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Creative usage of PHP

introduction PHP is a kind of language used for web development and also served as a programming language. This language is highly utilized in website development work. Major web developer also prefers ecommerce website development in PHP. It is researched that approximately 244 million websites are made through this and are used on more the 2.1 million severs. PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. Without the incorporation of external file in process data, they can be directly entrenched into the html source. Through the use of PHP, many website developers are now proficient in making more appealing websites. You can either implement it or can also write your own distinct PHP scripts for getting desired results.

You can use PHP through these ways: • One of the major lead of PHP is in ecommerce. You can provide a distinct design to your clients with the use of PHP in your designing process. You can utilize the frameworks like CodeIgniter or CakePHP. CakePHP offers source coding for the applications related to ecommerce. While codelgniter helps you in running your process efficiently and quickly. • There are some existing ecommerce solutions for the assistance of beginners, like Magento Zen Cart Shopify You can learn in the form of tutorials from these ecommerce websites.

• Project management tools are the first most requirement of many business persons. For a successful business, it is very necessary that a client, who is investing, can check the progress of his work and also will be able in contributing his suggestions o it. With the in-depth knowledge of PHP, you can also create your own perfect management tools. Some of the major benefits correlated to this are time-tracking, security, collaborative ongoing tasks, file sharing options, an inbox column, and live preview of the linked website.

• You can create various desktop applications through using following extensions: PHP GTK - for implementing the GIMP toolkit ZZEE PHP GUI – to transform your PHP scripts into windows applications

• You can connect your current as well as potential online audience for making good interactions with them. You can generate your PHP driven online platforms for serving this purpose. There are some tools which can help you with this: PHP BB vBulletin Pun BB

• You can integrate Facebook applications with PHP coding for getting better back end results. • PHP also offers deconstructing XML files. • You can also use visual representation on your site. You can build bar graphs, impulse, pie charts, dot/scatter, candlestick, box & whisker, step, radar to present your data in a concise manner

Creative usage of php  
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