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01.00 Architecture as Discourse 01.01 State of the art projects 01.02 Personal work

Architecture as Discourse “Architecture need to be though of less as a set of special material products and rather more as range of social and professional practices [...]. Above all, architecture needs to be analysed as discourse. -Richard Williams, Architecture and visual culture

Dalian International Conference Center / coop himmelb(l)au

Dalian international conference center in China, designed by International architectural ďŹ rm coop himmelb(l)au is a building consists of oating spaces and soft surfaces. It has a public zone at ground level, shopping and exhibition facilities directly connected to the conference center. The actual performance and conference spaces are situated at 15 m above the entrance hall. The grand theater has a capacity of 1,600 seats and a stage tower, directly opposite of a exible conference hall for 2,500 seats, is positioned at the core in the center of the building.

Architecture as Sign The urbanistic task for the design of the Dalian International Conference Center is to create an instantly recognizable landmark of the urban development in Dalian as a port, trade, industry and tourism city. Situated at the terminal point of the future extension of the main city axis, the center will be anchored as its focal point in the mental landscape of the international community.

The Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton, London Borough of Lambeth, designed by Zaha Hadid Architect was the winner of Britain’s most prestigious architectural award Stirling Prize 2011. This Academy presents itself as an open, transparent and welcoming addition to the community’s local urban regeneration process.The external shared spaces, in order to generate a setting that encourages interaction, are treated in a manner of layering creating informal social and teaching spaces at various levels based on the convergence of multiple functions.

“The interior is a more convincing spatial experience, with curving corridors and volumetric variations. The strategic use of glass and lighting creates a sophisticated interior, layered and – not a word I would expect to associate with Zaha’s cool geometric approach – lovable.” -The Architectural Review by Will Hunter

Evelyn Grace Academy / Zaha Hadid Architects

The Boathouse was a building designed with reference to the design styles of Alvaro Siza.The Boathouse is a two-storey building separated by a 3 meter wide pathway. It consists of a cafe, restaurant, bar, boat storage and boat hire counter.

THE BOATHOUSE / Jaevon (personal work)

Architectue as Experience The boathouse focuses on the circulation of the building through a series of journeys and sequences. Alvaro Siza often put emphasis on how one approaches his building, whether through articulated entrance or directional paths. For this building, one could walk from the gravel pavement and then to the white concrete stairs which directs visitor to walk through a pathway with a 7-metre plain white wall on each side. It restricts the view of visitors so that when one walks to the end of the pathway, wide beautiful panoramic scenery will be seen.

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