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In a world where technology is routinely advanced and science often holds the key to achieving greatness, beauty remains the one constant. At JAFRA, we employ the latest technology and science in our formulas to help you discover beautiful skin, gorgeous faces and a more luminous you. Inside these pages, you’ll find JAFRA PRO, the most innovative skin care breakthroughs we’ve created to date. Skin care DYNAMICS to treat every skin type; color that adds depth and dimension to your unique look; fragrances for men and women; skin care for teens. Life-changing products, life-enhancing opportunities and more. Inside, you’ll find what you need to achieve your glow.

You’ll find the power to transform lives. 2 |


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“JAFRA PRO is the best maintenance and recovery system for women who don’t want surgery or choose to delay it.”


Clinically proven results. Plastic surgeon-endorsed by Randal Haworth, M.D. F.A.C.S.

JAFRA PRO. Plastic surgeon-endorsed products with multidimensional technology and the exclusive JAFRA PRO Complex to maintain the appearance of the young skin you want to keep and recover the youthful look you want.

JAFRA PRO featured in happi magazine & Global Cosmetics Industry magazine, leading beauty industry publications!

Your 20s

Your 30s

Your 40s+

Premature wrinkles from sun exposure, uneven pigmentation, freckles, spots and redness.

Dull, thinner skin, expression lines and wrinkles, less definition.

Lines and wrinkles, cumulative UV damage, sagging skin, loss of youthful contours and cushioning in cheek, eye areas.

··Even Tone helps reduce discolorations. ··Eye Transformer works to visibly reduce the look of wrinkles.

6 |

Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery | Learn more at

··Dermal Line Filler helps fill fine lines. ··Face Lift SPF 20 noticeably reshapes and redefines a more youthful profile.

··Dermal Line Filler immediately smoothes and fills.

··Night Recovery Concentrate helps tighten, increase elasticity.

··Face Lift SPF 20 is a necessity for immediate firming.

··Even Tone increases radiance.

··Plus Even Tone and Eye Transformer.

··Night Recovery Concentrate works to “lift” and firm during crucial sleep hours. ··Eye Transformer refreshes tired skin around eyes, decreases look of dark circles.

skin c a re : JAFR A PR O |


Noticing fine lines, wrinkles, discolorations or loss of elasticity?

Even Tone

Dermal Line Filler

$70 16216

$70 16217


After 56 days of twice daily use, 90% of women loved the overall effects.*

90% of women noticed an immediate smoothing effect. After 28 days, 82% experienced a reduction in wrinkle appearance and crow’s feet.*

technology Can you achieve the look of youthful skin to delay surgery? If you choose surgery, is it possible to maintain your new look post-surgery? Yes! with

Instantly illuminates, improves radiance, clarity, reduces appearance of discoloration. | 1 fl. oz.

Face Lift SPF 20

Immediate lifting, firming and smoothing effect. | 1 fl. oz.

Immediately smoothes; helps plump and lift fine lines. | 1 fl. oz.

Eye Transformer

Eye lift treatment to tighten, refresh and firm; wrinkles appear visibly reduced. | 0.4 fl. oz.

$75 16215

After 28 days, 73% of women were satisfied with their overall results.*

$55 16218

Night Recovery Concentrate

Instantly tightens, firms, for a velvety feel. | 1 fl. oz. $80 16214

After 28 days, 100% observed an improvement in resilience and suppleness.*

After 14 days, 63% of women saw a decrease in the appearance of color intensity of dark shadows. After 28 days, 68% observed a decrease in the look of wrinkles.*

JAFRA PRO Eye Transformer featured in InStyle Germany, the German edition of InStyle magazine!

*Based upon consumer evaluations in a clinical study which also consists of expert evaluations.

pro A DVISOR The Next Generation of Skin Care ··PROduces visible, natural results without surgery or lasers. ··PROvides perceptible results in 24 hours. ··PROduces significant improvement in 4 weeks.

8 |

skin c a re : JAFR A PR O |


royal jelly

Sirtuin Activators encourage skin to act more youthful.

Cellspan Complex helps promote younger-looking skin that positively glows.

Antiox PhytoNutrient Blend with potent antioxidant ingredients to help combat free radical activity for a healthier glow outside.

A JAFRA PRO partner* The queen’s favorite: Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced

Includes Sirtuin Activators to help increase skin’s vitality, so you look better, longer. Cellspan Complex to energize with sunflower sprouts and myrtle extract, enriched with an Ayurvedic antioxidant blend. | 1 fl. oz.

royalty Royal Jelly is JAFRA’s signature line of skin care. Created to mirror the beauty and longevity known to the ancient Egyptian women, who first learned of the queen bee’s beauty elixir. Called Royal Jelly, this substance allows the bee to live 60 times longer than her subjects. Royal Jelly is rich in proteins, lipids; vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, and E; minerals, trace elements and amino acids.

$71 15522 Ask your Independent JAFRA Consultant how you can receive Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced as a FREE gift when you host a JAFRA Party. *See page 12 to learn how Royal Jelly products integrate with JAFRA PRO.

10 |

skin c a re : roy a l je lly | 11

Royal Jelly Vitamin Tablets

Each tablet contains 200 mg of Royal Jelly, B-complex, other essential vitamins. These supplements help fortify the immune system to maintain normal growth, development, body-cell function. | 60 tablets $22 13025

Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules

92 % Moisturizing sensation

89 %

80 % Skin appeared smoother, less wrinkled

Prolongs skin’s vitality, immediately filling in fine lines, diminishing the appearance of crow’s feet, helping stimulate skin’s own defense mechanism. Microsponge technology delivers controlled release of age defying, firming lipo-peptides. | 60 capsules

Skin appeared more radiant

81 % Skin appeared firmer




Royal Jelly results after only two weeks!*

*As reported by clinical participants

$46 14808

After just two hours, 80% noticed a reduction in lines, wrinkles. After four weeks, 100% reported smoother, softer skin.

Royal Jelly Body Complex

Spreads smoothly, absorbs quickly. Contains microencapsulated treatment technology, gradually releasing moisture to condition and strengthen. Visibly improves resilience, tone, appearance. | 6.7 fl. oz. $61 13027

Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate

A 28-day firming regimen for immediate lift, radiance. Cellspan Complex helps refine the appearance of pores, minimizes the look of prematurely damaged skin, helps prevent advancing lines and wrinkles. | 7 vials, 0.23 fl. oz. each $46 13096

Results visible after just 14 days. 81% showed firmer skin.

Royal Jelly Milk Bath

Step in. The water’s more than fine with this foamy bath wash. Leaves skin feeling clean, moisturized, refreshed, silky smooth all over. | 6.7 fl. oz. $46 13026

A JAFRA PRO partner Use Royal Jelly after JAFRA PRO but before your JAFRA day or nighttime moisturizer. Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate + JAFRA PRO Dermal Line Filler + JAFRA PRO Even Tone = Youthful vitality Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced + JAFRA PRO Face Lift SPF 20 = Day moisturizing If you like Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules, you may like JAFRA PRO Eye Transformer.

12 |

skin c a re : roy a l je lly | 13


prettysmart Once upon a time, women were categorized as either pretty or smart. Impossible to be both. Luckily, the dynamics have changed, and women are now both pretty AND smart. JAFRA has the skin care to prove it with four smart complexes that rock a very high skinQ. Four intelligent systems think for you. Control, Calming, Balance and Hydration restore skin’s better nature.

Each DYNAMICS system includes a cleanser, toner, day moisturizer and night moisturizer.

14 |

What’s so smart about DYNAMICS skin care? It creates an invisible, netted barrier on skin that shields your face from environmental aggressors while welcoming beautiful moisturization.

How it restores beauty Scientifically advanced ingredients blend with Ayurvedic extracts to restore skin’s harmony. These Smart Complexes deliver exactly what your skin needs to look and feel beautiful.

DYNAMICS is a JAFRA PRO partner (see page 34)

skin c a re : DYNAMI CS |




Hydrasmart Complex inside Hydration DYNAMICS locks in maximum moisture. Fortifies, moisturizes, protects dry skin with vitamins, conditioning extracts to smooth. Cleanser | 4.2 fl. oz. $15.50 12002 Toner | 6.7 fl. oz. $16.50 12006 Moisturizing Replenishing Cream SPF 15 | 1.7 fl. oz. $20 12010

calming DYNAMICS Sensismart Complex inside Calming DYNAMICS helps minimize redness. Soothes, calms irritated, sensitive skin to release your inner glow. Cleanser | 4.2 fl. oz. $15.50 12770 Toner | 6.7 fl. oz. $16.50 12007 Gentle Hydrating Day Cream SPF 15 | 1.7 fl. oz. $20 12011 Night Cream | 1.7 fl. oz. $22 12014

Night Cream | 1.7 fl. oz. $22 12013


Dry skin feels tight, especially after cleansing. It has a tendency towards fine wrinkles, flaking and red patches. With darker skin tones, it may appear ashy or dull. Hydration helps bring perfection. ··Apply JAFRA moisturizer immediately after washing to lock moisture. ··Use a JAFRA mask weekly to remove dead skin cells that can dull your complexion. ··In winter, when your skin becomes drier, switch to a richer moisturizer like JAFRA Ultra Nourishing Gold Moisturizer (see page 26). 16 |


Unmask the most beautiful you. Use Hydration/Calming DYNAMICS Mask treatment. See page 33 for details.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin tends to be thin, fragile with fine pores. It flushes easily, is prone to broken capillaries and can develop red areas. Calming it brings out its beauty. ··Rinse your skin thoroughly to remove any excess cleanser. ··Use a JAFRA moisturizer morning and night to help skin retain moisture so it resists drying and abrasion. ··Remove buildup of residue, dirt and oil on your skin with a weekly JAFRA mask treatment.

skin c a re : DYNAMI CS |



DYNAMICS Equalsmart Complex inside Balance DYNAMICS helps reduce oiliness.

Restores the balance of moisture, oil for a radiant glow. Cleanser | 4.2 fl. oz. $15.50 12001 Toner | 6.7 fl. oz. $16.50 12005 Lotion SPF 15 | 1.7 fl. oz. $20 12009 Night Cream | 1.7 fl. oz. $22 12012


DYNAMICS Controlsmart Complex inside Control DYNAMICS helps reduce oiliness and confronts acne.

Refreshes oily skin, promotes clarity, tones. Cleanser | 4.2 fl. oz. $15.50 12000 Toner | 6.7 fl. oz. $16.50 12004 Mattifying Lotion SPF 15 | 1.7 fl. oz. $20 12008 Night Cream | 1.7 fl. oz. $22 12012

BEAUTY ADVISOR Normal/Combination Skin

This skin type has medium pores, a smooth and even texture, healthy color, may tend toward dryness on the cheeks while being oily in the T-zone. With Balance comes beauty. ··As you cleanse, lightly massage your face to boost the supply of blood to skin’s surface, which will result in a rosier complexion. ··Dead skin cells and residual dirt in your oily areas can cause a rough, dull appearance. Use a JAFRA mask weekly for a glowing complexion. 18 |


It only takes a few minutes once a week to deep cleanse and slough off dead skin cells with Balance/Control DYNAMICS Mask. See page 33 for details.

Oily Skin

Oily skin can be shiny with enlarged pores, and is prone to blackheads and blemishes. You might experience some tightness. Take over and Control it. ··Wash your face twice a day to remove dirt and help prevent blemishes. ··Once a week, use a JAFRA mask to help deep clean your pores. ··Use JAFRA Clear Blemish Treatment and Clear Pore Clarifier for breakouts and to reduce excess oil (see page 33).

skin c a re : DYNAMI CS |



DYNAMICS One of the most dynamic aspects of skin care is the immersion of men into the game. They crave soft, unlined, sexy skin. To get it, men need JAFRA products that help create a perfectly handsome look. According to a Datamonitor Survey, up to 73% of US and European men say they spend time in front of the mirror. We knew it.


Looking younger isn’t just for women Because he spends time in front of the mirror, he cares about his skin. Whether his desire is to maintain the appearance of young skin or recover a more youthful look, JAFRA PRO is his partner for visibly younger, more responsive skin. JAFRA PRO partners for him: ··Even Tone to reduce any discolorations. ··Eye Transformer to reduce dark shadows.

Men DYNAMICS Triple Duty All-Over Wash pH balanced cleansing for hair, face, body. | 6.7 fl. oz. $16 13762

Double Duty Foaming Face Scrub

Cleanses, exfoliates, prepares skin for a kissably-close shave. | 4.2 fl. oz. $16 13763

Double Duty Face Protector SPF 15 with Intellishield® High performance moisturizer for his high performance life. Also a refreshing after shave. | 2.5 fl. oz. $19 13761

Men’s skin care tips Ditch that bar of soap Soap strips the skin of essential oils. If your man still uses soap on his face, switch it for a Double Duty Foaming Face Scrub. When he sees and feels the difference, he’ll thank you in more ways than one.

Shower him with love While showering, use warm water; hot baths remove natural oils from the skin and can leave it flaky and dry. Do not shower for more than 15 minutes; use a non-stripping body wash like Triple Duty All-Over Wash to help skin retain moisture.

Don’t forget the lips Men’s lips can get chapped and scaly. Not very kissable. Licking them only makes them worse. Protector Stick SPF 15 keeps lips soft, moisturized, protected. (see page 74).

Get HANDsome Who wants to shake rough, dry scaly hands or have them embrace you? Whether business or pleasure, his hands will stay presentable with JAFRA’s Hand Therapy Trio (see page 73).

··Dermal Line Filler to fill those smile lines for a smoother surface. 20 |

skin c a re : me n DYNAMI CS |


What’s so special

game, set

Specialty Treatment Set Only $45 with purchase of a Basic or Time DYNAMICS Set!

MATCH YOUR SKIN TYPE Your skin type may be set, but you can choose the perfect DYNAMICS set to match your needs, packaged together so you can save while saving your skin.

Still Time Addresses dehydrated, mature, environmentally damaged skin.


Includes Cleanser, Toner, Day Cream, Night Cream plus your choice of mask, a FREE eye cream and a FREE bag. Choose from: Calming DYNAMICS 12211 Hydration DYNAMICS 12210 Balance DYNAMICS 12209

SET PRICE: $87 Value: $115

SET PRICE: $45 Value up to $90 12214


Core Beauty

Control DYNAMICS 12207

Includes your choice of two: Intensive Line Corrector Elasticity Recovery Hydrogel + Firmiplex Complex Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate Intensive Retinol Capsules Skin Brightener + Neck Firming Gel

See page 56 for additional savings on JAFRA’s Kiss and Make Up Collection

Includes your choice of the following inside a FREE bag: DYNAMICS Cleanser DYNAMICS Toner Time Protector Daily Defense Cream or Facial Boosting Cream Time Corrector Night Time Firming Moisture or Facial Boosting Cream Mask FREE Eye Cream SET PRICE: $126 Value up to $163 12213


Includes all three men’s skin care products – plus a FREE travel bag with purchase. $50 14701

Receive a FREE bag with your Basic or Time DYNAMICS Set purchase! 22 |

skin c a re : se t s |



on TARGET Erase those lines Deep lines and wrinkles are really starting to annoy you. Don’t get mad, get even. As in smooth, even skin with virtually no signs of age with isolated solutions.

Turn up the glow Skin can be brighter and more luminous. It can be absolutely radiant, reversing time and clearing up acne.

Is there help for these problems? Yes. JAFRA Solutions.

B E A UTY A DVISOR In the glow Wash your face to unclog pores and dissolve dirt, makeup and remove excess oils. ··Remove eye makeup with JAFRA Makeup Remover for Eyes and Lips (see page 56).

Be firm Gravity. It keeps us grounded, pulls us down to earth whenever we start to rise. Rising is good if you can get your skin to reverse its sag. JAFRA solutions firm neck skin, contour the jawline, meet gravity head on. Positively ageless. 24 |

Taking care of your skin involves paying close attention to what your face needs and where.

··Wet your face with tepid, not hot, water.

Apply JAFRA eye gel or eye cream effectively.

··Massage JAFRA cleanser into skin using gentle, circular upward motions.

··Start with a small dot on one fingertip.

··Use a muslin cloth to ensure dirt and makeup are removed. ··Finish by splashing your face two or three times with cool water. ··Pat, don’t rub, dry.

Kick it up a notch

··Use a JAFRA mask of your choice, once or twice a week to ··Dot little spots of cream on the remove impurities and minimize the appearance of pore size. bone surrounding the eye until ··Use JAFRA’s Microdermabrasion you have a half moon shape. Kit for deeper pore cleansing ··Pat until product is absorbed. (see page 28). ··Don’t rub!

skin c a re : solut ions | 25



for the gold

Cooling Spritzer

Cool mist to condition, moisturize dry skin any time of day. | 4.2 fl. oz. $16 13668

Is there anything more precious than gold? We use it to enhance skin radiance, lock in moisture and deliver extreme hydration to mature skin that’s been exposed to harsh climate conditions.

Facial Boosting Cream SPF 15

Pro-endorphin complex boosts thinning skin, natural emollients help skin feel younger. Intellishield protects. | 1.7 fl. oz. $45 12024

Luxuriously intense. Narcissus tazetta bulb encourages dormant skin cells to hibernate and regenerate. Hyaluronic acid refines texture, lentil evens skin, vitamins B & C smooth. | 1 fl. oz. $53 15241

A JAFRA PRO partner Ultra Nourishing Gold Moisturizer

Multi-functional, age-defying complex helps moisturize while firming. Vitamins B & E condition, fight against free radicals. Intensely firming. | 1.7 fl. oz. $55 15240 See pages 34-35 to learn how Ultra Nourishing Gold products integrate with JAFRA PRO.

26 |

Goji berries, one of the most powerful antioxidants available, also provide glycopeptides that create an immediate and visible lifting effect. That’s the goji glow.

Cool off Keep vials in the refrigerator for an extra cooling sensation.

Gold mineral particles help diminish the visible signs of age and help skin glow.

A JAFRA PRO partner Ultra Nourishing Gold Gel

The Goji Glow

A JAFRA PRO partner Facial Boosting Mask with Goji Berry

Rehydrate, rejuvenate dry, stressed skin. Firms, lifts, smoothes away the appearance of fine lines, delivers radiance. | 4 treatment ampules, 0.33 fl. oz. each $29 15139

Time defiers: Time is on your side

39% of users noticed a difference after two months; 52% after four months. Time Protector Daily Defense Cream, SPF 15

Increases skin’s natural moisture production, improves moisture retention through exclusive lipid barrier complex. | 1.7 fl. oz. $43 12019

A JAFRA PRO partner Time Corrector Night Time Firming Moisture

Time Duo

$43 12020

Duo Price: $77 Retail Value: $86 12021

Moisturizes, softens, smoothes face, neck, décolleté. Firms, improves appearance of mature, environmentally damaged skin. Helps improve the appearance of deep wrinkles. | 1.7 fl. oz.

Turn back the clock with both Time Protector and Time Corrector.

skin c a re : solut ions | 27

RE nude

Vitamin C Peel Kit*

Like a chemical peel only more gentle. Softens fine lines, minimizes pore size, helps reduce skin damage. Natural clay refines, moisturizes. Kit includes vitamin C powder, lotion activator, bowl, spoon, spatula.

Get your glow on Polish, stimulate and rejuvenate your face with microdermabrasion, gentle exfoliation, and a kit that peels away the day. Your skin will feel as soft and smooth as the day you were born.

Goes from powder to foam

$44 12030 *Available while supplies last.

A JAFRA PRO partner Revitalizing Pearl Cleanser

Innovative, foaming, soap-free powder with crushed pearls to buff, calcium to strengthen, amino acids to exfoliate, brighten. | 3.5 oz.

Microdermabrasion Cream

With natural silica, crushed bamboo powder, jojoba butter beads. Sunflower and shea butter soothe, condition, reveal radiance. | 4.2 fl. oz.

$21 12068

$45 12590

A JAFRA PRO partner Microdermabrasion Kit

Contains cream, polishing tool, two brushes and AA batteries. Use to gently polish, stimulate cell turnover. Buffs away dead, dull surface cells, reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles. Reveals younger-looking, even-toned skin.

A JAFRA PRO partner JAFRA PRO Night Recovery Concentrate (page 9)

$67 12987

+ JAFRA moisturizer + Intensive Retinol Capsules applied after moisturization


= Night renewal

In the glow It’s easy to use the JAFRA microdermabrasion kit: ··Cleanse your face with your favorite DYNAMICS cleanser and rinse face with warm water.

··Be sure to not linger in one area for too long; move the cream around.

··Apply Microdermabrasion Cream to the brush of the polishing tool.

··After 5 – 10 minutes, rinse residual cream away with warm water.

Gentle Exfoliating Scrub

Tiny microspheres exfoliate skin, polishing face, minimizing potential breakouts. | 2.5 fl. oz. $17 12032

Intensive Retinol Capsules

Delivers the purest form of vitamin A, retinol, into skin to significantly reduce the look of lines, wrinkles, pore size. Patented time-release delivery goes directly where wrinkles develop. | 30 gel capsules $45 12031

··Gently massage cream onto damp or dry skin. 28 |

skin c a re : solut ions | 29



A JAFRA PRO partner Neck Firming Gel

eye dentify Optimeyes Eye Treatment

Restores, protects eye area, reducing visible lines, wrinkles, dark circles. Moisturizes, firms, fights free radical damage. | 0.5 fl. oz. $24 12038

One of the places women show age first is the neck. Lifts skin, minimizes wrinkles, conditions, moisturizes. Always follow with your favorite JAFRA moisturizer with SPF or SPF product. | 1.7 fl. oz.

Lifting Eye Cream

Wakes up tired eyes for a lifted, less fatigued appearance. Moisturizes, helps diminish puffiness. | 0.5 fl. oz. $24 13667

SPF 15 Daily Eye Treat +

Smoothes, conditions delicate eye area. Reduces the appearance of under eye puffiness, dark circles. Peptide complex minimizes lines, wrinkles. | 0.5 fl. oz.

$34 12029

Intensive Line Corrector

$24 14001

Decreases the look of forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines. Improves firmness for a younger appearance. Smoothes easily, binds, retains moisture. |1 fl. oz.

If you use one of these eye creams, you may want to try JAFRA PRO Eye Transformer (see page 9).

$45 12026

Elasticity Recovery Hydrogel + Firmiplex Complex Restores lost elasticity, resilience, firmness. Microcapsules dissolve instantly to enhance, strengthen. Active ingredients help skin recover lost youth, prevent the appearance of premature aging at any age. | 1 fl. oz. $42 14000

If you like JAFRA’s Intensive Line Corrector, you may also like JAFRA PRO Dermal Line Filler (see page 9).

bright & smart skin


If you like JAFRA’s Skin Brightener +, you may also like JAFRA PRO Even Tone (see page 9).

Skin Brightener +

Naturally brightens dull complexion, evening tone, creating luminous skin. With Brightensmart Complex. | 1 fl. oz. $39 15822

The difference a little time makes 30 |

Brightening Pen

Targets pigmentation spots. Precision skin lightening for face, décolleté, hands. With Brightensmart Complex. | 0.28 fl. oz. $24 15812

Brightensmart Complex combined with an Ayurvedic blend of naturally brightening licorice, phyllanthus emblica, winter cherry extracts creates a positive glow.

skin c a re : solut ions | 31



Stimulate your skin with the continuing energy of foam-burst microbubble technology. It works to reinvigorate tired, stressed, lackluster skin.

A JAFRA PRO partner Anti-Fatigue Gel Cream

Reduce signs of a tired face for a smooth, silky glow. Innovative delivery system combines two formulas for both immediate, long-term benefits. Dewy luxury. | 1 fl. oz.

A JAFRA PRO partner Malibu Miracle Mask

Natural exfoliants, moisturizers cleanse away surface impurities, remove dead skin cells. A true miracle of energetic proportions. | 1.7 fl. oz.

$45 14139

$17 12042

A JAFRA PRO partner Anti-Fatigue Energizing Mask

A JAFRA PRO partner Balance/Control Mask

$25 15138

$17 14739

Soothes epidermis to wake up tired skin. Helps decongest stress, irritation. Hydrates, refreshes, invigorates. Like a mini spa facial. | 3.3 fl. oz.

A JAFRA PRO partner Hydration/Calming Mask

Restores balance to dry, sensitive skin, moisturizing while minimizing redness, irritation. | 2.5 fl. oz. $17 14738

Relaxing, self-heating mask to purify, unclog, tighten pores. Controls surface oiliness, balances moisture. | 2.5 fl. oz.

Up to 91%


of users discovered softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.

rediscovered an overall improved skin appearance.

IN THE Invigorating Goes from a lotion to a foam for an invigorating sensation.

32 |


A JAFRA PRO partner Clear Blemish Treatment

A JAFRA PRO partner Clear Pore Clarifier

With Salicylic Acid to target acne. Clove, sage, lavender extracts provide antibacterial properties. Calms without drying. | 0.5 fl. oz.

Dual action formula penetrates pores to help eliminate current, prevent future blemishes. Controls redness, excess oil. | 1.7 fl. oz.

$13 12035

$18 12036

skin c a re : solut ions | 33


daily Step 1: CLEANSERS

Step 2: TONERS

select based on skin type

select based on skin type

Step 3: SOLUTIONS (Specialty Care) select based on skin care needs




Hydrating Cream Cleanser

Balancing Cleansing Gel

Oil Control Gel Cleanser

Gentle Cleansing Lotion

Revitalizing Pearl Cleanser

Hydrating Toner

Balancing Toner

Oil Control Purifying Toner

Gentle Soothing Toner

Clear Pore Clarifier

Clear Blemish Treatment



Royal Jelly Lift Ultra Nourishing Concentrate Gold Gel

Elasticity Recovery Hydrogel+ Firmiplex Complex



Dermal Line Filler


Intensive Line Corrector


Step 4: MOISTURIZERS (continued)

select your preferred day moisturizer with SPF

select your preferred night time moisturizer

Gentle Hydrating Day Cream

Face Lift SPF 20

Moisture Replenishing Cream

Balancing Lotion

Mattifying Lotion

Time Protector

Hydrating Night Cream

Gentle Hydrating Night Cream

Balancing Night Cream


Neck Firming Gel

Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced

Even Tone

Skin Brightening Brightener + Pen


Ultra Nourishing Gold Moisturizer

Time Corrector

Facial Boosting Cream SPF 15

Facial Cooling Spritzer

weekly Step 5: EYE CARE


select your preferred eye treatment





Microdermabrasion Kit

Eye Transformer

34 |

Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules

Optimeyes Eye Treatment

SPF 15 Daily Eye Treat +

Lifting Eye Cream

Night Recovery Concentrate Apply before moisturizer

Intensive Retinol Capsules Apply after moisturizer

Anti-Fatigue Gel Cream Apply last after moisturizing and before foundation or throughout the day over foundation

Vitamin C Peel Kit* Once a week or as needed *While supplies last.

Gentle Exfoliating Scrub Once or twice a week or as needed

Hydration Calming Mask Twice a week or as needed

Balance Control Mask Twice a week or as needed

Malibu Miracle Mask Twice a week or as needed

Anti-Fatigue Facial Boosting Mask* Energizing Mask Once a week or as needed Twice a week *Do not use toner after applying or as needed Facial Boosting Mask

For guidance and recommendations for your selections, please contact your Independent JAFRA Consultant.

skin c a re : solut ions | 35


JAFRA in the press!


JAFRA Color featured on, the Italian online edition of Vogue magazine and Vanidades magazine, leading Spanish-language women’s publication!

your world


Our world revolves in color. Fiery oranges, sassy reds, and then some. With makeup, we also live in color, revel in it and celebrate the absolutely amazing faces we can create every day.

Faces that have JAFRA color all over them. Indulge in jaw-dropping gorgeous color. Choose to make your beauty dream a reality. Go to

on eyes: Dream Powder Eyeshadow Trio On lips:

Shimmering Rose Full Coverage Lipstick

On cheeks: Perfect Glow Powder Blush

On eyes: Cappuccino Powder Eyeshadow Trio On lips: Pure Malt Full Coverage Lipstick On cheeks: Bronzed Rose Powder Blush

On eyes: Sienna Powder Eyeshadow Trio On lips: Cinnamon Full Coverage Lipstick

Shown: Cashmere Always Color Stay-on Makeup; Very Cherry Full Coverage Lipstick; Blue Jewels Eyeshadow Trio; Medium Dark Pressed Powder; Blushing Rose Blush; Velvet Nail Lacquer 36 |

On cheeks: Soft Pink Powder Blush

c olor | 37

Blue Jewels 15667


shadows JAFRA eyeshadows are glamorous, rich, and sexy. Formulated with triple-jet-milled powder for easy application, and a sheer, subtle flirt. You can also apply them wet, for an intense gaze. Perfect for blending. Long-lasting wear. Ophthalmologist-tested.

Aquamarine Blue Steel Sapphire

Trio Eyeshadow

Sienna 15655

Glides on smoothly, evenly, flawlessly. Vitamins E and C condition. Crease-proof, fade-resistant. Contact lens compatible. | 0.11 oz.

Blue Steel


Bazaar 15656

Sun & Sand 15663 Cream Glow Coral Gold

Golden Treasures 15657

Cappuccino 15661

Frosted Copper

Frosted Copper Sun and Sand 15663

Neutral Ground 15658

Cappuccino 15661 LattĂŠ Splendid 15664

Drama 15659

Mystic 15660

Cappuccino Espresso

Dream 15665

Drama 15659

Trio shown in compact: Mystic

Purple Passion 15666

White Platinum Onyx Platinum


38 |

Blue Jewels 15667

c olor | 39



B E A UTY A DVISOR Eyeliner is on! Draw his eyes to you

Pencil Sharpener

Sharpens all pencils for smooth, precise application. $2

Liquid Eyeliner


Brow Pencil

Defines, sculpts natural-looking brows with a powder-like finish. Precise. Beautiful. | 0.04 oz.

Automatic Eyeliner



Deep Brown 15724

Medium Brown 15725

Soft Brown 15726

Creates a thin sexy line or a thick dramatic look. Quick drying, automatic brush for smooth application close to lashes. | 0.14 fl. oz.

Waterproof, long-wearing no-smudge formula. Vitamins E and C condition, protect. Self-sharpening, retractable. | 0.01 oz. Deep Brown 15733

Jet Black 15734

Platinum 15735


Midnight Blue 15736

Black 15743 Dark Brown 15744

The smoky eye ··Hold upper lid taut; apply liner from the inside corner of the eye outward. The middle should be thicker than the edges. ··Use your ring finger to “smudge.” ··Use eyeshadow brush with a deep-hued shadow, apply over liner to set. ··Diffuse color from rich and dark near lashes to almost sheer at the crease.

The boldly dramatic eye ··Hold upper lid taut; apply liquid liner from the middle of the lid to the outside corner. ··Draw a second line from the inside corner to meet the first line.

Eye Pencil

Defines without tugging, running or fading. Contains vitamin E for smooth application, conditions. Long-wearing, smear-proof. | 0.04 oz. $10 Indigo 15727

Black 15730

Dark Brown 15728

Silver 15731

Espresso 15729

40 |

Liquid Eyeliner Inkwell

Precise, dramatic, easy. Allows for excellent control, dramatic looks. Quick drying. | 0.10 fl. oz.

··Make sure the outer edge of the line is thicker than the inside; for close-set eyes, avoid taking the line all the way to the inside corner.

$11.50 Onyx 15745 Coffee 15746

Charcoal 15732

c olor | 41



Bronze 15668

Soft Pink 15673

Soleil 15669

Tea Rose 15674

High Definition Mascara

Gel formula builds, conditions, lengthens, curls. Clump, smudge, flake-resistant. | 0.28 oz. $12 Blackest Black 15749

High Definition Waterproof Mascara

Dramatic definition, vitamin E-rich. Sweeps each lash to new lengths. Provides intense, true color. Removes easily. | 0.28 oz. $12 Blackest Black 15750 True Brown 15751

Volume Building Mascara

Builds longer, fuller, plumper lashes. Locks in curl, conditions with wheat protein, moisturizes with Provitamin B5. Flake-proof, smudge-proof. | 0.28 oz. $11 Black 15748

JAFRA blushes look natural, neutral and simply beautiful. Dermatologist-tested. Powder Blush

Lash Maximizing Mascara

Volumizes, lengthens, curls with patented cotton extract. Vitamins B5 and E hydrate, condition. Smudge, clump, flake-resistant. | 0.35 oz. $14 Black 15747

Blends perfectly, looks natural, feels fabulous. Silky, microfine jet-milled powders, apply with or without foundation. | 0.10 oz.

Terra Cotta 15670

Durazno 15671

Rose Dust 15675

Blushing Rose 15676

$14.50 Wine 15672

Perfect Glow 15677


Blackest Black

Bronzed Rose 15678

True Brown Color shown in compact: Tea Rose

JAFRA mascaras are clinically, allergy, irritancy, and ophthalmologist-tested. Contact lens compatible. 42 |


c olor | 43

more than lip service

B E A UTY A DVISOR Choose the right lip color for you Do you want full to medium coverage, or medium to sheer? Do you want brilliant shine, or a matte finish? Do you want short wear-time, or color that stays and stays? ··For full coverage with a velvety feel, brilliant shine, choose JAFRA Full Coverage Lipstick. It also minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

Lips can smile, pout, purse and kiss. It’s why luxurious, full coverage lipstick is so important. Intense, brilliant, velvety smooth; matte, pearl, or shimmering soft.

··For long wearing lip color that won’t smudge on teeth or clothing, choose JAFRA Always Color Stay-On Lipstick. ··For long wearing, stay true color, choose JAFRA Lip Tint/Lip Shine or Ultra Shine Lip Gloss. These moisturizing colors also kiss lips with brilliant shine.


Full Coverage Lipstick

Richly pigmented, long-lasting shine. Jojoba esters for full coverage application, silicone enhances wearability, avocado butter imparts creamy texture. Vitamin E fights free radicals, helps minimize the appearance of fine lines. | 0.15 oz. $15

44 |

Fantasia Pink 15599

English Rose 15615

Sweet Kiss 15621

Shimmering Rose 15622

Pure Ruby 15620

Heather 15610

Pure Jasmine Jasmine 15624 15609

Sparkling Ruby 15631

Very Berry 15596

Very Cherry 15625

Borgoña 15604



Wildberry 15623

Indian Coral 15601

Sun Coral 15626

Real Orange 15600

Desert Sun 15633

Bronze 15598

Pure Copper Brownie 15607 15594

Chocolate 15597

Rare Ruby 15606

Pure Blaze 15619

Amor 15602

Wild Flame 15632

Red Hot 15628

Solid Gold 15611

Cocoa 15612

Clove 15613

Cognac 15617

Black Cherry 15630

Sangria 15616

Terra Cotta 15603

Pure Wine 15618

Spiced Rum 15629

Chocolate Cream 15605

Red Wood 15627

Cinnamon 15614

Pure Malt 15608

c olor | 45

lip smacking good

B E A UTY A DVISOR Pucker up with shine Want more pout? Lip glosses and shines add the appearance of volume to your lips helping make them look fuller and drawing more attention to your face. Gives a youthful shimmer, too.

Always Color Stay-On Lipstick

Lasting lip colors won’t fade or bleed. Moisturizes for the perfect finish, brilliant shine. | 0.06 oz. $14

Sangria 15638

Lip Tint/Lip Shine

Yellow Lilies Woodberry 15636 15639

Pinkberry 15640

Mocha 15634

French Kiss Rouge 15635 15641

Delivers a double dose of beauty. Tint provides beautiful, lasting color. Shine keeps lips soft and moist with brilliant shine. Use them together, or alone for truly stunning lips. | 0.27 fl. oz.

Brandywine 15637

Tint with Color Lip Tint wears for hours, resists feathering, provides stay-true color.


Fiesta 15679

Innocence 15683

Bronzine 15680

Grenade 15684

Cocoa 15681

Rose Petal 15685

Neutral 15682

Ultrashine Lip Gloss

Moisturizes, soothes lips with apricot oil, chamomilia flower extract. Spherical beads provide smooth application. Glows brilliant, leaves lips smooth, soft. | 0.51 fl. oz. $11

46 |

Shine with Gloss Lip Shine alone, over Lip Tint or any lipstick for brilliant shine. Helps fight free radicals. Simple 15686

Shimmer 15687

Praline 15688

Rosy 15689

Sweet Lips 15691

Nude 15692

Rainbow 15693

c olor | 47

The line on lips

Nail Lacquer

Long-wearing, high-gloss. Chip, peel, fade-resistant. | 0.40 fl. oz. $8.50

Nut Pearl 15695

Pearl Pink 15696

Chianti 15701

Juicy Grape 15702

Pearl White 15697

Very Berry 15698

Moon White 15699

Sangria 15700

Automatic Lip Liners

Sweet Wish 15703

Pink Glaze 15704

Majestic Red 15705

Frosted Violet Raspberry 15706 15707


Chocolate Mousse 15709

Velvet 15710

Burgundy 15711

Mocha Cream 15795

Self-sharpening, long-lasting, featherresistant. These gorgeous colors are quick drying, precise. Waterproof, retractable, vibrant. | 0.01 oz.

Coffee 15737 Neutral 15738 Maroon 15739 Sienna 15740 Violet 15741 Fire Red 15742

B E A UTY A DVISOR Use a lip liner Define or even out your lip line. Fill in lips with liner color and blend it in for long-lasting hue and a strong base for lipstick, Lip Tint or Lip Shine. 48 |

Bronze 15694

Mystery 15708

B E A UTY A DVISOR Create the perfect in-home manicure and pedicure ··Remove old color with JAFRA Conditioning Lacquer Remover. ··Trim and file nails. Go square, go round. Whichever your preference. ··Soak in bowl of warm water for five minutes. ··Soften the cuticle with JAFRA Nail Treatment Oil. ··Push cuticles back so they don’t get in the way of lacquer. ··Exfoliate hands or feet. ··Moisturize and polish!

Base Coat

Top Coat

$8.50 15753

$8.50 15755

Nail Treatment Oil

Conditioning Lacquer Remover

Fills ridges, strengthens nails, promotes moisture. Toluene, Dibutyl Phalate free. | 0.40 fl. oz.

Replenishes moisture, strengthens nails. | 0.40 fl. oz. $8.50 15754

High shine finish, helps lacquer last longer. Prevents chipping, peeling. Toluene, Dibutyl Phalate free. | 0.40 fl. oz.

Removes existing polish, conditions dry nails. | 4 fl. oz. $5 15752

c olor | 49

As featured on PeopleEnEspañ, online edition of People En Español magazine!

Dark Imperfection Corrector

The perfect face begins with concealers, correctors and primers.


Imperfection Corrector

Blends easily, creates a flawless canvas for makeup, provides undetectable finish, seamless camouflage. | 0.32 oz.

A moisturizing concealer that corrects discoloration/hyperpigmentation. | 0.32 oz.

$20 15556

$20 15557

Yellow – Cancels dark circles

Medium – Use alone/blend to create a fair to medium shade. Perfect for golden/olive skin tones.

Green – Corrects redness Lilac – Neutralizes sallowness

Deep – Use alone/blend to create medium to deep shades. Perfect for richly pigmented skin tones. Neutralizer – Use alone to cancel out blue and correct discoloration; or blend.


Cream Concealer

Cosmetically diminishes dark circles, imperfections, spots. Adds moisture, provides sheer coverage, a matte finish. | 0.15 oz.

Makeup Primer

Helps fill in fine lines, minimizes pore appearance. Makeup application will go on smooth. Vitamin E antioxidants. | 1 fl. oz.


$17 15757 Light 15584

Medium 15583

Deep 15585

50 |

White Soufflé Highlighter

Conceals shadows, emphasizes eye makeup. Provides sheer coverage, adds moisture, brightens eyes. | 0.5 fl. oz. $12 15756

Eye Primer

Smoothes, refines lids, creates the perfect canvas for eyeshadow powder. Helps color stay on longer. | 0.27 oz. $13 15758

c olor | 51


Skin Defense SPF 15

Apply foundation like a professional

Liquid, sheer coverage makeup with light reflecting pigments, anti-aging complex. Firms, helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles. Contains skin shield technology to protect against sun damage, environmental pollution. | 1 fl. oz. $20

It’s easy: test two or three foundations at your jaw-line and blend. The color that seems to disappear is the perfect match. Try Always Color Stay-On Makeup SPF 15 with a diverse shade range.

Pure Porcelain 15592

Two-in-One Powder Makeup SPF 15

Works like a foundation, goes on like a powder. Provides sheer to medium coverage, evens skin tone. Protects against environmental damage. Light reflecting for flawless appearance. | 0.42 oz.

Natural 15578

Vanilla 15576

Beige 15577

Pure Ivory 15586

Pure Cashmere 15593



Cream 15574

Pure Bisque Pure Crème Pure Pure Tan 15587 15588 Champagne 15590 15589

Golden 15575

Oil-Controlling Makeup SPF 15

Provides flawless, shine-free coverage. Contains witch hazel, cucumber extract, aloe leaf extract. Helps provide smooth, even application. | 1 fl. oz. $17

Always Color Stay-On Makeup SPF 10

Blends evenly, sets quickly, looks fresh all day. Protects against the signs of premature aging. | 1 fl. oz.

Natural Tan 15539

Ivory 15540

Bisque 15541

Barely Beige Shell Beige Sunny Beige 15542 15543 15544


Moisturizing Makeup SPF 15

52 |

Porcelain 15523

Desert Beige 15524

Bisque 15533

Sandy Beige 15532

Quiet Rose Soft Ivory 15531 15529

Toffee 15536

Cocoa 15538

Cafe Mocha 15537

Cashmere 15528

Ivory 15527

Golden Tan Warm 15526 Ginger 15802

Simply Beige 15534

Natural Tan 15525

Café Au Lait Toast 15803 15530

Moisturizes, helps hydrate drier skin, provides radiance. Contains flower extract, algae extract, jojoba seed oil. Helps fight free radicals, premature aging. | 1 fl. oz. $17

Natural Tan 15545

Ivory 15546

Bisque 15548

Barely Beige Shell Beige Sunny Beige 15551 15554 15555

Cashmere 15547

Rose 15549

Sand 15550

Almond 15552

Desert 15553

c olor | 53

the powder room Just a dusting of shine-free coverage functions as both a foundation to conceal and a powder to release inner beauty.

Translucent Face Powder

Micro-fine loose powder diffuses light, minimizes the look of fine lines, wrinkles. Natural finish glides on easy, lasts all day. | 0.74 oz. $16.50

Light Medium 15559

Medium 15558

Rich Tan 15560

Golden Brown 15561

Natural Beige 15562

B E A UTY A DVISOR Powder Perfect Use Translucent Face Powder to set foundation or to create a matte effect and naturally flawless looking skin. Apply yellow-based powders under the eye and in the T-zone to brighten overall complexion. Use brown shades to blot shine or as a contour powder under the cheekbones.

Mineral Makeup with Brush

With your choice of Mineral Makeup shade.


$29 15800

Evens skin tone with exquisite coverage.

Terracotta Mineral Makeup Bronzer*

Deepens your mineral makeup for a bronze look. | 0.23 oz. True Ivory 15566

True Cameo 15565

True Natural 15564

True Beige 15563

$20 15804

True Golden 15567

*While supplies last.

Mineral Makeup SPF 15

Serves as a foundation/powder in one. Gives lightweight, flawless, light to medium coverage. Contains absorbing powders to control shine, light reflecting pigments minimize the appearance of lines. | 0.23 oz. $20

54 |

Pressed Powder True Teakwood True Tan 15569 15568

Micro-fine pressed powder diffuses light, minimizes the look of fine lines, wrinkles. Provides smooth, silky application, a natural finish. Vitamins C and E fight free radicals. | 0.3 oz.

True Caramel True Coffee 15806 15807 Translucent 15582

Light Medium 15581

Medium 15580

Medium Dark 15579


c olor | 55

get ready, get set

Makeup Remover for Eyes and Lips

Infused with soothing cucumber extract and conditioning macadamia nut oil. For all skin types. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, too. | 4.2 fl. oz. $12.50 12045

When you’re looking for the perfect way to make up, look no further than these color collections. Kiss and Makeup Collection

Eyeshadow, powder blush, lipstick, mascara, face powder, foundation, lip or eye pencil, makeup remover. Your choice of color. SET PRICE: $89 Value up to $120 15768

Save an additional $10 with purchase of a Basic or Time DYNAMICS Set! 15769

Brush up

Everything needed to look like you just left the makeup stylist’s chair! Includes these brushes, shown left to right: Grooming Brow, Shading, Blending, Foundation, Blush, Powder. Includes carrying case. $36 16907

(See page 22)

So Polished

Like a spa for your nails. Includes base coat, top coat, nail treatment oil, conditioning lacquer remover, choice of two nail lacquer colors. SET PRICE: $37.50 Retail Value: $47.50 15796

Shown: Real Orange Lipstick, Translucent Pressed Powder, Soleil Powder Blush, Drama Eyeshadow Trio, Ivory Foundation 56 |

Shown: Sweet Wish, left; Frosted Violet, right

c olor | 57





Gardenia Blossom eau de parfum

Vesen eau de toilette

Inégale eau de parfum

Simple. Stunning. Sparkling and elegant with velvety scents of rapturous gardenia. Walk into the room, turn heads. | 1.7 fl. oz.

How do you love…Bergamot, peach, jasmine, rose, orange blossom, musk, patchouli notes embrace you. Carefree, sweet. In love. | 1.7 fl. oz.

$35 11280

$36 9289

$43 8968

Travel to places. Unequaled in warmth, unequaled in the exotic. Unequaled in the appeal of peach, vanilla, wood, musk. Sleek, curvaceous. You. | 1.7 fl. oz.



le moiré eau de parfum

Adorisse eau de parfum

What’s alluring. In white florals, sandalwood, white moss, cedar. Sensual. Scent-sational. | 1.7 fl. oz. $43 2057

Touch me in the morning. With a lasting sense of warm, rich flora. Contemporary sensuality. Full of life, love. | 1.7 fl. oz. $40 128


Chemistry Can a fragrance make you fall in love? We think so. It engages and creates expectation. And it feels so good. Maybe it is love.

58 |

fr a gr a nc e |




Eau d’ Arômes revitalizing fragrance spray

Navîgo Femme eau de toilette

Mist yourself in flowers. Inviting with citrus notes. A breath of fresh air. | 3.3 fl. oz.

Soft touch. Lushly feminine. With Mexican orchids, bergamot, winter mandarin, pears, a touch of the Mediterranean. Hints of magnolia. | 1.7 fl. oz.

$28 12253

$33 6983


Here to stay

Reflections eau de toilette

Steel Bouquet eau de parfum*

See yourself glow. A clean, vibrant combination of fresh citrus, florals. | 1.7 fl. oz.

Smart, simple, elegant, iconic. Confident yet humble. Strong. A celebration, a reflection of you. | 1.7 fl. oz.

$33 2897

$55 16299 *Available July 2012

B E A UTY A DVISOR Fragrances that fit every mood

Wear a scent that reflects your mood, and it will actually intensify your mood, too. Change your fragrances: light and easy for day, sexy and sensual for the evening. 60 |

fr a gr a nc e |



fragrance The fastest way to a woman’s heart may be through her senses.



Navîgo Homme eau de toilette

Victus eau de toilette

J-Sport eau de toilette

True masculine power. Sensual bergamot, cardamon, lemon, lavender. Elegant jasmine, violet blend with amber cedarwood, patchouli, musk, oakmoss. | 3.3 fl. oz.

Strong, silent. Zesty. Fresh lemon, thyme, tangerine, hint of bergamot, lavender, fresh basil, amber, musk. | 3.3 fl. oz.

He’s spicy. Tarragon, thyme, lemon, lavender mix with adventure. Woody base of musk, patchouli, sandalwood. | 3.3 fl. oz.

$34 5546

$37 6985

$34 8026

Victus stick deodorant | 2 oz.

Navîgo Homme stick deodorant | 2 oz.

J-sport stick deodorant | 2 oz.

$9.50 8434

$9.50 9183

$9.50 9184





Xenium eau de parfum

Vaslui eau de toilette

Valferra eau de toilette

Epic eau de cologne

$37 8964

$37 9919

$37 11740

Xenium stick deodorant | 2 oz.

Vaslui stick deodorant | 2 oz.

$9.50 9465

$9.50 11773

Go into the woods. Modern citrus, wet rock, deep wood musk, metal for a crisp, clean scent. | 3.3 fl. oz.

62 |


If a tree falls…intense woods, mandarin, red apple, absinthe, geranium, spicy cinnamon. For the sensual man. | 3.3 fl. oz.

Wood you like? Fresh citrus, tobacco, grassy greens, cognac, spicy nutmeg, red pepper combine for the ruggedly sophisticated man. | 3.3 fl. oz.

A vast expanse. Sexy, vibrant citrus, lavender, black pepper, mint, patchouli, white musk. | 3.3 fl. oz. $29 2844 Epic stick deodorant | 2 oz. $9.50 8443

fr a gr a nc e |




Legend eau de toilette

FM Force magnĂŠtique eau de toilette

In his own mind. Rich, warm oriental, fresh citrus, amber, woods, spice. | 3.3 fl. oz.

Simply irresistible. Cedar, white musk with sensual lavender, juniper, enticing citrus, ginger. Turn it on. | 3.3 fl. oz.

$34 2062

$34 1222

Legend stick deodorant | 2 oz.

FM stick deodorant | 2 oz.

$9.50 8394

$9.50 8435

Warrior Yitsu eau de toilette

Modern samurai. Japanese bamboo, tea flower, black pepper blend with mint, woods, citrus combine for the traditional man. | 3.3 fl. oz. $34 11283




JF9 Black cologne

JF9 Red cologne

JF9 cologne

$29 6566

$29 2060

JF9 Black stick deodorant | 2 oz.

JF9 Red stick deodorant | 2 oz.

$9.50 8442

$9.50 8433

Romantic, charismatic, alluring with a touch of the orient. | 3.3 fl. oz.

64 |

Adventures in citrus, masculine woodsy blend. | 3.3 fl. oz.

Mysterious, contemporary, sophisticated. Woods, spices, aromatic greens. | 3.3 fl. oz. $29 1649 JF9 stick deodorant | 2 oz. $9.50 8432

fr a gr a nc e |



Your JAFRA spa experience blends aromatherapy, exotic salts, rubs, treatments and creams for head-totoe relaxation.

Soothing Mineral Bath Salts

Purifying ocean minerals detoxify skin, soothe tired muscles, calm the body. Ginger, eucalyptus add tranquility. Also a sensual foot soak. | 17.63 oz. $28.50 5012

Mud Mask

Deep cleans face and body, unclogs pores, removes excess oils, impurities, dead skin cells. Mud, Ayurvedic plant extracts provide moisturizing, skin brightening benefits. Skin is smooth, luminous. Includes vitamin E to restore suppleness. | 8.8 oz. $31 11940

Scalp Massage and Hair Treatment

Massaging the scalp relaxes the body, increases microcirculation to nourish, improve follicle health. Releases tension, stimulates the senses, restores balance. Leaves hair soft, moisturized. | 7 oz. $21.50 6890

Ginger and Sea Salt Body Rub

Exfoliates and smoothes, releasing tension, rejuvenating spirits. Invigorates body skin, banishes dull, pore-clogging surface, leaves skin velvety. Includes vitamin E, marine extracts. | 10.58 oz. $28.50 5013

B E A UTY A DVISOR Take time... ...for yourself. Draw a bath, light some candles and play some gentle music. A spa can be like mud pies for adults. 66 |

spa |





Today, I decided, is going to be different eau aromatique

Ginger and Seaweed Body Massage Cream

Light waterlily, cattleya orchids, crisp notes of orange, pineapple. Limitless possibilities. | 3.3 fl. oz.

Conditions all over while improving moisture content. Soothes, smoothes, leaves skin silky. | 8.4 fl. oz.

$24 6077

$23.50 11267

I breathe, I love, I live, I dream eau aromatique

Ginger and Seaweed Bath and Shower Gel

Sensual musk, Chinese daphne, Egyptian jasmine, top notes of tropical bamboo, white hyacinth, blooming honeysuckle. | 3.3 fl. oz.

Cleanses, moisturizes, nurtures your body. Extrasensory aromatherapy benefits wrap you in renewed skin. | 8.4 fl. oz.

$24 6078

$19.50 11269

Buy your Spa Set and save! Includes: Ginger and Sea Salt Body Rub | 10.58 oz. Scalp Massage and Hair Treatment | 7 oz. Mud Mask | 8.8 oz.

Detox Shampoo

Removes residue from styling products, the environment. Leaves hair exceptionally clean, improves manageability, energizes scalp, helps color retention. | 8.8 fl. oz. $18.50 14809

Plus your choice of Spa Fragrance: Today, I decided, is going to be different | 3.3 fl. oz. or I breathe, I love, I live, I dream | 3.3 fl. oz. SET PRICE: $82 Regular Price: $105 11345

Save an additional $8 when purchased with a Basic or Time DYNAMICS Set! $74 12313

Split-End Repair Capsules Reverse logic, repair hair, prevent split ends. Transforms dry, frizzy, chemically treated hair into silky tresses. | 20 capsules $14.50 12794

B E A UTY A DVISOR Relax your cares away Make scents One of the most popular ways to relieve stress is through fragrances formulated for a tranquil spa environment. You can clear your head and make your skin feel even better, just because of the experience. Ginger is aromatic, invigorating and is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. Seaweed does wonders for the skin, working to draw toxins to the surface. 68 |

spa |



JAFRA Royal Body cares for you with three systems, each containing focused ingredients in a body wash, lotion and rich body oil to leave skin silky, hydrated and lightly scented. Royal Rose

A lush hint of fragrance betrays the power to help dry, sensitive skin. Bath & Shower Gel | 6.7 fl. oz. $16.50 13167 Body Lotion | 8.4 fl. oz. $21.50 13166 Body Oil | 8.4 fl. oz. $21.50 15063

Royal Almond

Soft, slightly roasted nutty scent bathes skin in silky smoothness.

Royal Ginger

Spicy and rich, ginger is the yang to skin’s yin, helping soothe redness. Body Oil | 8.4 fl. oz. $21.50 15062 Body Lotion | 8.4 fl. oz. $21.50 13163 Bath & Shower Gel | 6.7 fl. oz. $16.50 13164

70 |

Exfoliating Body Scrub | 6.7 fl. oz. $16.50 14700 Bath & Shower Gel | 6.7 fl. oz. $16.50 13160 Body Lotion | 8.4 fl. oz. $21.50 13159 Body Oil | 8.4 fl. oz. $21.50 14730

body c a re | 71

foot Care

hand Care

Peppermint Foot Scrub

Cleanses, exfoliates away dead skin, smoothes rough, dry edges. Wakes up tired feet. | 4.2 fl. oz. $13.50 15237

Peppermint Foot Balm

Softens even the roughest skin. Refreshes, relieves dry feet, calves. | 8.4 fl. oz. $16.50 15236

Peppermint Foot Powder

Revitalizes, absorbs moisture, helps prevent odor with antibacterial benefits. Keeps feet cool, comfortable. | 3.5 oz. $13.50 15238

Intensive Heel & Foot Repair

Restores moisture, heals cracked heels, protects feet. Natural extracts shea and cocoa butter soothe, lemon extract delivers natural antibacterial properties, vitamins improve appearance. | 3.89 fl. oz. $18.50 14902

Intensive Callus Remover

Breaks down calluses, softens rough areas, dramatically soothes, minimizes skin discomfort with chamomile, cucumber extracts. Anti-inflammatory. | 4.2 fl. oz. $16.50 14903

Your hands and feet are important, not just for their ability to grasp items and keep you mobile, but also for the role they play on your beautiful body.

Day Therapy SPF 15 Hand Cream

Moisturizes, protects against environmental aggressors. Vitamins E and B nourish, soothe. Chamomile, mulberry, honeysuckle extracts help reduce the appearance of sun spots. | 2.5 fl. oz. $14.50 13282

Hand Scrub

Removes dead skin cells, prepares hands for maximum moisture. | 2.5 fl. oz. $14.50 13284

Night Therapy

Provides intense nourishment while you sleep. Shea, cocoa, red mango seed butters, antioxidants help hydrate, revitalize hands and cuticles. | 2.5 fl. oz. $14.50 13283

72 |

body c a re | 73

body SPECIALTY Body Toning Cream

Tones, smoothes for a supple, sleeker body shape. Enzyme technology helps improve all-over firmness. | 6.7 fl. oz. $26.50 14644

Intensive Cellulite Concentrate

Advanced G-protein technology, caffeine, active botanicals help firm, tone, reduce the surface appearance of cellulite, sponginess. For hips, thighs, buttocks. | 5 fl. oz. $28.50 14397

Stretch Mark Corrector

Improves smoothness. Tamanu fruit extracts help stimulate collagen synthesis, rose hips oil reduces the appearance of scars. | 2.5 fl. oz. $23.50 14646

Body Shaping Gel

Firms, contours, minimizes the appearance of sagging skin. Shapes abdomen, waist. Helps redefine hips, thighs. | 6.7 fl. oz. $27.50 14396

Bust Firming Serum

Helps revitalize, firm, tone the delicate bust, décolleté. Kigelline, Provitamin B5 improves appearance, infuses moisture. | 1.7 fl. oz. $23.50 14645


sational Face Protector SPF 40 Cream formula protects, moisturizes. | 1.7 fl. oz. $12.50 12804

Sprays on even coverage from head to toe. | 4.2 fl. oz.

Sunblock Cream SPF 30

$15.50 12805

Keeps skin soft, smooth, protected all over. | 4.2 fl. oz.

Protector Stick SPF 15

$13.50 15112

Keeps lips soft, moist, protected. | 0.14 oz.

After Sun Moisturizing Lotion

$8.50 16047

Replenishes lost moisture. | 8.4 fl. oz. $13.50 12803

74 |

Suncare Spray for Face & Body SPF 35

B E A UTY A DVISOR Keep your beautiful skin protected For everyday incidental exposure to the sun, SPF 15 is fine. If you’re sitting out or playing under the sun, use at least an SPF 30.

body c a re | 75

modern family 76 |

family time

Caring for our yourfamily familyisisone oneofof our most primal needs. Today’s modern JAFRA family needs specialized care that can be used on everyone, from Mom and Dad to kids.

Cactus Extract

Extra Care Body Balm

Smoothes, softens rough, dry elbows, heels, knees, lips. | 0.5 oz. $11.50 12806

Aquatique Deodorant Stick for Men Light scent, non-sticky, non-whitening. | 2 oz.

There’s a reason a cactus survives in the desert with a dry climate that goes months without rain. Acting like a succulent, it absorbs water, keeping moisture and nutrients inside for enriched hydration.

$9 8699

Powder Fresh Antiperspirant Roll-on for Women Fights odor, perspiration. Dries fast. | 2 oz.

Family Care Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gel Provides a refreshing experience with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. With cactus extract. | 8.4 fl. oz. $13 12941

$9 10543

Family Care Moisturizing Body Lotion Soothes, moisturizes with cactus extract. | 8.4 fl. oz. $15 12942

Precious Protein Body Oil

Floral Mist Antiperspirant Roll-on for Women

Protein-enriched oils leave skin soft, touchable. | 8.4 fl. oz.

Fast drying, gentle, non-sticky. Light scent. | 2 oz.

$21 12807

$9 9111

mod er n fa mily |


for your

tender moments

Regular scent and Lavender & Chamomile for soothing comfort and loving care. Pediatrician-tested. Mom approved. Bottom Balm

Protects delicate skin with zinc oxide, soothes with natural shea butter, oak extract, moisturizes with aloe vera, Provitamin B5. Seals out wetness, germs. | 1.7 fl. oz. $11.50 Regular 6988

Hair and Body Wash

Tear-free, gentle 2-in-1 lather rinses clean without drying. Leaves skin soft, silky-smooth, moisturizes with natural ingredients, vitamin E. | 8.4 fl. oz. $12.50 Regular 4758

Lavender & Chamomile 14705

Massage Cream

Block SPF 45

Full-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Moisturizes, smoothes skin. Water-resistant, no-sting formula. | 1.7 fl. oz. $11.50 Regular 8177

Calms, softens, soothes, moisturizes. Helps protect against dryness, irritation. | 8.8 fl. oz. $17.50 Regular 15412 Lavender & Chamomile 15414

Bath and Body Oil

Gentle, mild, moisturizing. A few drops in baby’s bath keeps baby soft. | 8.4 fl. oz.

Baby Powder

Soothes, protects, keeps baby fresh, dry. Automatically releases natural anti-irritant; cornstarch base. | 3.5 oz.

$12.50 Regular 4759 Lavender & Chamomile 14706

$11.50 Regular 4838


Soothing, clean baby powder scent. Alcohol free. For babies 6 months or older. | 3.3 fl. oz. $18.50 Regular 5548 Lavender & Chamomile 14707

The Tender Moments Baby Set

Includes: Bath and Body Oil | 8.4 fl. oz. Hair and Body Wash | 8.4 fl. oz. Massage Cream | 8.8 fl. oz. Bottom Balm | 1.7 fl. oz. Baby Powder | 3.5 oz. Cologne | 3.3 fl. oz. SET PRICE: $65 Retail Value: $84 15413

Tender Moments Mommy Belly Therapy Cream

Helps prevent, minimize the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy with oligopeptide complex, green bean extract. Vitamins B & E condition, improve moisturization. Natural lavender oil calms. | 4.2 fl. oz. $25.50 13669 78 |

The Lavender & Chamomile Collection

Includes: Bath and Body Oil | 8.4 fl. oz. Massage Cream | 8.8 fl. oz. Hair and Body Wash | 8.4 fl. oz. Cologne | 3.3 fl. oz. SET PRICE: $48 Retail Value: $61 14784

On the mark Our clinical studies have indicated a reduction in the appearance of stretch marks in just 56 days.

mod e r n fam il y |


tender moments


Tender Moments 1-2-4 Hair Detangler

Untangles, conditions, leaves hair soft, smooth. | 8.4 fl. oz. $8.50 9292

Tender Moments 1-2-4 Toddler Cologne Light, fresh, playful. Alcohol-free, the essence of innocence. For kids 1 to 4. | 3.3 fl. oz. $18.50 8010

Tender Moments 1-2-4 Toddler Shampoo No-suds, no-tears, all fun. Conditions with wheat protein, cleanses gently. | 4.2 fl. oz.

create tender moments

with royal jelly Beeutiful

Toddlers need good, clean fun that wraps them up royally. Beeutiful Tender Moments contains the same royal jelly JAFRA includes in our signature products. Harvested from queen bees, it’s rich in proteins, lipids, vitamins A, B-complex, C, D and E, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Create Beeutiful Tender Moments with your kids. For ages 1+. Body Lotion with Royal Jelly | 4.2 fl. oz. $17 16273 Bump Gel with Royal Jelly | 1.7 fl. oz. $12 16274

80 |

Cologne | 3.3 fl. oz. $21 16275 Bath Wash with Royal Jelly | 8.4 fl. oz. $14 16276

$8.50 9438 A little tip: A few drops of Cologne in the Shampoo can make the experience even more fun.

The scent of

boys & girls Skid eau de toilette for Boys

Oh, boy. Cool amber musk, woods, spices for the budding young man. | 1.7 fl. oz. $19 11286

Coreta Heart

Totally fun, totally fresh. Zesty fruits, bold florals. For the girl who’s all heart. | 1.7 fl. oz. $19 12250

Coreta Fragrance for Girls

You glow, girl. With musky sandalwood, amber base notes. Sweet, light. | 1.7 fl. oz. $19 8886

mode r n fa mily |


You smell


Double Nature Crazy eau de toilette

Pineapple, lilies, raspberry, apricot, jasmine scents for your crazy moods. | 1.7 fl. oz. $19 9485

Double Nature Cool eau de toilette Apricot, guava, violets, amber, heliotrope, musk notes for the cool girl. | 1.7 fl. oz. $19 8973

Mattifying Tonic

Mix it up, shake your groove thing. Tones, helps minimize the appearance of pore size, mattes skin. | 6.7 fl. oz. $9.50 9613

in your


Clear Complexion Clarifying Mask

Play with clay. Improves skin clarity, absorbs excess oils, minimizes appearance of pores. Salicylic acid helps exfoliate surface skin, prevents clogging. Draws impurities to the surface. | 1.7 fl. oz. $8 10020

Foaming Cleanser

Washes away makeup, eliminates impurities, improves skin texture. Salicylic acid enhances cell turnover, helps unclog pores, prevents blackheads. Mattes oil. | 4.5 fl. oz. $9.50 9612

Mattifying Hydrator

Teen Skin Care targets teenage skin, eliminating shine, preventing blemishes and breakouts, providing hydration. There’s clear skin ahead.

Even oily skin needs hydration. Absorbs quickly for a matte effect. | 1.7 fl. oz. $11.50 9614

Exfoliating Gel

Jojoba beads remove dead surface cells, impurities. Smoothes texture, reveals smooth, glowing skin. With salicylic acid. | 1.7 fl. oz. $8 10019

82 |

mode r n fa mily |


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