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JCO President, Chuck Roman It’s All in the Details by Mike Cooper Jaguar Jerry's Jargon & the AGM Beer Brew at the Brew Kettle Jaguar Marks 50th Birthday of the E-Type Wine Tasting & Pot Luck Hosted by the Stults JCO Heads to the JACO Slalom Tech Session at Jaguar Cleveland

pg. 4 pg. 5 pg. 6 & 7 pg. 8 pg. 9 pg. 10 pg. 11 pg. 12 & 13 Auto Restoration Session at Ohio Technical College pg. 14 & 15 What’s a Slalom? & JCNA Challenge Championship pg. 16 & 17 JCO Concours Invitation & Information Letter pg. 18 JCO Concours Entrant Registration Form pg. 19 Proof of Insurance & Concours Fees pg. 20 39th Annual JCO Concours d’ Elegance Schedule pg. 21 JCNA Concours d’ Elegance Competition Classes & Directions pg. 22 Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show & Cruise-In July 8th & 9th 2011 pg. 23 New Advertiser - pg. 24 Jaguar Racing 2011 Schedule & Tech Tips pg. 25 Club Merchandise Order Form pg. 26 Membership Report & Application Form pg. 27 ‘Done in a Day’ at Providence House & Sale-O-Rama pg. 28 Sale-O-Rama pg. 29 Advertising pg. 30 to 32

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At-Large Board Members Jim Krause Bill Madden Ava Singerman Ted Stults Rick Vanek Mike Meyer

The JAGUAR CLUB OF OHIO is a non-profit organization founded in 1972. Annual dues of $55 per year include a subscription to the bi-monthly JagMag and Jaguar Journal, the National club's bi-monthly magazine.

Executive Board Meeting Schedule

M a r c h 1 6 , 2 0 1 1 * * S p e c i a l C o n c o u r s M e e t i n g a t 6 : 3 0p . m . Marbella Restaurant

29425 Chagrin Blvd.#101 Pepper Pike (216) 464 - 4602

April 20, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.

3 5 6 t h F i g h t e r G r o u p 4919 July 20, 2011 - Site TBA

Mt. Pleasant Rd., Canton


494 -3500

October 19, 2011 - Site TBA

I think I can speak for many members when I say that this has been one of the longest Winters we have seen here in Northeast Ohio. I am pleased to report that “The Groundhog” has indicated we are almost done with Winter and Spring is right around the corner. To kick off the New Year we had an excellent trip to Jaguar Cleveland that was organized and hosted by Dominic Perri. It was nice to see the new Jags and some members even had the opportunity to test drive some. The $160,000 Fly Yellow Maserati was a center of attraction as well. After the Tech session we all headed to the Winking Lizard for a great lunch… and some of the more adventurous members headed to Marshall-Goldmans to take a look at the exotics and super cars they have for sale. The next meeting will be the Beer brewing hosted by Jim Krause.. please RSVP him. This is a fun event even for “non-brewers”. It's fun just to come and watch and have a great meal at the Brew Pub so mark your calendars and plan on attending. We have some great outings planned for this year and a lot of opportunity for you to participate as both a participant and organizer. Remember this is your club and any and all participation is appreciated.. Time to start thinking about pulling the car out of storage and prepping it for a great year!! Chuck

Many of you know Paul and Carol Neidert as our gracious hosts for the Clambake and the Northfield Park outing. But you should know that they have work tirelessly along with Bob & Lois Barbero to Co-Chair our Annual Concours event that is held in conjunction with British Car Day in August every year. This event is a highlight for our club and attracts participants from other Jag clubs in Ohio as well as Pittsburgh, Indiana, Michigan and even Canada. This is an important event for those who have chosen to campaign their cars for national placement. After ten years of hard work Paul & Carol have chosen to retire from the management of this event and on behalf of our club as well as the many other clubs who have participated in our Concours I wish to say a very large THANK YOU! The fact that our Concours functions so well is a testament to their and Bob & Lois's hard work. It's hard to believe it's been ten years! As a result of this change we are seeking some new volunteers to help out this year. I know it may seem a bit daunting… but Paul & Carol have offered to help the transition and Bob & Lois will continue as Co-Chairs. Dominic Perri has volunteered to be Co-Chair and Irene Chudzik has volunteered to manage the registration part of the Concours….. So please pitch in and help contribute to your clubs success. Chuck & Marlene Roman

Thank you Paul and Carol Neidert!

The contest runs from January 1st through October 31st.

Concours D’ Elegance. A title that builds excitement and dreams in every person that is a car lover. The Concours is a place that gathers people and magnificent gleaming cars on display for judging with an opportunity to win a trophy. How I wished I had the knowledge, expertise and the many years that is required to restore one of these potential trophy winners. The only other option is making a financial commitment for a professional restoration shop to perform a ground up restoration that would absorb a couple of years. Either way it did not matter because it was only a dream. I could not make being a part of a Concours a reality. Little did I know at the time is that there are amny classifications for judging in a Concours d’ Elegance. Certainlythere is the competition for the 100 point cars in the

“Champion Division”, but there is the Driven Division and the Special Divisionsof Class S1, S2, S3, and S4. The Driven division has one basic requirementand that is that your car is a Jaguar. It does not matter if you bought the car new or used from the local Dealership two weeks ago (there is a class for you) or if your car is an older1982 XJ un-restored with 175,000 miles, there is a class for you too. The driven class is judged on exterior and interior cleanliness as well as insuring that your lights and horn work. All you need to do to be a part of the Concours is wash and polish your car. Every single member of the Jaguar Club is eligible and we would like youto be part of it this year. If you don’t have time to wash your car, then at least bring your car out to be a part of the “Display Only”category which is eligible for the “Peoples Choice Award”. By the way, the other benefit from being in the Concours is the interaction with the judges, club members and the public that wants to meet you and see your car. In the next JAGMAG issue we will have tips on how to prepare your car for the Driven Class. A top quality, well planned detail cleaning and polishing can turn your car into a standout giving you an opportunity to earn a trophy.

I recommend you go online to and get registered and a password. is the number one site for detailing on the internet for commercial and individual interests. In the autopia forum, scroll down to “Car Detailing”, click it and scroll down to “Internet resources for newbs”. Click the Internet Resources for Newbs which has downloads for three PDF handbooks on auto detailing, thirty individual articles on specific areas of auto detailing and fifteen instructional videos produced by Jay Leno, Maguires and others demonstrating how to detail and prepare your car for the show.

These are all free downloads.

Written by Mike Cooper

It is important to repeat a note from the last Jag Mag about dues. Half year dues are available to NEW members ONLY. This is to encourage new members to join in mid-year and be a part of JCO. Previous members who let their memberships lapse will be required to pay a full years dues no matter what time of year they apply. It has been the practice of some members to join just before the concour with 1/2 year dues and thereby qualify for entry. They are, in effect, shorting the club to save a few dollars and never mind our expenses, they want the benefits without the responsibilities of membership. This brings me to my second point. We have a lot of members who cannot always attend events, that's a given, neither can I, we all have another life, but when you do attend we are glad to see you.

The club officers work hard to make events attractive and enjoyable but, members have a responsibility too. If you want to attend an event and a RSVP is required, please do so, just don't show up and expect always to be accommodated, we have to plan by numbers. The same can be said by giving an RSVP and not showing up, try to call the event chairman. Anybody can have a change of plans but be courteous. We have seen members come to the concour hospitality room and partake of all the food and beverages and they are not even registered to enter, or not working the concour. While we enjoy your friendship the club has a lot of expenses, if you abuse your membership how can the club stay viable?? The club officers sure don't get a paycheck for their efforts, in fact they pay a lot out of pocket and their doing it just for YOU, the member. It's dollars and cents folks and without it their is no JCO. You can always just stand on the side lines and contribute nothing either by attendance, dues, or asking if you can help with any menial task. When the club goes south because members took no interest you can always complain you don't want to belong to a loser club. There are changes coming in the way the club operates if we want to stay in business, and it's all for you, the member who shares our common interest in Jaguars. Some might not like my blunt thoughts, I can live with that, but we have to live with realities don't we?


Send in your XKE Memories

It’s the E’s 50th! Let’s get out and celebrate all year long with stories and pictures! Mail them into the JAGMAG for an upcoming issue. Also, be sure and enter this year’s JCO Concours in August. We are hoping for a fantastic turnout, even if you just drive it in for the day as a “Display Only” entry. Join in on the birthday fun!

(Any pictures mailed in will be returned unharmed.)

The JCNA tech line has been in the works for a while and is finally up and running. You can dial up the main JCNA phone number


and select option #3 for the Tech line. At this time, it is for

members only so have your JCNA number available.

From restoration questions to

general mechanical help from

the factory publications are available. If you would please

let your members know about this new benefit of their membership, I would appreciate it.

Dick Maury, JCNA President

Jerry Litz will be attending the AGM this year representing the Jaguar Club of Ohio. He’ll have the latest info avialable to us in the next issue of the JAGMAG.

Jaguar is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the E-Type (its iconic sports car known as the XK-E in the U.S.) with events all year. Unfortunately, one of the events, so far, is not the introduction of a new E-Type, as much as the brand's fans would love to see it. Nothing says Jaguar like the E-Type. It was unveiled at the Geneva auto show in 1961 and made its U.S. debut in New York. The car defines the sleek, low-slung, muscular appearance that still says Jag. “Half a century of progress has not diminished the significance of the E-Type,” said Mike O'Driscoll, managing director of Jaguar Cars and chairman of the Jaguar Heritage organization, “It was a sensation when it was launched, and remains Jaguar's most enduring and iconic symbol.” E-Type buyers included Steve McQueen, Brigitte Bardot and Tony Curtis. A total of 72,520 E-Types were produced from 1961 to 1975. While it became also a symbol of hip 1960's London style, 83% were exported from England. Other fun facts: The E-Type's straight-six engine had powered Jaguar to five Le Mans victories in the 1950's and by 1961, in 3.8-litre form, produced 265 horsepower and gave the car a top speed of more than 150 mph. At launch, the E-Type cost $5,595 for the roadster model and $5,895 for the coupe - including standard wire wheels. In 2011 dollars, that would be about $41,000 and $43,000. The E-Type's proportions were the work of Malcolm Sayer, an aeronautical engineer by training who also shaped the earlier Le Mans-winning C and D-Types racers. The design was chosen by the Museum of Modern Art in 1996 for its collection. “It is impossible to overstate the impact the E-Type had when it was unveiled in 1961,” said Ian Callum, Jaguar design director. “Here was a car that encapsulated the spirit of the revolutionary era it came to symbolize.” Thanks to Bruce Eckstein for this submission.

Photos by Jerry Litz, Rick Vanek and Irene Chudzik

The JCNA "Biennial Meet" was the product of more than one club member's imagination. As the club grew in stature during the 1960s and 1970s, members in every Region looked at the annual championships held by other British car clubs and thought: "We can do that too!" The event came together for the first time in 1983 when the Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club decided: "Now or never!" They picked a date, booked hotels and got in touch with JCNA headquarters for a sanction. The result, held at 8,000 feet in Snowmass, next door to Aspen, was the first Biennial. 1983 - Snowmass, Co: The first JCNA Biennial hosted by the Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club. Close to 100 Jaguars were entered. More than 200 people came to work, spectate and enjoy themselves. Most of the worker bees were from the Denver/Colorado Springs area but the chief judge came from San Francisco and teams of three judges often represented three different clubs. Although with an accent on the Western half of the continent, it was JCNA’s first true "national" show. Not only did we have a concours, filling three parking fields up a slope at the base of a ski run, but there was a rally and a timed event at a small nearby road circuit. 1983: Jaguar recognized it as such. The speaker at the banquet, held outside under a tent under Rocky Mountain stars, was Graham W. Whitehead, president of Jaguar in North America. Slides of the entries were shown throughout the dinner, reminding everyone of the caliber of the competition and the guests understood that they were taking part in a special event, the beginning of a tradition. Most expressed the hopethat it would be repeated regularly in future, bringing JCNA members and cars from thousands of miles apart, together in companionship and competition. Their hopes have been realized, every other year since, bringing us to Phoenix in 2003 for the eleventh biennial event, now known as the JCNA Challenge Championship.

...there’s cricket, rugby, sailing, Olympic athletes, young athletes... Check them out at Jaguar Academy of Sport

This may reach everyone a bit late for the winter season, but if we still get a couple of bad days ( I'm sitting here watching a raging snow storm right now Feb. 24 ) hopefully these tried and true tips can help limit your time in getting the car cleaned off before setting out on the road. If, and I say if only because some cars may not have this capability, but if your wiper arms can be lifted off of the glass and can stand straight up, then before you go into work, a store or even over night, take them off the windshield so the blades won't freeze to the glass. Secondly, while the car is warming up, put your sunvisors down close to the windshield and turn on the defrost. By trapping the heat between the visor and the glass, it will warm the windshield and clear it much quicker than by not. I even drive with them down to make sure the glass stays as warm as possible while driving. pc

Questions for Paul? Email them to


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Robert & Shirley Alexander of Medina, who joined us at the Jaguar Cleveland Event on January 15, 2011. Welcome! Michael & Laurel English of Painesville. Albert & Roseanne Walcutt of Thompson. Jeffrey & Joan Doyne of Brecksville. and Welcome Back to Harry & Diane Pierson of Hermitage, PA! If you HAVE NOT renewed your membership yet, this will be your last issue of the JAGMAG. As of this date, we have sixteen memberships that have nonrenewed. If you are a part of this group, drop your check in the mail right away! Chuck will be sending in a list of current 2011 JCO members to JCNA soon.

DUST COVER FOR SALE Car cover, NOT an outdoor cover. Used for a SIII E-Type 2+2. $20 Call Mike Meyer at 330-294-0890

JCO Community Service Projects that can be

‘Done in a Day’. In coming issues of the JAGMAG and

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Four 19" XKR wheels with Continentals. Newly re-conditioned and 3000 miles on the tires. Call 216-881-7990 Call for Special Pricing.

Jaguar Memorabilia For Sale Hats jackets, models, posters etc. Call Mike Mauro 330-507-1313 XK 140 MC - FHC, OEW with red hydes, 2nd at Solon, seen at Stan Hywet, 1st in Driven Class at Ursuline, Same owner 43 yrs. $54,900 or very near offer. Call Bill Madden at 330-659-4447

Classified ads are

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1953 XK120 DHC - With spats, 37,000 original miles, restored driver, numbers correct. Old English white. All new or restored interior, top, finish, chrome, tires. Reasonable Offers Considered. Call George Weisenbach, Middle Bass Island, OH 419-285-5871

2000 S Type - 78,000 miles. Alpine Green/Oatmeal, New Bridgestones, All maintenance records. Florida car. In Cleveland 3 yrs. $8,900.00. Contact: 216-881-7990

1968 E Type 2 + 2 - Red Ext./Black Int., Nice Paint, Good Chrome, 4 speed, Triple SU carbs/Mallory Unilight distributor, Electronic Ignition MSD, Willwood front disc brakes, new Dayton six inch wire wheels, new knockoffs. $29,500.00 Contact David at 330-745-0759

1995 XJ6 Vanden Plas -

NEW Price! 1966 Jaguar 3.8 S

One owner. Very Good condition. Jade/Jade-Gray. Harmon-Kardon Sound System; traction control, Summer/winter carpet mats. Connolly leather & burled walnut throughout.130,000 miles. Best ‘95 Vanden Plas in the area.$5,200.

Call Bob at: 216-408-2648 or Email:

1971 E-Type Series III V-12, 2+2 -

Left hand drive, Automatic, 3.8L, White exterior, Black interior, body dent free, 77,213 on the odometer, No history. Asking $6,000 Contact Glenn Russell @ 269-651-2106, Sturgis Michigan

Automatic. Silver/black. Very Good condition. Built in June 1971, refurbished in 2002, 1st Place, Driven (9.918 pts.), in 2003 @ JCO Shaker Square British Car Days. New front seats & dash; original rear seats. Wire wheels, wood Nardi steering wheel. Very good A/C. AM/FM/CD. 76,000 miles. $28,500. Call Bob at: 216-408-2648 or email above.


Slate/charcoal. Moon roof, new Michelin tires, battery, ceramic brakes, extd. war. 2/2011, excellent condition, 60K miles. $15,500 or OBO. Call Al Ames 419-499-0950 or E-mail:

2003 S-Type - Grey exterior, charcoal interior. Auto-transmission, heated seats, glass sunroof, V6, all the luxury and safety features Jaguar offers, am/fm cd, 77,000 miles. Asking $12,000.

Karen Monaco 330-495-3960 2 vehicles in stages of restoration which were unfortunately & unexpectedly interupted, & now they both need to find a new “restorer”. So, if you’re looking for that project that will keep you, or your favorite restoration shop busy, Please call

Jennifer @ 216-459-1790 (business phone) or email to for more

details regarding one/both vehicles.

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