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ISO 17025 Requirements For All Organizations conducting Testing and Calibration procedures

International Organization for Standardization has set certain standards for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories to validate the procedures, raw materials and management of the laboratory. These standards are set under Clause 4 and Clause 5

Under Clause 4 : It includes requirement associated with the management of the system The ISO guidelines includes the roles, responsibilities and facilities of organization and its personnel, scope of activities of organization quality system, documentation with full information about the testing procedures, reviews of services gained like tender, contracts, etc., purchase of services, services to clients, complains from clients, improvement of the management system, internal assessment of management teams, and review of the company procedures

Clause 5 include all technical guidelines that a organization should follow for the ISO 17025 Requirements

This section include validation of the reliability of the testing and calibration procedures, person involved, environmental condition, equipments used, measuring parameters, sample method of preparation, result report and quality of test and calibration.

Iso requiremnts  
Iso requiremnts