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South Korea Always at Risk by JaeWon Shin Before the attack on the South Korean marine ship on March 26th there had been other attacks. According to BBC, North Korea tried to kill the South Korean president in 1968, but failed. North Korea hijacked a Korean airline and took dozens of people hostage; the attacks are not ending. The Korean cold war started at 1950 and went on for 3 years but all it did was cause death and the relationship got not better at all, it got worse. “ North and South Korea can’t forget that they are one country and they can’t fight against themselves,” said Kai Shimojo a fifth grader at the American School in Japan (ASIJ). He also states, “If they keep on fighting who knows how many unnecessary deaths there will be.” According to KBS news the reason North Korea attacked South Korea attacked this year is because the president of North Korea wants to give his job to his son. But if the president gives the job on a normal day people could vote for another president, but if there is war everybody becomes scared and the North Korean president can just hand over the job to his son. They are killing innocent people for no important reason. China reacted strangely from the attack because China is known to help North Korea in battles. China helped North Korea invade South Korea in the Korean cold war. China has also urged both countries to show restraint. Chinese vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai said on Thursday the sinking of the ship was, "unfortunate", but he would not comment on the international report. The Chinese are known to help North Korea in battles because China helped the north invade the south in the Korean cold war. “Korea needs to be stronger and they should fight back more. I would feel really annoyed if I was South Korea,” said Arvid Brunsell, a fifth grader who goes to ASIJ. He says, “ I think North Korea should stop becauseeveryone might attack North Korea because they are attacking too much. I think that North Korea will get poorer.” The

Korean defense minister said they will respond with air strike if North Korea attacks the South again, but South Korea is always only waiting for North Korea to run out of food or surrender. On March 26th , 2010, a South Korean marine ship was sunk by a North Korean torpedo from a submarine. About 100 people had been on the ship at the time when the disaster happened, but only 58 were rescued, 46 people are still missing. This obviously proves the South Korean defense is dropping because the attack on Yeongpeong-do was unexpected so there were 2 marines and two civilians killed. The South and North Korea exchanged 23 gun fires between North and South Korea, but the South Korean’s artillery was blown off target by the wind. Obama (president of United States) told Lee (Korean president) in a telephone call that the, "United States remains firmly and fully committed to the defense of its ally the Republic of Korea." The people who lived on the island were shipped off to Seoul for the safety of the people, but sadly people may not have a home at Seoul. The attack did not affect the relationship of South and North Korea at all. The North and south was separated by a wall and the Northern Limit Line (NLL). At the wall there are always soldiers from both North and South Korea guarding the wall. But South Korea is always at risk of getting attacked becauseNorth Korean attacks can happen any time. Attacks have to end; South Korea needs to take action. South Korea is letting North Koreans attack the south every now and then. The two Koreas need to stop hating each other and trying to kill each other. Think of the people who would lose their life becauseof these two Koreas fighting.

South korea always at Risk  
South korea always at Risk  

South Korea needs to act