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Primary ICT News Issue 22 - February 2010

It’s Conference Time Again! Welcome to issue 22 of the Primary ICT Newsletter the first of 2010 and the first to be sent via the online distribution list! Many thanks to all of you who sent me in your email details, so you can receive this newsletter and any other details we need to distribute to schools. The newsletter will be sent 3 ways - 1 to your email (if you’ve given it to me), 2, - by admin email account to all schools and then 3, will be available via a link through the Scene

Newsletter and on the Nottingham City Extranet that is available to all schools. I have sent this via a link rather than a PDF as I know some email groups have a limit on attachment size or a small email box size which gets filled quickly with attachments. Now onto the content of this newsletter. Our annual conference will be held on 17th of next month for full details have a look at page 2 - last year we had over 40 of you attend - let’s try for even more this year!

We have also organised some free Teacher courses at the South Centre on looking at using the Apple Macs. See page 3 for more details and how to register.


ICT Coordinator Conference Apple Courses News and Websites

Coordinator Details If you haven’t sent me your preferred email account to receive the newsletter, please send details to


2 3 4

Coordinator Meetings

Spring Term - 17th March 9.30am - 3.00pm Summer Term - 30th June

1.30 - 4.00pm

2009/2010 (All @ South e-Learning Centre)

Coordinator Conference March 17th

News Are you a Smart Teacher?

This year’s Conference will be held at the south e-Learning Centre and will focus on 2 areas ❖ e-Safety and Safeguarding Children ❖ New Primary Curriculum

register for the event the week after half term. I will also include more details with the registration form.

Schools Radio

There will also be an

opportunity for networking and I hope to include a couple of practical workshops to support the key areas above. As with last year, there will be a small charge of £20 for the day to cover lunches and materials. I will be faxing a form as well as emailing you a copy to

COORDINATOR CONFERENCE 17th March 2010 @ South e-Learning Centre 9.30 - 3.00pm

If you are using a Smartboard, then registering with the Steljies Education website is recommended. You will receive a termly newsletter which includes lots of good advice on using the whiteboard as well as information on local training events.

e-Safety Competition To support schools in their work on e-Safety, we are holding another competition for all Nottingham City Schools.

If you have begun to create podcasts with your children and would like to take this further with creating a School Radio Station then maybe of interest. They are a charity that supports schools to set up radio in their schools and then help to advertise them.

New healthy Schools Site

More details will be given on the Conference Day. is a website aimed at primaries covering recycling, healthy eating and growing foods. Excellent resources. Check it out!

Loan Kits Available 1. PODCASTING Consists of up to 15 easi-speak microphones, copyright free music CD , lesson ideas and user guides on how to create podcasts 2. WREX THE DAWG Boxes of 5 control robots - these are available to schools following training session. 3. ROBOSAPIENS & FEMISAPIEN More control robots - these are also available once staff have received training that will include lesson ideas on how to develop a cross-curricular project based around the robots. 4.DATA-LOGGING We gave purchased several kits that schools can borrow complete with a wide range of sensors, lesson ideas and activities. 5. APPLE iBOOKS We have up to 15 iBooks available for schools to borrow to use for video, photography or music projects. Training is available on using these with students, should you require it. 6. PC LAPTOPS We now have up to 20 PC laptops available for loan that can be used with software packages such as the History/ Literacy Ka2ouche programs. These could also include training, should you require it. 7. DIGITALBLUE CAMERAS Up to 15 digitalblue cameras available for use in schools. This could include photo backgrounds, lesson ideas and user guides. 8. FLIP VIDEO CAMERAS We have recently purchased a set of these small USB video cameras for schools to borrow. These will be available in sets of 5.

This is just a selection of what we can offer. contact the number below if you have any other requests. Want more information - contact the South e-Learning Centre Tel. 9152971 Fax. 9152978

FREE Apple Courses The following courses are available for all teachers and classroom assistants interested in using the Apple Mac computers - either at one of the Centres or at school. (Don’t forget - we have a set of 12 iBooks available on free loan!) To Reserve a place on any of the courses, either email or ring the centre - ( or 9152971)

2nd March

Garageband and Digital Storytelling

9.30 - 3.00

South e-Learning Centre

The course will include tuition on using Garageband music composition program with pupils as well as how it can be used as part of digital storytelling activities.

10th March

iMovie and Special Effects

9.30 - 3.00

South e-Learning Centre

This course will look at using the blue screen and how this can be used in school and at the Centre, as well as practical activities that can support curriculum work. It will also feature some of the special effects that can be found in the software and how these can be used to enhance movie making.

19th March


9.30 - 3.00

South e-Learning Centre

In this course we will look at ways in which you can introduce animation to students, then progress to using software and video cameras to produce your own animated movies.

22nd March

Digital Photography and iPhoto

9.30 - 3.00

South e-Learning Centre

This course will begin by looking at the various features found on a digital camera, with participants being given time to take various images which will then be used in the iPhoto program to create books, slideshows and other materials to support curriculum work.

People and what they do... For information or support, email or phone!

South Centre (9152971) North Centre (9159511) Jan Gray e-Learning Consultant (South Centre), who can advise on a range of projects, particularly involving on-line content

Website News Busy Things ( is a subscription website

Janet Simner e-Learning Consultant - (South Centre) - Developing Creative and Media projects including Newsdays, Datalogging and Textiles

specifically aimed at the Early years. It includes activities for

Literacy, Numeracy and Science. If you haven’t seen this yet, you

Jamie Tinney

can apply for a trial login. The company is based in Derby and has worked with our colleagues in the City there to create something which will link to the curriculum that makes learning fun.

e-Learning Consultant - (South Centre) - Developing D&T projects, video, animation and podcasts

Marie-Line Antoine e-Learning Consultant - (North Centre) - Developing Media, photography and video projects and support for MFL

Looking for something for Traditional Stories? Northumberland Grid have produced some interactive stories such as the 3 Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. They also have the same stories in French, German, Spanish and Italian for MFL work! uk Support your School gives UK schools the chance to raise funds and meet sustainable targets. It gives schools £1 per printer cartridge and £3 per mobile phone successfully recycled and reused. Sign up online and you can order a free pack with everything you need to recycle for a year. A good one for your parent fundraisers! Visit for more details

David Ellis e-Learning Consultant - (North Centre) - Developing Creative and Media projects, radio, music technology, video and animation

Martin MacGillivray e-LearningCentre Manager Strategic advice including ways the e-Learning Centres can support your work

Matthew Draycott Systems Manager for e-Learning Centres and technical support for schools

Simon Salmon IMS Team (Sandfield Centre)advice on networking and security issues

newsletter 22 feb 2010  

Issue 22 - February 2010 Coordinator Details We have also organised some free Teacher courses at the South Centre on looking at using the Ap...

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