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Holiday Maker Tips by Jafeti

The holiday season is finally over and now is the best time for you to start planning your next vacation. Recent studies show that less people are choosing to travel to holiday destinations during the annual holiday seasons like, summer school holidays, the Christmas and New Year holidays. This is mainly because of the hassle normally associated with travelling to and from holiday destinations and the pricing of such travel as well as accommodation during such time periods. Most people choose to set their holiday or vacation periods during the least busy or off peak seasons. Below are some tips to know what to look out for when planning your next holiday or vacation for 2017: • New hotels will book rooms for up to fifty percent cheaper than they will once fully established • Try out a villa instead of a hotel outside the summer school holiday, this could result in larger properties at discounted rates • Try signing up for email newsletter from your favorite travel brands, these will let you know when there are special offers, additional discounts, seat sales and other offers available • Late or early summer packages are the cheapest and are often fifty percent less priced than during summer school holidays • Be warned: ‘do not travel in the first weeks of the summer school holidays, as they are the busiest and most expensive periods for both hotels and flight fares.’

• Take advantage of early booking offers, these would normally read for example, ‘book by 31 January’; going for such offers can save you a few hundred dollars and the only thing you will need to do is commit to a deposit at the time of the booking. Thereafter, the final balance will be due ten to twelve weeks before you travel • Be sure to change your currency at the bank either before leaving your country or in the country you are visiting, doing this could get you a better exchange rate • Be sure to check for any fees your bank might charge for you using your debit card abroad and be sure that using the debit is cost effective • Take the cost of key items such as food and drink into consideration; this is because the cost of eating out, shopping and other activities make a big difference to your holiday and spending money. Budget for such items by giving leeway of a few extra dollars If you are looking for discount hotel accommodation and flights, shop around for websites that provide comparisons on discounted accommodation and flights. Also be flexible on dates and times of travel and stay so as to the best available discounted pricing.

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Holiday Maker Tips by Jafeti