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Literacy Cottage Words of the Week: K-1:formal 2-3:mischievous 4-5: ubiquitous This edition of the Literary Cottage will feature... Chapter 2 of “ The Adventure of Snake Way” “The Greedy Leprechaun “ By Elliot P. 2 great book reviews A bunch of awesome poems A story from Erica J. & Camille D. “Why” ? your questions being answered

Books Paint a picture in your head Books Takes you places you’ve only dreamed about Books Aren’t just words on paper Books Are pictures in words

-Erica J.

The Greedy Leprechaun By : Elliot P Once there was a man, one poor leprechaun and one rich leprechaun. The man stepped onto his porch and into a plain of green grass. The man saw two leprechauns. The two leprechauns saw the man and ran away. The man came chasing after them because he wanted to get the gold. The man found a leprechaun, but it was a poor leprechaun. The poor leprechaun told the man all about the rich leprechaun that wouldn’t share his gold. So the man and the poor leprechaun walked and walked until they found the rich leprechaun. The man said “will you share your gold with this poor leprechaun?”

Book Review Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea the Children’s version is about a mountain climber named Greg Mortenson who is attempting to climb the second highest mountain in the world; K2. After his attempts to climb the mountain he is wonders along the bottom of the mountain and discovers a small village called Korpe. He finds that the kids in Korpe don’t have a proper education and promises the chief of the village; a man name Haji Ali to return that he will return to America and raise enough money for a school. The rest is for kids who read it to find out. This book has encouraged me to want to help the kids in other countries. -Camille D

Another Chapter From : The Adventure Of Snake Way By: Bryce & Sudarshan

Chapter 2 The Bridge

After 12 pm George slept for the night and woke up. The storm was over but the fly came back. George put it outside and it flew away.    One day George found a new home and lived in that house forever, where he lived was called Snake way. He was so happy he forgot where he was! The next day he found a bridge, but he liked his house. Then the next day he felt like coming. Every day he liked it. One day it became Dark and he had not gone to the bridge. He said, “How come I didn’t go to the bridge? From now I should always go to the bridge.”     One day it was raining but George still went to the bridge.

Disney World The bell rang and it was summer vacation. I was really excited because I was going to go to Florida with my family and my cousin’s family from Michigan! That evening we started packing. After a couple days of packing we were ready to leave. The next morning, when we were all ready to go to the airport, we called my cousins and they said they were already at the airport because it takes longer for them to get to Florida. When we arrived at the airport we did the check in and security check and went to the gate. Once we got on the plane we had lunch. I slept most of the time. Finally we reached there …The Florida airport! They’re plane was going to be a little late so we took a small nap. 1hour… 2hour. Finally they came! We all said “hi” and gave hugs. After that we all got in a van that we rented. We finally reached our rented house. It had 2 master bedrooms where the parents slept and 1 kids bedroom where all the kids slept. We also had a swimming pool, a living room with a TV, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a game room where you could play indoor sports. They also had a basket with kid’s games like legos and blocks. We settled down and ate dinner. After dinner we watched TV. Everybody was so tired after that so we all slept. That morning when I woke up I brushed and ate pancakes for breakfast. Today we were going to magic kingdom. The 4 parts of Disney World are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios, and Animal Kingdom. First we saw Cinderella’s Castle. There was a small show at Cinderella’s Castle and it was mostly about Mickey Mouse and his friends. Then we went out for lunch. For lunch we had pizza. After that we on a couple other roller coasters and rides. At 7:00 we went home and ate dinner. The next day woke up and ate pancakes for breakfast. Today we were going to Epcot. My favorite ride at Epcot was a movie that was 4-D. the funniest part was when the dog farted and it smelled terrible. When we got home we got to go in the swimming pool. After that I was so tired I went straight to bed. The last day was my favorite because we were going to universal studios. My favorite ride there was the Simpson’s Ride. I went on it 7 times. When I got on the plane I decided that I wouldn’t go to Florida in another 2 years.

By :Shreyaa

Why? Why are there holes in swiss cheese? It’s all caused by bacteria. Bacteria are singled call organisms that multiply extremely fast. All cheese is made by adding bacteria to milk. Ten the bacteria eat away. Three types of bacteria help make swiss cheese. Two types of bacteria produce lactic acid. The third type of bacteria live off lactic acid and give off bubbles of carbon dioxide. The help create the unique holes that you find when you eat swiss cheese. Written by: Alexandra F.

Why is the sky not black, purple or green? That’s because light from the sun which is made up of different rainbow colors, has to pass through atoms of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere. The atoms are so tiny, they cause light to break up. The atoms break up the color blue much more easily than other colors. That’s why you can’t get your hopes up to go outside and look at the sky and see it purple. Written by: Alexandra F.

Book Review By Maya W. and Alexandra F. Where the mountain meets the moon: Where the mountain meets the moon is a thrilling fantasy book. Although this book may not be an attraction to non-fantasy readers it will be a fantastic read for others! This book is about a young girl named Minli and her poor life. Minli lives with her mom and dad and everyday they hope for good fortune, but it never seems to come. Minli is tired of hearing her parents sigh over depression of living in a fruitless mountain with no life. Minli puts her life on the line to run away from home and go find the controller of all fortunes, the old man of the moon. On the way there, she meets a friendly dragon who becomes her friend and traveling companion on her journey. Minli and the dragon meet up with all sort of adventure on their quest. Finally, Minli reaches the old man of the moon. But she has to make a hard decision that may change her fortune- or not. Read this fresh, Chinese-inspired fantasy that will leave you lying in Suspense!


By: Camille  de  Carbonnel   The  hallway  was  silent  as  I  crept  down  into  the  girl’s   bathroom.  In  walked  into  the  biggest  stall  and  pushed  the  flush   button.  A  big  voice  box  appeared  and  asked  in  a  mechanical  voice     “  Location  please,”     “  Sharon  High  School,”  I  answered       “  Name  please,”  it  said     “  Carmen  Anne  Morgan,”  I  responded       “  You  may  enter,”  and  the  wall  swung  open  into  a   dark  tunnel.   I  took  out  my  flashlight  and  started  down  the  dark  passage.   When  I  got  to  the  end  of  tunnel  there  were  two  sets  o  stairs  one   leading  to  the  right  and  on  to  the  left,  both  very  steep.    I  took  the   right  one  to  get  to  the  briefing  room.  I  emerged  into  an  elevator  that   to  get  into  I  had  to  go  through  a  number  of  unnecessary  percussions   (one  of  the  downsides  to  being  a  teenage  spy).  The  elevator  took  me   down  another  3  floors.  I  exited  with  care  because  my  BFS  Angelina   had  told  me  that  Dr.  Fibs  had  added  laser  beams  that  if  set  off  it   activated  the  emergency  shut  down  and  blasted  you  to  pieces,  but   sometimes  she  exaggerates,  (oh  and  FYI  BFS  means  best  friend  spy   if  you  hadn’t  already  guessed).     I  took  out  my  baby  powder/mini  smoke  machine  and  started   it  up.  Instantly  I  could  see  the  lasers.  I  carefully  slipped  over  and   under,  and  side-­‐to-­‐side  and  luckily  got  through  without  getting  hit,   there  were  a  few  close  calls.      At  the  end  of  the  hall  there  was  an  I.D.   scanner  and  a  keypad.  I  scanned  my  I.D.  and  punched  in  the   numbers  5434  and  entered  the  room.     Inside  there  were  at  least  15  other  girls  all  sitting  silently  in   rows  of  5.  At  the  back  of  the  room  there  was  an  empty  seat  to  the   right  of  Angelina.  At  the  front  of  the  room  Mr.  L  stood  silently   waiting  with  the  rest  of  the  girls,  (the  l  stands  for  Lollypop  or  that’s   what  he  said).     “  Ahh,  Ms.  Morgan  is  here  now  we  can  start,”  Mr.  L  said  and  then   continued  as  I  took  my  seat  next  to  Angelina.  “  As  you  all  know  you   have  been  called  here  to  go  on  a  mission  to  France,”     The  room  filled  with  gasps  but  he  just  ignored  it  and   continued,  “  We  were  told  that  the  master  crook/terrorist  Ralph   Jesmen  is  hiding  there,”     Some  more  gasps  and  again  he  ignores  it  an  continues   undisturbed   “Your  mission  is  to  find  were  he  is  hiding  and  his  weak  points,”       “  Report  to  Fibs  to  get  your  gear  and  covers,  good  luck,”  and   just  like  that  he  left  us  to  do  our  jobs.  Everyone  hurried  out  of  the   room,  ready  for  their  mission.




Your Flames enchant me Your flickering light is like a burning Star You take the darkness and through it away You never cease to dance while you still burn Your warmth guides many to your side I ve never seen a more joyful dance than yours

- Camille D.

ERICA’S STORY ! ! ! ! ! ! Prologue ! I heard screaming then a knocking. Then my older sister Maya came in and pulled me out of my bed. “ Run, Run as fast as you can, get far, far away.” she said sadly “But what about you and Eli, Mum and dad!” I started to cry. Then Maya pushed me out of my room. I had no choice I had to run. I ran and ran until I couldnʼt run anymore. It was a only a couple days later that I heard about my familyʼs death. ! ! ! !

like me. But I was particularly attached to Khayli, an 11 year old girl who had come from Haiti. She had lost her family in the earthquake 6 years ago. ! When I had come to the orphanage at age 6 Khayli had already been there for 1 year but was still depressed from the loss she had suffered. I had told my story and immediately we became friends. We shared a room with 2 other girls(Josie and Emily). We went to the school program together. But there was one problem, Camilla Remone the orphanage director. She Chapter 1 was strict and tough, she The Orphanage was a strict, tough, mule. We nicknamed her Mule was alone, for 5 years now butt. Soon everybody in the I have had no family. I lived orphanage knew about the in The Camilla Orphanage nickname ,well everyone except mule butt of in London, I was brought here the a couple days after course.Once a month there would be an open house, I found out about my familyʼs death.I had been in people would come and ask a supermarket when some us question about us.I hate policemen came and found it ,it makes me feel like a that i looked just like one of toy,and I hate it when people look at me then turn the missing posters. I met away with a look of disgust other girls in the on their faces. I hate the orphanage, all of them 11

way they turn away and say “ Sheʼs that Fhay girl who ran away with her family in the burning house.” or “ She abandoned her family while her house was burning.” ! The only one who seems to understand is Khayli no one seems to want to adopt her because of her skin. But I always tell her that she is beautiful and if they donʼt like her then it is there loss. That always seemed to cheer her up except for July 17th when we were having a adoption “fest” as Mule butt liked to call it. Yet again Khayli and I were looked at in disgust and turned down 10 times. Thatʼs when it all started. By Erica J. & Camille D.


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Literacy Cottage Issue #3  

Literacy Cottage Issue #3

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