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By: Orlando Álvarez Guzman I live whit my mother, my father and my sister. I love my family why they help my problems and very affections and my family is very united, my family also a mascot it name is ‘’gamin’’ is a chicken. My family is very funny, but sometimes I have problems with my sister because no respects the privacy, but I love my family. by: Alejandra Lopez I live with my dad and my mom. they were married , besides they are excellent parents for me ,but they argue a lot ,since my grandmother died .however i love with family because they comprehend me .my sister don’t live with me . Because we had a lot problems, first she is had tempered and help her a lot but sometimes we get on well, besides she has one daughter. she loves him loads because she is lovely with her , besides my uncle don’t live with me because he lives

with her wife in a big house

by: Leidy olarte I live with my parents and brothers. I am from Armenia. Love a lot my family Because they are tender and they are happy. We argue a lot because they are annoying and bad Tempered. My siblings Tatiana Santiago Natalia, Julian Tatiana is twelve year old, Santiago is fourteen year old, Natalia Nine year old, and Julian twenty year old. Santiago, Natalia, and Tatiana is student and Julian is in the university. My father is Works hard working and my mom is a house wife.

By: Vanessa fernanda Valencia

I am live with my parents and my brother. I love my family but my brother is very amoying we argue a lot because my father is very bad tempered. My sibling is Santiago. Santiago is seven year old. And studies my mom is a house wife. My father work’s hard. My parents are short. My mom is thin. My father is fat and my brother is thin. I love them.

My family By: Angie Tafur I live with my mother and my brother but, sometimes, we do not get on well because my brother is so annoying, however, I love him. My mom is 46 years old; we live in a neighborhood called Simon bolivar. Moreover, my mom works in a geriatric, she is beautiful and comprehends me. My dad is 47 years old, he is tall and he works in construction, for this reason, he has to travel to different cities and usually I do not see him and my relationship with him is not so good. Also I have a pet, its name is Motas, it is very pretty and I love it’s very much.

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A person addicted to social networks feels the need to be in connected during a long period of time, and sometimes they forget eating and surf the web until very late at night