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Literary Cottage Quote Of The Week - Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited. Imagination circles the world. Word Of The Week Grade K-1 Regarding Grade 2-3 Cumbersome Grade 4-5 Unencumbered

Dear Children of all grades we have the word of the week. For the word of the week children have to write their name on a piece of paper along a with a description of of the word that fits their grade level. Please drop these of in the box outside of Mrs. Mann’s office

The other trivia we have decided to include in this magazine is quote of the week, for this trivia you have to find out who said the quote write down their name along with your name and then drop the paper of in the box outside of Mrs. Mann’s office.


Hilarious Comics

Winter out my window

Amazing Things-Northern lights

Wind Leaves dance as the wind blows The green grass prances Rustling comes from the trees around I sit under the shade watching, Listening to the show Rain The rain on my windows slowly Begins to drip down All the flowers grass and trees Are sparkling in raindrops Everything is still outside On this rainy day You can see nobody On this rainy day Even though the sky is gray everything Seems to glitter on this rainy Day Traveling I look out my tiny window Looking down at the city Lights are flashing I am high in the sky Traveling from place to place By : Camille C

Amazing Things

You probably heard the 5th graders perform the song “northern lights” in the winter concert. But did you know that the northern lights otherwise known as aurora borealis actually adorn the skies of the North Pole and places around it? This spectacular light show can be seen 60 miles above the sky. It swirls around glowing in the night sky, in green, red, blue, purple. What do you think causes the dazzling lights? Believe it or not it’s actually little particles flying off the sun. These particles are called solar winds. The solar winds collide with the earth’s magnetic fields and are pushed to the North Pole. They have electricity running through them and when they meet the air it causes the lights to spring up into the earths atmosphere. Sometimes this reaction puts out electricity. Besides the northern lights, there are also southern lights at the southern pole. By: Alexandra F. and Maya W.

Comics Speak Of The Devil

School Of Fish

Sad Crayon

The Invisible People

By : Alex s

By: Lillian R.

Winter Out My Window

By: Mrs. Fowler’s 2nd grade

Branches breaking from I’m going up a hill Very cold out there the snow carrying a sled. Really, really fun to play in I want to have as much Could make a snowman or Sweet hot coco is very hot. fun as I can Santa’s bells jingling, an igloo Before I go to bed. snowball Skiing or snow boarding I’m wearing a grin, and a Fights with my friends and Lots of ice out there smile, brother And I’m having so much Down for hot chocolate Large piles of white snow. fun it’ll -Nitya P. Last for a while! -Anson W. I go inside, drink hot chocolate I’ll always love the winter With a peppermint stick, world. And sit by a fire that has I’m sure you will too. lit by a candlewick. Whenever it’s snowing I -Serafina R. My window is stuffed with little Snowflakes everywhere winter month. The snowflakes look so beautiful and quiet. I see joy and laughter all the way I can see. Winter is a very fun time to me! -Julia E.

will be so excited. I’ll shout woo hoo! Winter is nice. Without black ice. And no hail, Cause my winter plans will fail. -Lydia H.

Korea By Kristen S When I was little my mom and dad did not have much money so they to send me off to my mom and dad in Massachusetts. My mom in Massachusetts was from New York and my dad was from Chicago Illinois. I tell my mom here that I want to go back to Korea, but I have to get older. Sadly I can’t speech Korean. Every day I ask my mom when are we going back. My mom says we are going back soon. My half brother is from Korea too, he lives with me and we really want to meet our mom. Did you know that it takes two planes to get to Korea, and when the sun rises here the sun goes down there. When we go my mom and dad are going to be the only ones that are not Korean. My mom here thinks I do not have an older brother in Korea, but I think I do. I hope I go to Korea soon !

A Pencil’s Life Hi there I’m stencil, Well I’m a pencil Wait I’m going into a hole Hey there’s a sharp thing It’s giving me a haircut I don’t want a haircut …….. hey I like my new hair cut I feel sharp. By : Erica J.

Pop Rocks

Going to my Cousin’s House- by Noah M.

Crunch Crackle Snap I pop In your mouth I am a Extra Sugary candy With not a lot of taste But kids still Love me Because I sound Great I make Their mouths Pop But people Strangely say


By: Abbi S.

One day my sister, brother and I went to visit my cousin at her house in Connecticut. It was a 2 to 3 hour ride so when we got there I was feeling a little nauseous and happy to get out of the car and run around. We went to say hi to every person in the house. There was my cousin Jenny, Dan, Jenny’s husband , Auntie Martha, Uncle Jonathan, Phil and 2 dogs, Mindy and Jedi. The next thing I did was I played a video game from 8:30 pm until 7:30 am with my cousin’s husband. It was a game that you ski and tackle people while you are skiing. It was fun. Our eyes were so tired that we couldn’t see straight. We slept the entire day and night. The next day I went outside. I went outside to play with Jedi. We played a game. I had the toy she wanted to play with. She started to run toward me and jumped up too high and bit me in the nose. As soon as she did blood started pouring out. I ran inside and everybody started to say “Tip your head up so the blood goes back in your heart!!” I felt a lot better so I went back to play with Jedi. Then they have a Jeep so we washed the Jeep. We needed a tool to take the spare tire off that took us a while. Then we got it off and we washed the car. I got in the car when they were washing it to see if any water was getting in. Water was leaking in- I told them and then they rushed to see how it was getting in. They sea;ed the windows up with better tape and plastic. After that we had a feast- pasta, chicken, fruit, vegetables, some salad. The next day was so much fun- we had a competition. First of all we had to jump through rocks like a course and then we had to take a spoon and put an egg in the spoon and balance it on a hose- I fell once. Then you had to put the egg in the bucket- we use about 16 cartons of eggs. Once you were done with that you got to jump in a huge pool! We started to pack up then watched a little tv- we left and went back home. I felt sad about going home. I can’t wait to visit my cousins again!

Good and Bad Things about T.V. My opinion of T.V. is very lopsided. I think T.V. is great for these very reasons: I love to watch football whether it’s Thursday, Tuesday, Monday or Sunday I just like to put my feet up on a table and eat candy. I love to watch Family guy. I don’t think I’m supposed to be watching it but my parents haven’t said anything. I also like to watch 3D Movies. We have a 3D T.V., which is big and radical. Some other things I like about it are you don’t really have to move. Sometimes I’m so lazy I can’t get the remote so I end up watching something weird. It’s just a time to relax for me whether it’s a horror movie or Dora. Now time for the dark side of it: You know, what is the point of commercials? Its only more of a waste of time because during football they have at least 2 hours of this Ernie Bosch junior adverts saying “ Come On Down”. I mean sometimes it gets annoying but not a lot. The worst thing about it of all is Reality Shows. This is my prospective of them, “ And the winner is… Going to be announced after the break”. So as I said it was very lopsided between liking it and hating it. I like it a lot. That is my opinion.

By: Ben Klein

The Adventures Of Snake Way By Sudarshan R. & Bryce N. 2011

Chapter 1-Went Outside One day there was a snake named George. He lived in the great canyon. One day he went outside to play. After he had played he came inside and drank a cup of hot chocolate. Then he went upstairs to take a bath. After his bath he took a nap for four hours. Then he ate his dinner and watched T.V for twenty-five minutes, and went to sleep. The next morning George got woken by a fly. He said “how did a fly get into my house�. George let the fly out and it flew away. After George let ate his breakfast he watched the news, they said it was going to rain . He was so sad that it was not a sunny day. George felt like watching TV for the whole day. He watched TV until midnight. Stay tuned for the next Chapter of the Adventures Of Snake Way...

CSScoop Hello Cougars! If you are reading this well good for you. You might have noticed that we have changed something with the magazines. Well something is different, we are going to combine the two magazines into one long one. It will have 2 sections, one of them will be the literacy cottage and the other will be the Csscoop.

What is your favorite thing to do in the snow? 1. Skiing 2. Skating

3. Building in the snow 4. Sledding/ snow boarding

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Literacy Cottage Issue #2  

Literacy Cottage Issue #2

Literacy Cottage Issue #2  

Literacy Cottage Issue #2