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Usability Mistakes In Web Designing

INTRODUCTION A web designer generally puts his all hard work in his process of designing to create an attractive website. But sometimes he makes some usability mistakes that can ultimately result in the irritating experience for the users.

Following are the some usability errors 

Today designers neglect the blank slate designs. A blank slate refers to the look that appears to be when there is no data in a particular screen. The elements are put up on the page like this:

 At

the very top location of the page, there is a prominent description of the screen introduction.  Then actionable components are added to it.  If there is no data present in the screen then to avoid the confusion, the blank slate indicator is generally incorporated into it.

Usually a designer forms unclear buttons on the webpage. For example contact us label is used to serve another function but the user who is currently viewing page is getting confused after reaching this label. For example: a user gets jumbled in understanding

Is this unclear button referring to  A new page  Live chat option  Model window for messaging Thus you must know which label should be used for what specific function.

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If you are making user to wait without giving him any response then you are certainly doing the wrong thing, it will not only irritate the user but also the next time he will never come again to your site after this worst experience. A designer makes them wait when the content is updated, he makes them wait even during opening a model window and even in the situations when your server is experiencing reduced performance rate.

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Losing the inputs of user in web forms is also a thing which can frustrate your user. Sometimes it is asked to fill out the whole form if some input is missed by him. It can put negative impressions on your users.

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The entire tab must be clickable not only the text. And it happens because sometimes designers use unordered lists to create tabs. So use the correct markup to make the clickable area well.

If you are a designer and you have developed such types of errors, then now it’s the correct time to make them accurate as you are now aware of about all the consequences of these errors. Keep a keen eye at your user interface side. You must also know that a user will only spend more time at your website, if he will get an amazing experience. If you are a client and looking for much more efficient website designs for your website then you can also choose Website Designing Company in Delhi as they serve best in the industry.

Usability mistakes in web designing  
Usability mistakes in web designing