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To be awake is to be alive

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Creating a Balance

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Breaking the Worry Pattern


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Women are born multi-taskers. Don’t you agree? We look after our family, engage in housework, and care for our children. And women, who are working outside, juggle both work and family quite efficiently. Often we are termed alpha female, super achievers, super women etc. But we as super achievers, mothers and wives do we feel balanced and at peace at the end of day? Do we feel rushed, hassled or even depressed when we hit the bed? If so, we have not yet achieved the sense of balance in ourselves, between our desires and duty. We have not given sufficient “Me time” for ourselves and decided on our priorities and strength. The newsletter Jagruti strives to make us aware of this “Me”. It tries to provide hope where there is none. So welcome to the first edition of Jagruti. In this edition you will find the necessity of a “me- time”, ways to handle stress and how to declutter your home in simple steps. In Health section you will find the benefits of Jowar and also learn about Aloe Vera. The last section is dedicated to women who have turned their dreams in to a business venture.

“Me -Time” What is this Me time? The So what should you do in a Me-time is the time you give “Me time”? for yourself. It is the time You can simply be yourself. when you are important and You can listen to music; go for you do things just for a walk, paint, meditate anything yourself. that makes you feel good about Why is it so important? yourself. The Me-time recharges So how long should Me-Time you, makes you balanced last? and also helps you solve a lot of problems and issues It can be anywhere from ten occurring throughout the minutes to an hour. The goal is day. to give sufficient time for yourself so that you are

balanced, at peace and have more clarity to function all through the day. So build “Me time” in your schedule. This is only possible when you take yourself seriously and put yourself first.

Whatever activity you choose to do be present in the moment and enjoy.

Simplify Life

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De-clutter Home Did you know that a cluttered house can be a source of stress? When you see clothes in disarray, books stewing the floor, and things not in their rightful place, it affects you. It is a big energy drain. And Feng Shui says that a cluttered home blocks out positive energy. So what can you do about it? Here are few tips.

For a clean house start with one room and dedicate five to ten minutes a day clearing off the clutter.

 Schedule five to ten minutes a day clearing off the counter, desk or shelf. When you clear a

kitchen counter make sure that it only holds the essential stuff like a mixer. This makes cleaning easier. 

Have a weekend dedicated to the task of cleaning the fridge, store room, kitchen closet etc.  Before buying new items for the kitchen it is a good idea to make a menu list for the unused items in the fridge or pantry. This will help clear the left

over items present in the kitchen. 

Clear away unwanted, under repair, unused items. Give them off to charity or to the scrap yard.

Designate a place for everything. Get in to the habit of keeping things in their proper places after use.

Breaking the worry pattern:

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of balancing energy.

Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it does not get you anywhere. Worry is simply an acquired mental habit which whiles away your precious time leaving you little time to accomplish anything. So what can you do to break this worry pattern?

doing well in exams could mean that you are not handling your time well.

Write down your worries: During weekends do this task. Take a dairy and list down all your worries big or small. It could be as simple as missing the bus or it could be something distressing as your finances

Try to take things light: Are you worrying about insignificant things in life? If you are overwhelmed by small things in life like your dress, friend’s rebuke, the pimples on your face etc you will lose your focus. Worry only makes things bigger and fearful.

Give the worries their due: In other words see what you can do about the list of your worries. Take action. For example missing the bus or not

Some worries are only imaginary, like others opinion of you etc. Delay such worries and postpone the worries by saying you will deal with this worry tomorrow.

Remember “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”

Cooking/Health/Beauty Snippets

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The Benefits of Jowar Jowar roti is a popular dish of North Karnataka. Jowar roti also known as Jolada roti is a staple diet in Dharwad, Hubli etc where it is eaten in combination with Brinjal, pulses and chutney. The soft roti tastes yum with stuffed brinjal, green gram curry and groundnut cum garlic chutney. Jowar is a staple crop of India and grown mainly in black soils of

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and in few places of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Jowar unlike rice is full of fiber and offers a lot of health benefits. Some of the health benefits worth mentioning are  Weight loss due to high content of fiber.  Reduces cholesterol as it contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, iron and fiber.

 Strong bones and teeth due to the presence of selenium and magnesium.  Also said to be high in protein which makes it great for muscle growth. With so many benefits Jowar becomes one of the top tasty, nutritious foods to indulge in. So go ahead prepare those fluffy rotis and yummy curries with that dollop of butter.

Jowar roti in Sultanpalya If you are one of those who love Jowar roti but do not yet know how to make one then drop in to “Swadeshi” Foods at Sultanpalya for a fulfilling Jowar roti experience. With a spicy brinjal curry and beans pod curry to savor along with Jowar or soft chapatti the food is delicious.

try out their sheer variety of pickles and dry chutney powders. There is a wide array of pickles ranging from mango, ginger, lemon, gooseberry to green chilly, tamarind and mixed vegetable pickles. And in dry chutney powders you have the garlic, groundnut, Chana powders.

You get dry roti made of Ragi, Rice, Jowar varieties too in this shop. The shop is not a place where you can lounge and eat at peace. They are pick, wrap and take home type of service. Each chapatti/Jowar roti costs around 5 rupees and the cost of curry is separate. The shop is open from 9 in the morning to 10 in the night.

If you are not the ones to enjoy curries then you can

Natural Health and beauty tips with Aloe Vera

Did you know? 

The juice of aloe Vera is great for digestion as it cleans away the undigested food from your intestine. But too much consumption can lead to diarrhea and dehydration. Aloe Vera juice is mixed with gooseberry/orange/gra

“Preserve gooseberries in salt water and vinegar and have them once a day. They taste good and are great for eyes, hair etc”, says Kavita a housewife.

pefruit to give it a better taste.

 If you have oily face try this face pack. Boil the aloe Vera leaf in water, make a paste of it, and then add rose water, multani mitti and honey to it. Apply on face; wait for twenty minutes before rinsing your face with cold water.

 For lip gloss try this. Mix two spoons of aloe Vera gel with a bit of petroleum jelly and a bit of coconut oil. Heat the mixture for two minutes. Let it cool and apply.  If you have a minor burn on your skin with a bit of redness then just apply a bit of aloe vera gel to it.

If you would like to send in your contributions to health or cooking section you can send it to

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“Arise, Awake, Sleep no more. Within each of you there is power to remove all wants and miseries. Believe that and that power will be manifested.” “We don’t see things the way they are. We see them the way we are. ”

Entrepreneur ’s corner Swad cooking center started By Naz and Kavitha at KavalByrasandra. Their goal: To teach tasty and authentic dishes at affordable rates.

Their Passion: To make people understand that cooking is simple, easy and sheer joy. About the course: The course is a short term course teaching you basics of cooking and then moving on to delicious North Indian foods, Chaats, sweets and other savories. The course starts from January first week. So register early. Contact Details: Kavita/Naz, Ph: 7411762755, E-mail:

Inspiring others to follow their dream is this newsletter’s motto

From the eyes of children Thoughts on Life Life is like a watch which keeps going. It cannot be reversed or stopped any time. Watch stops only when batteries die and so does life finish when death comes. Just as we change our batteries to keep our watch going so should we keep our life in good condition. When life is in good condition and runs smoothly whole world is in our hands.

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Mustafa, ix STD In the next monthly edition you will find articles relating to 

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