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Choosing to study illustration in Bournemouth. Beautiful Bournemouth, oh I do like to be beside the seaside. The art community seems large here, with many unique and quirky cafes, vintage shops and arts festival on the beach. To be in a place with other creative open-minded people and getting to see not only myself grow but also other student’s grow- proud and thankful. I have suffered some hard lessons. I have come to terms with who I am, as a person and illustrator. Illustration does not offer any contract stability but filled with its possibilities. If there are no jobs out there for me- I will just have to make one.

Illustration defines who I am, and how I see the world. I enjoy drawing and it express’s my ideas, and though this I have built up my drawing style. Children’s books is where it all started, and seeing these drawings and how it has helped my to learn and go into a new world the artist has created (and writer) encourages me to want to do the same. I think of it as translating words into visuals. I am not 1005 sure if children’s book illustrator is what I wan to be, but I do want to help children that were like me to get into reading, and to help fuel there imagination. I do not want to railroad myself with stating if I’m a 2d or 3d artist. During Uni I have experimented in both using a variety of different materials. I know that I will carry on, using different materials until one is more popular. I have during my final tear of Uni developed a style of drawing, which I feel is my illustrator’s style and that it’s the one I will use in 2D or 3D.

I have struggled from the start. Trying to find out who I am as a person and an illustrator is a hard thing. I have always enjoyed drawing and being a storyteller, I feel like that’s how I express myself, but it wasn’t easy. I started to lose my passion and at a point I wasn’t sure if that was what I wanted. On top of that, BAM, I found out I was dislecsic dyslexic, which makes total sense. Being dyslexic is like having a room full of people and they are all trying to leave the room at the same time thought the one door. The room is my mind and the people are my thoughts. I have to learn to take one idea at a time, other wise I just melt down. Doing this course has put me in a situation that I have struggled with, but instead of quitting, I over come it. Maybe I could of done better work, but after my struggle, I am proud of what I have achieved, and that though my struggles I have become a better illustrator.

Having a workshop with Haley Potter, I wrote a short paragraph about myself. The aim of this was to make me stand out from the crowd. I added some fun, interesting facts on myself that should be rememberable for potential clients.

British illustrator Jade (McFarland) Diamond (b. 1992) graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2014 and now lives in London. Influenced by the scary things that lie under children’s beds, Jade’s work is a fusion of the imagined and the observed. Missing a grand total of 16 teeth (A some-what-kind birth defect) her days of being a toffee-eating champion are over. Instead you can find her doodling and scrawling depth and theatre that creates her signature narrative style. Jade’s playful working method of re-assembling her own drawings digitally and by hand is used to create images that tell a story, compliment a specific text or answer a brief. Her work has appeared across a wide variety of areas from advertising campaigns to storybooks to gallery exhibitions, but she’s always up for a new challenge. If you would like to get in touch then email: You can also find Jade on Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

So of course there are artists that inspire me. What kind of art student would I be? These are illustrators I remember loving as a child and still love today. They are dark and gruesome but that just makes me more interested in them. The first is good old Ralph Steadman. Steadman had a long partnership with the American journalist Hunter S. Thompson, drawing pictures for several of his articles and books, making for some crazy drwings.

qutien Blake. Blake’s scratchy, knobbly, angular style may be immediately recognisable. He was among a new wave of British illustrators who began work in the 1950s and 60s, an extraordinary flowering, benefiting from the greater availability of four-colour halftone printing. I was brought up reading Ralh Doals books, but I struggled at reading. The thing that brought be back to them were Blakes fun, crazy drawings. Tim burton A symbiotic delight of Halloween 101, weaning towards a more theatrical presence of costume and the obscure, A surreal realm encapsulated in shadows grand as a moon can cast, A virtual landscape of fanciful playground implements that every good Nosferatu would enjoy, Step into a virile garden of imagination and fertilize your dreams with sharp colours. I always enjoyed watching he’s films and being immersed in he’s odd worlds.

My major project started from my morbid curiosity of the odd balls called Victorians. I have always be intrigued with them and wanted to know more about there lives and how the lived day to day. One thing stood out to me the most and that was there many superstitions, mostly surrounding death. I found this very interesting and I wanted to inform other people about it. I got my inspiration from visiting the V and A museum in London. The fashion and many portraits gave me the idea of basing my work on a family. I watched many documentaries about the Victorians and thought that I should focus on a middle class family as it was a new custom then and it relates to people more today, its something people can relate to more now.

I picked out the facts I thought were the most interesting. Then I made pillows to go with it. I made 9 pillows all together, made from cotton drill, stuffing and then hand drawn drawings using a fabric felt tip. The pillows are supposed to be fun, something most people relate to there home with. To company the pillows I made 3 backgrounds, a living room, a nursery and a kitchen, and for each room there was a family member. It forms a family portrait with the child in the middle. It’s a stage and we are looking in. The have gone though a death, and the pillows tell us what they have to do. I choose black and white because that’s the colour of their photographs and the colour of what there wore when mourning. It suits my work. The piece should be suitable for older children and adults. Something you can learn from in a fun way. It should be dark enough to intrigue people but not scary. It is supposed to be a fun way to learn, but also tell a story.

I love books, especially when they have words of wisdom, (pictures help to). I have collected many books while at Uni. The first one is “Show your work’. It has helpful ideas and tips for anyone starting out. It helps people feel more confident with showing their work and how to promote your self. “Wreck this journal” By Keri Smith is a fun imaginative book with odd actives in side, mostly telling you how to destroy the book. The font is hand written and looks great and the ideas are so fun and new. “Blogging for creative” is just that. The book tells you how to take photos of your work, what to say and what not to say. “How to be an illustrator’ “Make your own luck” “A-Z of visual ideas’ The illustrators guide to law and business practice’. This book is a must have for freelance illustrators. It tells you about invoices, how much things could cost, ect. ‘Becoming a successful illustrator’ ‘How to design websites”, a book I need to look further into. It’s simple to rad and has some helpful tips. “How to create a portfoilo and get hired”, A must for illustrators. “Freelance and self promotion handbook”, from the computer arts have been the most helpful out of all the books. It’s easy to read and gets to the main points. It has helpful websites and blogs to look at. And lastly ‘illustrations’, it has lots of illustrations to compare to.

(Not literally) As an illustrator if I want to be noticed, Brand myself. I decided to change my name to something I felt was more memorable, this way clients can find me easily. I also made my name into a log as if I brand myself. My business card is just a first idea, I would want better images of it of my newer work and that it should have my log and my website on it. I made stickers, badges and postcards of my work which I want to sell, and at the same time would be promoting me as a illustrator. In the summer I intend to make more stuff to sell.

An online existence in this digital age is a must for any success. People need to be able to easily access your work in order for people to get to know you. Website: My website is under construction. It’s important to have a website for easy access from clients and to look professional. It should be a mix of my blog, showing unfinished pieces and my portfolio, showing the pieces I have finished. Blog: I choose Tumblr as my blog platform. It’s easy to use and people can share my work around. I can find other artists work and share it around. Twitter: Twitter is wear I network and keep people updated on my work. Its easy to use and I can update on my mobile with ease, whoop whoop. It’s also a good place to find jobs and internships.

Shop: I have created a shop on esty were I will sell my work. Stickers, badges and post cards mostly. It’s an easy way to sell work and to see other peoples work on sale as well. Linkdin: Linkdin is a good place to find jobs. I get emails every day from people trying to find illustrators. Online portfolio: I have a printed portfolio, which is in an A3 Prat portfolio book, but I also have an online portfolio. I choose Behance as on online portfolio site. It easy to use but also look professional. It’s a good way to network with clients and other arts. I only put the work that I think is the best and that is finished. Devinantart: I have had this site since I was 15 years old. It shows my old and new work. This is more for me then for clients. I enjoy the deivantart community were I don’t have to take myself so seriously all the time but I can still get feedback from fellow artists and fans.

During my university experience I have participated in silent Auction (fun raiser) and an exhibition. “ MADE IT WITH MY HANDS”, was an exhibition in the Factory at Bocosmbe, were me and 20 other students wanted to show are traditional craft and that it doesn’t have to be digital. This was a fantastic experience, which gave me confidence in myself as an exhibiting artist. The skills and knowledge I picked up from this experience will go with me and help me participate and put on many more.

SOO, I’m finally finished. What to do now? Well, first I will be going home to save money, and to maybe come up with a better career plan. I am not 100% sure on what I am going to do, but I definitely want to be in a creative career. I would love to be a freelance illustrator but I want to improve my drawing skills and style. I need to update my portfolio and website. I know that especially the start of being a freelance illustrator I would need a another part time job, so that’s something to think about, (even if I have to be on benefit for a little while, while I create more of a name for my self). I would contact art directors in London. I don’t live very far from London, which is great because that’s where most of the creative jobs are. I have also been looing at graduate jobs, mostly in London. They start being an assistant, phoning people, tea making and other stuff. I like the idea of these jobs more because they seem more stable, and maybe after a few years of that I might have more faith in my work and become freelance, or win the lottery, the future is just filled with mystery.

As another option after Uni, I looked into doing an internship and a master in illustration. Doing an internship could be a good opportunity for me to work with other people in my creative feild. Getting contacts from other artists and improving my skills. The down side is that the low pay and that I might not get any work from it. But if its for a short time, I would defently looke more into it. Dutch uncle in London is a illustartion based company, and there internship looks like something i would be interested in. Another option is doing a masters in illustration. I would have to fund myself, which would mean it might be a few years (if I decide to do it). I looked into a course at Anglia Ruskin. It has good reviews and isn’t far from where I live, meaning I would save money. I like the idea of carrying my learning, and to see other illustrators. I do not feel like I am finsihed learning yet, and A master would maybe help me be were I want to be.

I am highly motivated illustrator with a wide range of skills. I create both still and moving images as well as traditional and digital based work. I am a Looking for employment and/or experience in the art and design industry.

Talking to the careers advisor, I got my CV together. This is what I will send when I apply for a job.

2011-2014: AUB: Arts University Bournemouth BA Hons Illustration: Pending 2010-2011: Oakland’s College St Albans Foundation Diploma Art and Design Merit 2008-2010: Barnfield College Luton BTEC national Diploma: Art and Design (fine art) Merit Merit Merit 2003-2008: Stopsley High school Luton 10 GCSEs A*-C, (B) Art and design short course (AA*) Applied art and design, (A) graphic design sioned sign. sioned Logo.

High school.

Jan 2013: Candy box Vintage clothing shop, commisSep 2012:Tartan Pineapple T-shirt Merchandise, CommisFeb 2011: NCFE Level 1 in life drawing. Oct 2008-2013: Sales assistant WHSmiths. May 2006: Work experience as an art technician Stoplsey

I have extensive knowledge of adobe Photoshop, flash, illustrator and Microsoft Office. Comfortable with Mac and PC platforms. I’m a strong team worker with excellent communication skills and time management. I am hard working, responsible and committed to work diligently on projects. When not up dating my zombie apocalypse survival plan, I can be found drawing, writing, walking, listening and watching cult classics.

Jade Diamonds professional practice  

Jade (McFarland) Diamond professional practice, bournemouth arts uni