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ThreePortrai tSessi ons ofBaby’sFi rstYear anda10x20BabyPanel


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ANNUALFALLSPECIAL SessionFeeand 1-11x14


OCTOBER30th-NOVEMBER6th 20appoi nt ment savai l abl e


Haveyourfami l yphotographedwhi l etheyaretogetherforthehol i days, andmosti mportantl y,togetherforahappyoccassi on. Li fecanchangei nani nstant!

ThePERFECTOpportunityForA FamilyPortrait Speci alSessi onFees: I fschedul edbef or eNovember1st


STUDI O $75. 00 LOCATI ON$150.




$59. 95!

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* cat s,bi r ds,f r ogs,t ur t l eswel come. . . pl ease,nosnakes!


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Nobodycanfullyunderstandthemeaningofloveunless he’sownedadog.Adogcanshowyoumorehonest affectionwithaflickofhistailthanamancan gatherthroughalifetimeofhandshakes. GeneHill-TheDogMan

PUBLI CI TYPORTRAI TS GoodWednesdaysBeforeNoon Fri daysafter3PM,byappoi ntment

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NOW i sthePERFECTti metoupdateyourprofessi onalbusi nessportrai t.

DETAI LS: Pr i cei ncl udes:Yourchoi ceofoneposef r om asel ect i onof1020i mages. Onl i nepr oof savai l abl e2448hour saf t eryoursessi on.Fi ni shedi mage( s) del i ver edvi aemai l ,wi l lbeupl oadedt oyou2448hour saf t eryoumake yoursel ect i on.Ret ouchi ngandacopyr i ghtr el easei si ncl udedf oradver t i si ng, publ i ci t y,websi t eandpubl i cr el at i onpur poses,et c.Addi t i onali magesf r om t hesamesessi onar e$50each.Paymentmustbemadeatsessi on.





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