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Spanish Mission Design

Responsive Architecture

JAHarchitects, LLC. Is an architectural and consulting firm based in Tampa, FL which provides “architecture that is responsive to its surroundings and to its user’s needs.�This task can be laborious, but essential to the design process. Our practice focuses on a pragmatic response to the challenges brought forth by both clients and a complex environment with a rich tropical and colonial history, and an architectural image which is contextually sensitive to foster pleasure, longevity, and wellbeing to those who inhabit our buidlings. The JAHarchitects team consists of both licensed and graduate architects with a multiplicity of experience and expertise to address a wide range of design challenges. JAH was incorporated in 2006, and was formerly known as IPS (Integrated Project Services) in Tampa from 2000 to 2006, of which Tony Huggins, AIA was the Director of Operations, and Partner. Tony Huggins is the current CEO, Senior Partner with JAHarchitects.


JAHs philosophy of architecture is to create a harmonious marriage of function, aesthetics and value into a building form. We find that most projects suffer due to a lack of scope definition; If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. To clarify a projects goals is to reduce the time, expense and potential aggravation for all parties involved. To this end, we focus on defining the overall projects scope early in the process in order to clarify the client’s business goals. What sets JAHarchitects, LLC apart from other firms are our three key concentrations: expertise in efficiently and strategically identifying a projects parameters, obstacles and organizing elements; synchronizing design solutions and cost; employing effective concepts which are both constructible and economically feasible. Once a projects scope is made clear, hitting the well-defined, stationary target becomes significantly easier. Expectations are discussed, written down, processed, revised and/ or validated and all information is assimilated into reasonable/reachable project goals. These critical items define the Basis of Design (BOD) and are documented in measureable terms for evaluation in the final design. Once we have quantified/clarified/ verified the BOD, we can effectively and efficiently execute it in order to bring your project dream to fruition. We Belive that “beauty is in the process, the details, and the final product.”

Emerald Greens

Emerald Greens Condo Villas Carollwood, FL

JAHarchitects was commissioned to design a 65,000 sf hotel and condominium resort for Emerald Greens Golf & Country Club. Adjacent to a resort ammenities campus and a rental neighborhood overlooking the Emerald Greens golf course, the Stay n’ Play resort uses deep balcony setbacks and heat-reflective pastels to mediate the Florida heat and create a comforting resort atmosphere. Originally under the name of Villas at San Marino, JAHarchitects used the genus loci of San Marino, Italy as a rigorous precedent to capture the traditions of Mediterranean in a condo-resort which champions the relaxed Florida lifestyle. In addition to the multi-unit resort hotel, JAH developed a branding strategy for Emerald Greens to apply to further campus development and phasing. EG villas was completed in 2007.

Dale Ave. Residence Private Residence Tampa, FL

JAHarchitects worked closely with a Tampa couple to design a tuscan home which radiates about an open court. The concept of an exterior courtyard as the organizing element into which all spaces lead, drove the design of this project. Beginning at the entrance, one experiences the courtyard space through out the full extent of the house. Flanking the sides and connected by a monumental stair are the master suite and kitchen. The large kitchen and courtyard space blend together through three arches allowing an informal dining room and gathering spaces for many social events. Multiple interior and exterior balconies ritually lead the occupants outward to experience the spaces as a whole. While the sapces of the home remain enclosed, the balconies of the second floor and alignment of the front courtyard and rear patio create the inside-outside feeling of a continuous courtyard.

Community Design

Mediterranean Strategies for Historic Florida

Although JAHarchitects is licensed throughout the southeast United States, we are thoroughly rooted in Florida design. Our staff has over 30 years of experience building for the Florida climate, and focuses on design which is sensitive to context and needs of the user. Florida has deep roots in Spanish and colonial influences, ideas which carried over from the mediterranean climate of its early settlers. JAHarchitects believes in a responsive architecture which borrows the language and rhythm of each projects neighbors to allow a seamless architecture that feels nested in a place. In Florida, its building traditions have grown into a Mediterranean vernacular which JAH has adapted in projects ranging from 5-60,000 square feet. The JAH portfolio ranges from single family homes to multi-family and government campuses.

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