugees, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and Kanye West. • He won a Grammy award for the audio recording of his book Dreams from My Father. • He has authored three very successful books. • According to his official Facebook profile, his favorite TV show is Sportcenter. • When he was a child, he wanted to become an architect. • He collects comic books. • When he lived in Indonesia, he had two baby crocodiles, chickens, ducks and a gibbon named Tata as his pets. • He loves to cook chili. • According to the Associated Press, his least favorite food is beets.


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Achelousaurus was a herbivore (plant-eater) that lived in North America during the late Cretaceous period, between about 83 and 74 million years ago.

Kingdom -Animalia Phylum - Chordata Class - Sauropsida Superorder - Dinosauria Order - Ornithischia Suborder - Cerapoda (unranked) - Marginocephalia Infraorder - Ceratopsia Family - Ceratopsidae Subfamily - Centrosaurinae

Achelousaurus was about 20 feet (6 meters) long, and weighed about 6 tons. Its skull alone (including the frill horns) was over 5 feet (1.6 meters) long. Achelousaurus was discovered and named by Scott Sampson in 1995. He named the animal in reference to a river deity from ancient Greek myth Achelous. Sampson choose the name "Achelousaurus" for two reasons: 1. According to legend, Achelous's horns were torn off in a battle with Hercules. Similarly, when one examines Achelousaurus skulls, they give the appearance of missing horns (Achelousaurus skulls have rough bosses where other Ceratopsian dinosaurs have horns). 2. Achelous was supposed gifted with a shape-shifting ability. Likewise, Achelosaurus has features which seem to combine and resemble those of other Ceratopsian dinosaurs.

Genus- Achelousaurus


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Holy Bible

Tribe of Judah

The Tribe of Judah (Hebrew Yəhuda, "Praise") is one of the Hebrew tribes, founded by Judah, son of Jacob. The tribe was allotted the southernmost area of Canaan after the territory's conquest by the Israelites under Joshua. It became both the most powerful and the most important of the tribes. The religion centered on the God of Israel, Yahweh first took roots among the people of Judah. From this tribe came the great kings David and Solomon and all of the kings recognized by the Bible as good. The Messiah, as a lineal descendant of David, also comes from the tribe of Judah. His Imperial Majesty. Together with the Tribe of Benjamin and elements of the Tribe of Levi, the descendants of Judah eventually formed the southern Kingdom of Judah in the ancient land of Israel. The Judahites were not among the "lost" ten tribes of the northern Kingdom of Israel when it fell to the Assyrians in 722 B.C.E. Instead, the people of Judah were exiled to Babylon about 586, but were eventually able to return and rebuild their nation. In time, the tribe of Judah became identified with the entire Hebrew nation and gave its name to the people known today as the Jews. While the northern tribes were effectively scattered and "lost" after the Assyrian conquest of the Kingdom of Israel in 722 B.C.E., the Judahites were able to maintain their ethnic and cultural identity after being exiled to Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon in 587. Under Cyrus the Great of Persia, many returned to Jerusalem, rebuilt the Temple and established a national identity as "Jews" which has lasted until this day. The northern tribes reconstituted to some degree in Samaria, but were denigrated by the Jews for intermarrying with foreign peoples and for worshiping outside of Jerusalem at Mount Gerizim. What remained of the northern tribes either evolved into the Samaritans, assimilated with Judah as "Jews," or were simply considered to be "lost." The Tribe of Judah married more freely with the descendants of Ham. Judah was married to the Caananite woman Tamar, and David married Bathsheba, and Solomon married Queen of Sheba. That is why Christ is believed to be black, having hair like wool. Hailie Selassie I. Christ is the Lion that represents the Tribe of Judah. Rev. 5:5 Jacob prophesied that Judah would be the leader and ruler of his brothers: Judah, your brothers will praise you;/ your hand will be on the neck of your enemies; your father's sons will bow down to you./You are a lion's cub, O Judah...The scepter will not depart from Judah,/nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until he comes to whom it belongs and the obedience of the nations is his. (Gen. 49:8-10)


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Artist Spotlight Nat King Cole (b. March 17, 1919 in Montgomery, Alabama) was an American musician who first came to prominence as a jazz pianist. Although, he owes most of his popular musical fame to his soft baritone voice, which he used to perform in big band and jazz genres. He was one of the first black Americans to host a television variety show, and has maintained worldwide popularity since his death. Cole fell victim to lung cancer, February 15, 1965, Santa Monica, California.

American musician hailed as one of the best and most influential pianists and smallgroup leaders of the swing era.

Cole's popularity allowed him to become the first African American to host a network variety program, The Nat King Cole Show, which debuted on NBC television in 1956. The show fell victim to the bigotry of the times, however, and was canceled after one season; few sponsors were willing to be associated with a black entertainer.

Noted for his warm tone and flawless phrasing, Cole was regarded among the top male vocalists, although jazz critics tended to regret his near-abandonment of the piano. By the 1950s, "Nature Boy,” “Mona Lisa,” “Too Young,” “A Blossom Fell,” and “Unforgettable” were among his major hits of the period. The prejudices of the era in which Cole lived hindered his potential for even greater stardom. His talents extended beyond singing and piano playing: he excelled as a relaxed and humorous stage personality, and he was also a capable actor. His daughter Natalie is also a popular singer who achieved her greatest chart success in 1991 with “Unforgettable,” an electronically created duet with her father. Source:


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"My President is Black"

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