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The AU SketchBook Gallery 2011

Artists Workshops Art Gallery November 29 - December 1 Venetian Hotel 路 Las Vegas Level 2 路 Ballroom G Open to the General Public & Autodesk University Attendees

Le Kinderwunch

Benjamin Rabe · Hamburg Germany

Benjamin Rabe’s first digital painting was made back in the 80’s on an Atari 600xl in ASCIICode, when he was 15. Freelancing as a webdesigner since 2001 he embraced the web2.0paradigm, in 2006 he became the lead-designer on’s startup team‚ Äì thus helping pioneer the social web in Germany. He always kept leaning towards painting. Enter mobile art in 2009 and with the help of SketchBook Mobile he was sucked into the world of fingerpainting and started the blog to embrace the theme. Benjamin lives in Hamburg and is co-founder of the IAMDA (, the International Assoc. of Mobile Digital Artists which organizes the international MobileArtConference in New York. Supported by autodesk, he co-organized the appearance of mobile art in an art museum, the MK&G in Hamburg. Wrong Number Mr. Gifford

The Red Cross is Late ·

Every time a penguin with a white ball in it’s beak flies by, they don’t believe me

Benjamin Rabe

Deborah McMillion Nering · Phoneix, Arizona

I’m a classically trained artist, a graduate of Arizona State University in fine art. I began my professional career running the Rural Arts Project, a fine arts serigraph print shop for non-profit organizations in Pinal County. After moving to Phoenix, I joined MARS Artspace, which began a 15 year membership as an exhibiting artist including six years as Artistic Director and Curator.


I have received numerous awards and have exhibited in shows internationally including the Ohr-Okeefe Museum (Mississippi), In Time Art Salon (Washington, D.C.), How Original Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA), Galerie Landrin (Nimes, France), The Parthenon (Tennessee), The Flying Pig (Wisconsin), 1 Market St. (San Francisco), Stylectrical exhibit at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Shemer Museum and Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum (Arizona). My art reflects the era that has always meant the most to me: The 1950s. It was an era of Eichler homes, shell chairs, flying saucers, Atomic prints, finned cars and an optimism that anything can happen.

Future Art

Shoot out the Stars

Deborah McMillion Nering

Planet Dream

Deborah McMillion Nering

Gabriel Palacios · Mexico City, Mexico

Gabriel Palacios was born in Mexico City in 1972. He graduated with a degree in Communication Science.


From 1989 until 2004 he worked developing systems for private and government organizations. He worked as independent consultant in information technology from 2005 until 2011. Since last July he´s been working as Content Production Manager, in charge of the development of blended learning and educational videogames. “Mask” was created with a combination of Autodesk’s 123D Sculpt and Sketchbook. This picture demonstrates how both apps working together can improve our art.


Princess 2

Gabriel Palacios

What You See is What You Are 91

Gabriel Palacios

Jacques Pena 路 Boston, MA

Jacques Pena, is a traditional painter and draftsman. Developing himself, as an overall generalist artist. EL9dkid

His works have been published, and can be found throughout the Online Art Community, in pages of 3d World Magazine, 3d Creative Magazine and Ballistic Publishing. Jacques is a full time artist in the Gaming industry, providing work for such companies as Sony, Online Entertainment and Autodesk. Currently, Jacques is Senior Artist and one of the founding members of Fire Hose Games. He believes highly in the evolution of Art through technology, and it will open new ways to express creativity, and accessibility to future inspiring artists.



Its_really_just_the_colors Jacques Pena

José António Fundo · Porto, Portugal


Soccer Player

Angel’s Shoes

My name is José António Fundo, I am a 39 year old media studies teacher and school viceprincipal in a High School for the Visual Arts in Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. I have a Painting degree and found iPhone and iPad Art as a way to escape my lack of time to develop my artistic work. Sketchbook Mobile was my first tool for drawing in the iPhone. It gave me the chance to do in the iPhone things I was aching to do on paper and then I was addicted. Now Sketchbook Pro on the iPad is even better. My work is based around my life, wife, the places I visit, my dark imagination and always some social critique. I like to keep things expressive but sometimes I deviate towards a more technical work. I always looked for a way to have a simple and light graphic diary, a tool for me to give ways to my imagination without carrying dozens of pencils and pens as I used to and now digital illustration on the move lets me spend a lot more time drawing.

The Large Red Back

Jos茅 Ant贸nio Fundo

Justin Rawcliffe 路 North West England

Justin Rawcliffe is a working artist creating art in a variety of media, Justin studied BA HONS Fine art at Lancaster University. He is working freelance on various projects.




Justin Rawcliffe


Justin Rawcliffe

Matthew Seydel Connors · New Jersey

Matthew Seydel Connors has been preoccupied with drawing since childhood, equally fascinated by the sources of reality and the imagination. Matt graduated Penn State University with a BA in Drawing and Painting, and his career as an artist has spanned analog and digital fine art, freelance illustration and desktop publishing. He has worked for over a decade as a retoucher and CGI artist at Quad Graphics, one of the world’s largest premedia and printing companies. The advent of digital painting in mobile form is a unique frontier that Matt is eager to explore further. Matt has been using Sketchbook as a desktop application for years, but was smitten to see all of these artistic tools at his disposal on his iPhone and now iPad.

Varo Tribute: The Journey

Matt honors his mother Ann, who passed away in 2009, by using her maiden name - also his own middle name, Seydel, on his artwork - a habit that started with his first charcoal drawing decades ago.

Varo Tribute: The Treasure

Brave New World of Mobile Art

The Narrow Escape

Matthew Seydel Connors

Repin -Barge Haulers On The Volga

Paul Vera-Broadbent 路 Liverpool, UK

Paul has specialised in combining classic artwork with contemporary media since beginning work in video games at the age of 17. He has now released more than 25 game titles, selling millions of units and attracting several BAFTA nominations. Paul is currently a director of design studio Found in the Future where he continues to push boundaries in art, graphic design and animation.

Michael Jordan

He has recently focused on developing innovative styles of digital painting, mixing his games background with an obsession with past masters to create spectacular new work.


Delaroche - The Execution of Lady Jane Grey

Paul Vera-Broadbent

Salvador Navarro · California


I am a self taught artist born in Mexico in 1966. My earliest memories involved drawing in some form. I have always loved drawing and art creation and contemplation, I have a terrible passion for playing with people’s facial features twisting them in unimaginable ways, while trying to keep the likeness of the subjects. I find each one of them beautiful. After a dry stint in the 90’s my love for caricature art was renewed due to influences found on the Internet. I started drawing heavily, mostly pencil on paper Then I tried digital painting using a tablet and computer and while I found it extremely interesting, there was something missing so I would return to my mechanical pencil. That took a sharp turn after I discovered that I could have a similar and perhaps better way to create art on my mobile device, then the iPad came along and the rest is history, which continues to be written one finger painting at a time. This is definitely a wonderful and exciting time to be an artist!



Salnavarro.Com ·

My Way

Salvador Navarro

Shaun Mullen 路 UK STOP with the Vader voice

Born in Barrow-in-Furness, a costal town in the North West of England, Shaun grew up in admiration and awe of the fantasy & sci-fi artists of the time. Inspired by the fantastical worlds & half naked vixens painted by Frank Frazetta to the amazing off world structures and craft of John Berkey, which today still influence and amaze him. Due to the lack of artistic career opportunities available at the time, Shaun pursued a career in electrical engineering and today continues to work on a UK defence contract. In his spare time he is also a freelance artist, the majority of the work produced now is digital and in the direction of conceptual design for games & film. Always looking for interesting and challenging projects and he hopes to make the transition from engineer to full time concept artist.

This is going to hurt

Chris loved playing hide and slice

Frank & Stan’s Weird Experiment

Shaun Mullen

Susan Murtaugh · Two Rivers, WI

Susan Murtaugh is a graduate of the Chicago Academy of Fine Art. She’s worked over 35 years in advertising, including 15 years as Principal of her own design firm. She’s used every traditional art medium.

El Cortez

Since 2009, her preferred tools are her iPod Touch and iPad. She’s been featured in several group shows, online galleries, workshops and international news. Her work and tutorials have also been featured in Digital Artist Magazine and online. She has curated several international digital art shows and is serving as Artist in Residence for her county’s public schools. She loves SketchBook Pro, mobile and the desktop version as well and is so happy they all can play nicely in the “cloud” together. Susan resides in the rural town of Two Creeks, WI with her husband and son. She is also the curator of this show.


Silver Slipper

Susan Murtaugh


Susan Murtaugh

Takako Tsurutani · Tokyo, Japan

I am a Japanese artist, living in Tokyo, Japan. I learned fashion illustration and watercolor painting, I was interested in learning to use the computer at the same time. I tried and enjoyed creating digital animation work some years back. I love to draw with my finger using SketchBook Mobile now. It reminds me of the joy that was drawing on paper with paints. The screen of my iPod Touch has become a lovely microcosm. Ever since the earthquake hit Japan this year, the incident makes me think about various things. “Fear,” “anxiety,” “hope”. gardien du quartier

I like to use bright and soft colors, and I would like to continue to draw a peaceful, dreamlike world. takakotsurutaniwith/6105590040/

Le ballon et le cœur

In the sea

Takako Tsurutani

la tranquillitĂŠ

Takako Tsurutani

My approach to to the 2011 collection was to show the wide range of work that can be made with all the SketchBook apps. I picked some artists that we featured in 2010 because I think they have made huge strides in their work. Those who attended last year will be impressed with the personal growth and continuity. We’ve added five new artists this year that stretch the limits of the apps. There is one person who works exclusively with SB Mobile on her iPod Touch, a professional illustrator using his Cintiq, and the rest mostly iPad users. I know the gallery viewer will be blown away by the diversity of style and technique, yet all are using basically the same family of SketchBook apps. And the Gallery is only one part of this years experience. The Creative Studio, with the Autodesk Team, featuring working artists from all art disciplines, lively discussions, life drawing and hand’s on opportunity for AU attendees as well as the general public promises to appeal to everyone.

The recent success of SketchBook is a direct result of the users who have adopted it into their creative endeavors. And though this may seem like an obvious statement from a business perspective, what I am truly talking about is the incredible efforts by these users that have contributed to building SketchBook’s identity. There is no better example of this than the AU SketchBook Gallery. It simply could not exist without mutual passion and collaboration between Autodesk and the artists. Of all things, it is this sort of thing that makes us [the SketchBook team] most proud; that with every year, we are having new experiences together. Congratulations to all the contributing artists in the AU SketchBook Gallery 2011. Chris Cheung Product Manager, SketchBook · Autodesk, Inc.

Susan Murtaugh AU SketchBook Gallery Artist and Curator

Artists Workshops Art Gallery

The AU SketchBook Gallery 2011

November 29 - December 1 Venetian Hotel · Las Vegas Level 2 · Ballroom G Open to the General Public & Autodesk University Attendees

Autodesk University Sketchbook Gallery 2011  

The catalog for the 2011 edition of the Autodesk University Sletchbook Gallery "Creative Studio" November 29 - December 1 Venetian Hotel ·...

Autodesk University Sketchbook Gallery 2011  

The catalog for the 2011 edition of the Autodesk University Sletchbook Gallery "Creative Studio" November 29 - December 1 Venetian Hotel ·...