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What a Friend by JaeWon Shin

I heard music coming from the piano. I looked and saw my friend Song Hee sitting at the piano moving her fingers pressing down on the keys to make noise but not just any noise, beautiful music. It seemsamazing that she played the piano with one hand, her right hand was gone. She was born as a handicap. I was invited to my friend’s birthday party, I was at China then I was only in kindergarten. Most of friends were girls then and of course the birthday party that I was invited to was a girl. “Mom I got an invitation to my friend’s birthday party!” I said in Korean. “When is it?” She asked back in Korean. I pointed to the date on the card. “We better go and buy a present.” I looked at her with a puppy dog face. “Fine I’ll buy something, and you are staying here.” I looked at her in excitement. “No television, oh that reminds me, write the card” I looked at my feet and slowly walked up the stairs to write a card. When mom came back the first thing she said was, “Play the piano” I tried to look as sad as possible. “Play the violin too.” I ended up playing both and managed to get my sister angry, becausemom made her play both too. I waited but the party seemed to never come. I went to school did everything I usual, I loved to play with the maid. I played running around or just staying home talking to her. When the party finally came I was surprised, I was the only boy there but I still had fun and played. I saw some of my other friends that were girls. We cut the cake ate some food but after that everyone was tried out. I saw my friend Song Hee walking to the piano lifting the lid and played the piano but as soon as I realized which friend it was, it gave me a shock. But by the look on my sister’s and mom’s face they were more shocked. It was a beautiful song better especially up close and live. Few years later when I was nine I received some terrible news from my mom. My friend’s mother had died in a car crash. My friend was nine too then, she had no hand no mother. What a friend.

What a friend  

this is my memoir about me and my friend, but my friend was special. I wrote this because I learned that not everyone is lucky.

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