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A monthly newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3 July-August 2013

To be awake is to be alive

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How would life be, if we were to get up in the morning excited, and full of energy? Don’t we behave that way during vacations or weekend breaks? Most of us tend to think of day’s work as a never ending list of chores to complete, the dullness or the emptiness accompanying it and don’t feel like getting up. What if we could change it and do something about it? This issue tries to mainly do this.

“Living your passion everyday We have articles on identifying your passion and living it. We also have some volunteering opportunities for housewives. And some cooking tips by our readers. can make your life worthwhile.” So Happy reading, amidst the cool rainy season in Bangalore.

What’s your trigger? What is that one thing which can make you jump with joy; hold your interest for a long time with no external motivation or even boredom setting in? That’s called passion, and living your passion every day, can make you feel life is worthwhile. So how do you find out what is your passion that can push you to do your best? Here is a brief guide. What are you good at? Do you have a natural talent that excites you? You may be good in cooking, writing, singing,

Now look at the list, take one thing, and gather information about it over net, books or by talking to people.

art/craft, gardening etc. So just think for 30 minutes and write down all things, hobbies and skills that excite Now start learning and you. doing whatever it requires What are you reading to achieve it. If for about? What topic do you example you love read about in net, cooking, then learn new magazines or newspapers? recipes, share it with your If there are any specific friends, blog and topics write down that as photograph it. Do it for a well. Again think for 10-15 month at least. If it does minutes to write down these. not excite you then take up the next activity. Don’t Do you secretly dream give up until you find your about something? Write it down even if it sounds far off trigger. or unrealistic.

Simplify Life

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Start small Think Big, but start small. Confused by the statement? Don’t be. Here is why.

down in a diary. Whatever may be the issue be it weight loss, giving up a habit, controlling your anger, or keeping the house clean be clear in your mind.

You know what you want, you aim to achieve great things, you are inspired and all these high flying thoughts are fine.

Break the task in to small steps, set a time limit and start doing it daily at least for 5-10 minutes.

But at certain points, the mind can be overwhelmed by so many exciting thoughts. You start a new habit, get excited, tell your friends; yet after a few days give up. You feel bad and just don’t feel like trusting yourself to do the right thing anymore. Instead of all these drama what one can do is to start small. How? •

Old age homes, children, hospitals etc require your time more than your money. So go for it.

Know what you want. Write it

Now break the task down in to small steps. If for example the goal is to maintain a clean home, then break down the steps of cleaning in to individual rooms. Set a time limit and then set mini targets that can be achieved each

day to reach that goal. For example in cleaning a room start with the drawer, shelf etc. •

Just do the action now, be it cleaning that one drawer or just one shelf. Trust me you will feel a lot better. The action can only take about 5 minutes but you have started. That’s what matters.

Do the necessary action every day even if it is for 510 minutes. Very soon you would have reached your goal.

Volunteer options for Housewives One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to volunteer. Why? Simple, when you volunteer and give some time to others you feel great. When you work with less fortunate people, you feel grateful that you could do something for their lives and feel thankful to God. What’s more when you are grateful to life and God you are also more at peace not to mention happy. So what can you do to volunteer? Here are few options.

For those of you who wish to volunteer their time in hospitals helping out people, you can consider joining as a Helping hand volunteer at Banjara. No prior qualification or experience is required. Teaching Maths, English, Computers or even art, craft, singing or dance classes can be done at orphanages or at differently able schools, government schools etc. Look out for such service centers nearby or contact YouthForSeva for many

such volunteering options. How about spending some time with elderly? The elders will feel happy that there is somebody who cares and you will probably benefit from the time usefully spent with them. You can easily volunteer your services at near by old age homes.

Cooking/Health/Beauty Snippets

You can organize recreational activities for them; teach them Yoga, music etc or simply listen to them. Do you care for your environment? Then why not join organizations which conduct activities related to environment? Environment Support

Group ( , CUPA,, Greenpeace are some of the organizations working for environment. There are also other areas like conducting workshops, designing brochures, websites, and social networking opportunities in various

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NGO’s. Just browse the net for such details. There are always plenty of things to do with your time. Just keep you ears and eyes open and you can enrich your life fully.

Just search the net for plenty of opportunities, suitable to your interests.

The power of spices Here are the powers of some common Kitchen spices Pepper (kalimirch) King of spices: Pepper is an appetizer without which soups and pickles would not have its peppery taste. Pepper mixed with buttermilk, is a good home remedy for digestive disorders. Pepper decoction made by boiling ginger and pepper in water with jaggery is good for cold and cough. In some places pepper laddu is

made and given to mothers post delivery, to enhance their calcium level. Cardamom (Elaichi): Cardamom seeds if chewed, relives nausea. When added to Lime juice and taken, it relives headache and vomiting. This tea is also a remedy for depression. Cardamom relives gas and heart burn caused by onion. Cinnamon (Dalchini) and cloves (Laung):

Cloves check for tooth decay and bad breath. Clove oil is good for curing toothache and ear ache. Chewing cloves can lessen throat irritation and keeping them in mouth also kills microbes in mouth. Cinnamon is an effective remedy for cold. Headache caused due to exposure of cold air is relived by applying paste of Cinnamon powder mixed in water on forehead. Cinnamon also serves as mouth freshener. To be continued…..

Two unique pickles to prepare at home Here are two unique pickle recipes sent by our readers. Raw Papaya pickle: Cut raw papaya in to pieces and blanch them in boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain the water away, add salt, mix and dry in the sun.

Once all the moisture is removed add chilly powder, vinegar, ginger, garlic, raw mustard powder and sugar. Store in an air tight jar. Garlic pickle: Peel garlic and steam it. Now heat gingili oil and add mustard seeds to it. Add garlic and fry. Now

add lime juice to this mixture and boil. After it boils add jaggery, asafetida, methi powder, salt, cumin powder, turmeric powder, and coriander powder. Lo, your pickles are ready.

Did you know pickles of Papaya and garlic can be prepared?

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“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” “When they think that they know the answers people are difficult to guide. When they know that they don’t know, people can find their own way”

Entrepreneur ’s corner

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The mother giraffe gives birth standing up, so the first thing that happens to a newborn giraffe is a fall of about two meters. Still dazed, the baby tries to stand up on its four legs but its mother behaves very strangely; she gives the baby giraffe a gentle kick which sends it sprawling. It tries to get up and is again knocked down.This process is repeated several times, until the new-born giraffe is too exhausted to stand. At that point, the mother kicks it again forcing it to get to its feet. After that, she does not push the baby giraffe over again. The explanation is simple: in order to survive predators, the first lesson a giraffe must learn is to get to its feet quickly. The mother's apparent cruelty finds support in an Arabic proverb:

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“Sometimes, in order to teach something good, you have to be a little rough.” Contributed by Nazia, working in IBM Please send in your 



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Till we meet again, I shall sign off with this quote to keep you company. “Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means

standing alone .”

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Starting small but doing it consistently is the theme in Jagruti Newsletter this month.