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Primary ICT News Issue 20 - September 2009



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Welcome to the New Look Newsletter! Welcome to issue 20 of the Primary ICT Newsletter hope you like the new style! Along with this, there will be other changes happening during the year. Read on to find out more... This copy has been posted to you as, from now on, all correspondence to schools is to be available through the ‘Scene’ newsletter that is sent to schools via the admin staff each week for school distribution, as the School post, (Orange bag), is to be discontinued as part of the City

Council’s policy of contacting schools electronically. I know, talking to some of you, that Scene is not always easily available in your school, so what I am proposing this year is to make this and any other correspondence available through an email distribution, as well as through the Scene availability. If you would like to receive this and subsequent newsletters via your personal or school email, please either email me via my email with your details or complete the attached fax form with your email details and I will send it via a

distribution list as well as the Scene route. I am aiming to send out newsletters each half term. The next will be available in November.



Consultant Meetings & News, Rose Review & ICT Mark Projects & Loan Kits Wildlife Webcam Project

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Coordinator Details To help me with correspondence and contacting you at school, please complete the accompanying form (mentioned above) with your details, so I can update the Coordinator database.

Consultant Meetings 2009/2010

Autumn Term - 1st October 1.30 - 4.00pm Spring Term - 17th March 9.30am - 3.00pm Summer Term - 30th June

1.30 - 4.00pm

(All @ South e-Learning Centre)

Consultant Meetings - Details I mentioned last newsletter that I have arranged Coordinator meetings for each term please see above. This term’s will be on 1st October and I will be sending out a flyer via your admin email (or yours, if preferred), to register for the event in the next couple of weeks. Details of the meeting below.

Autumn Term Meeting As this is the first of this academic year’s meeting, the meeting will be looking at the Rose Review and its’ implications for ICT; revisiting The Self Review Framework and then finishing with a discussion on future projects and support for schools.

The Rose Review I am sure you are all aware of the publication of the Rose Review and the recommendation for changes to the Primary curriculum. Over the Summer I have been looking at the documents and how the e-learning Centre can support you in the implementation of the changes recommended.

One of the key areas which will have implications for everyone are the revised Level descriptors that have been published. We will spend sometime going through these at the meeting. If you want to download these, they can be found at 22267.aspx on the new QCA site (now known as QCDA!)

ICT Mark News In the last newsletter, I mentioned the ‘interim’ certification for schools who complete 3 elements (including the Leadership and Management element) of the Self review Framework. Over the summer, the website has had a bit of an overhaul and the documentation regarding the SRF has also been updated. This includes some of the information documents for Staff and School Leaders. If you haven’t looked at these recently, or require some information for your SMT or staff, these can be ordered or downloaded as PDFs from index.php? catcode=ss_to_srf_suc_icm_03&section =srf or just Google ICT Mark and look for the ‘Becta schools - Self Review Framework’ link and then go to ‘Publications’.

News British Sign Language The website VideoJug has included a British Sign language Section to help people who are learning Signing or work with children and adults who use BSL. Find these at sign221

Google Earth on YouTube Google Earth has now developed a YouTube site to explain how best to use Google Earth, including walkthrough clips on the recently added Moon atlas. This is an invaluable resoruce if you are a thinking about using this resource more in the classroom.

Another online TV Player With the success of the BBC iPlayer and 4OD, Microsoft have unveiled their own online TV Player at http:// It includes programmes from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 including many popular series from the past and can be viewed in Windows Media Player or Flash formats.

Loan Kits Available 1. PODCASTING Consists of up to 15 easi-speak microphones, copyright free music CD , lesson ideas and user guides on how to create podcasts 2. WREX THE DAWG Boxes of 5 control robots - these are available to schools following training session. 3. ROBOSAPIENS & FEMISAPIEN More control robots - these are also available once staff have received training that will include lesson ideas on how to develop a cross-curricular project based around the robots. 4.DATA-LOGGING We gave purchased several kits that schools can borrow complete with a wide range of sensors, lesson ideas and activities. 5. APPLE iBOOKS We have up to 15 iBooks available for schools to borrow to use for video, photography or music projects. Training is available on using these with students, should you require it. 6. PC LAPTOPS We now have up to 20 PC laptops available for loan that can be used with software packages such as the History/ Literacy Ka2ouche programs. These could also include training, should you require it. 7. DIGITALBLUE CAMERAS Up to 15 digitalblue cameras available for use in schools. This could include photo backgrounds, lesson ideas and user guides. 8. FLIP VIDEO CAMERAS We have recently purchased a set of these small USB video cameras for schools to borrow. These will be available in sets of 5.

This is just a selection of what we can offer. contact the number below if you have any other requests. Want more information - contact the South e-Learning Centre Tel. 9152971 Fax. 9152978

Projects and Loan Kits Over the summer, we have been getting together more kits for schools to borrow for classroom use. Each kit will come with user guides and lesson activities. They are available from now on, free of charge. To borrow a kit, you will need to contact the South e-Learning Centre (number below) and state the dates when you will require them, whether you need some training on the use of them, and whether this is part of a project which could include a day or half-day at the Centres (this is optional). All that we require from you is a short report that we can add to the website on what you did and how you felt the project worked with the children. This will help with sharing good practice amongst school staff. If you would like more information, please ring and speak to one of the Consultants at the South Centre.

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People and what they do... For information or support, email or phone!

South Centre (9152971) North Centre (9159511) Jan Gray e-Learning Consultant (South Centre), who can advise on a range of projects, particularly involving on-line content

Janet Simner

Wildlife and Webcam Project - We need your help!!! Over the summer, I have been developing a project outline with support from the Notts Wildlife Trust to create a wildlife friendly area incorporating the use of technology to monitor and learn about the creatures who share our environment. It is still at an early stage, but we have been able to put up some webcams which we are working on being able to be viewed via the Learning Gateway (hopefully on a live stream). However, some of the early projects we would like to develop,

need your support!!!!

Jamie and I would like some classes to visit the Centre and help us create some feeders, bird and mini-beast houses that we can then use in the area.

If any of you are interested in visiting the Centre to take part in these

activities, please ring and ask for Jan, where we can discuss it further.

e-Learning Consultant - (South Centre) - Developing Creative and Media projects including Newsdays, Datalogging and Textiles

Jamie Tinney e-Learning Consultant - (South Centre) - Developing D&T projects, video, animation and podcasts

Marie-Line Antoine e-Learning Consultant - (North Centre) - Developing Media, photography and video projects and support for MFL

David Ellis

However, if you would like to mention this to your staff, and if any are

e-Learning Consultant - (North Centre) - Developing Creative and Media projects, radio, music technology, video and animation

interested in working on a similar project or if you have a project like this in

Martin MacGillivray

your school, please contact me. Below are some examples of designs for the

e-LearningCentre Manager Strategic advice including ways the e-Learning Centres can support your work

I am hoping to have most of the project details worked out by the end of

the month and will discuss this when I meet with you at the meeting.

D&T sessions.

Matthew Draycott Systems Manager for e-Learning Centres and technical support for schools

Simon Salmon IMS Team (Sandfield Centre)advice on networking and security issues

ICT NEWSLETTER 20 - Sept 2009  
ICT NEWSLETTER 20 - Sept 2009  

Coordinator Details To help me with correspondence and contacting you at school, please complete the accompanying form (mentioned above) wit...