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University at Albany ​*Quiet singing* Oh, woah, woah!! Yeeeaaahhhh! Five-hundred-thousand! Five-hundredthousand!! Half-a-million!! What is this song I'm singing? *laughs* *upbeat electronic music* Hello, everybody! So, to honor the fact that I reached five-hundred-thousand subscribers last week I'm doing a video I have been wanting to make for a while Which is to go through some of the weirder "Make Thrift Buy" suggestions that you guys have sent in to me And because I really wanted to show you all my appreciation for helping me to reach this amazing milestone This video is also going to feature a person who has been highly requested to make an appearance on this channel This person is... Future Annika; insert a drumroll here *drumroll* My boyfriend, Luciano! dun, dun, dun, dun, duuuuuun! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! I'm trying to imagine that there's a studio audience *laughing* This is my lovely Luci My partner Or, I'm an actor, paid. *awkward laughing* We have been together for a little over five years. Yet he has never, not once... Actually, wait, there were two moments that you did appear. For like three seconds in outfit videos Basically he has never appeared on this channel before First time! speaking Here I am Here's my voice So what we are going to be doing in this video today is that I've collected some of the weirder "Make Thrift Buy" suggestions that have been sent in to me by you guys And we are going to go through them But Luci hasn't seen any of these yet because I wanted his initial reaction to seeing them. Yup, my unfiltered gagamuffs (?) Here we go Now if you don't already know somehow "Make Thrift Buy" is- Actually Luci, you've seen my videos lots of times, what's "Make Thrift Buy"? Do my intro Uh your intro is like "Hi!" "This is the show where you send me items of clothing from the internet and I try and recreate them!" Yeah "Today I'm making a weird... bra with a cat... butt face" *laughing* So that's "Make Thrift Buy" and I'm just gonna say now that I love getting weird suggestions like I loved making that cat bra even though it just looked like a cat with a butt for a face I've also made these weird shorts without pockets This... bear which was a phone case So don't let this video deter you from sending me in weird suggestions because I love getting them and sometimes recreate them! Yup With that in mind, here is some of the weirder things that I have been sent to try and recreate Ok Ohhhh this is like little underwear that goes on your phone? *an extremely giggly 'yeah'* *giggling and chuckling* *a slightly bewildered 'yeah!' followed by more giggling* Wh- ok what- this- I mean I don't think it's protective enough...? *more laughing* Wh- What the crazy thing that this is implying to me is that the genitalia of the phone is the home button Ooooh Think about that, that's what it's blocking so think about how many times a day you touch the home button of your phone what are we doing to these poor phones? Oh no ⊙︿⊙ Um, so I don't think I'm gonna make this (phones have the right to wear panties too) Well how would you even make it? Like it looks like it's made out of plastic Yeah I don't know maybe like Resin... some kind of plastic that I painted on There's just so many moments where you would stop going through the process and be like "I'm making underwear for my phone" Yeah "That's what I'm doing right now" Ok, alright next one Luci: I'm ready, I'm prepared This is- uh... the ol' head cage...! cage, cage that head this is like in 1984 when they put that rat cage on Winston Smith's face that's what it looks like Fashion is super weird I love, like I love the combination you have to have these incredibly absurd items, like this 1984 head cage but the models always have to have this incredibly dead-pan look like "Yes, I wear this" 'This is completely normal" "I wear this every day, this is my bold statement" "This is my fashion" It's like an upside-down dog cone Yeahhhhh You could put it around and make it a dog cone If the model was like It's not any more bizarre than this really If this model had some little itch that she wasn't allowed to scratch with her teeth You could just flip that around and she wouldn't be able to get there Would would you call this a hat? I feel like that's such a generous definition of a hat okay, that's a hat. Here this is a hat, you know? Oh, that's a hat. This is a hat now. Everything's a hat apparently. *Annika laughs* It's fashion! It's fashion, everything's everything in fashion Do you understand fashion? C'mon. I understand now, everything is everything and you can wear a dumb rat cage on your face - correct! Okay here is the next suggestion. Well that's simple, DIY football. Why haven't you done that already? D.I.Y. football. Hm, I think this one's on the wrong channel Hah, DIY football, make your own football. I MAKE CLOTHES!! No no, make your own football, like your own football sport. Oooo, your own football sport! What are the rules, what are the teams? What's the rule of our DIY football? Well you gotta, you gotta make it yourself. When

you get to the pitch you have to have made - So it's just DIY each time? - you have to have made your own uniforms. You have to have made your own balls. You have to made your own rules! It's a confusing game. Wow this is amazing. What an amazing new concept Did they mean DIY a football? Yes, I think so. Like, A football? Yes Okay, what do you think about this one? DIY boyfriend! Well, umm, I guess I'll go. See ya. Did they mean a blow up doll type of boyfriend? Like a inflatable boyfriend? Look! I...I'm not sure, I think maybe this was a joke and I took it literally. DIY boyfriend! Have you seen those, umm...pillows that are like just like a t-shirt and an arm as a DIY boyfriend pillow? They're pretty great. I've considered making one of those before when you went overseas. *Laughing* Hang on, hang on. So you're saying its more comfortable to snuggle up to a disembodied torso and arm? than it is to just cuddle up to a pillow? You know, if you close your eyes you don't know that it's disembodied. Well if you close your eyes you could just cuddle a horse head, who knows? *laughing* It's nice and furry and soft. *laughing* Like; I don't know This person, I think, is making a joke I think so Unless they really do think that you can frankenstein style Like collect pieces of corpses and use the power of electricity to bring it to life I mean they know I'm a scientist, maybe they know I'm a scientist? That is a two part video *laughing* DIY boyfriend, you know, what is the problem with modern boyfriends? The problem is ; How do you make one? Who knows? Who knows? Where do they come from? How do you get one? Are you gonna buy a boyfriend? Then you don't know where it's come from. No, you don't know how it's been made. Exactly! You don't know the ethics of - You dont know where it like... - These boyfriend factories, yeah. Are the people making these boyfriends getting paid a living wage? That's a serious concern! You definitely want to DIY this yourself. Make your own boyfriend out of sustainable materials; ham Thrifted fabric, Exactly! Thrifted eyeballs, thrifted organs. *laughing* You're gonna need these things! *laughing* I really like this next one. ...What .. the.. OHH! It's slippers! Teddy bear slippers! Well that's... that... what you need for that, is you need one of those; you know those birthday card chips? You open a birthday card and it goes like; *muffled noises* like terribly recorded. Yeah What you need is one of those in there and every time you get the pressure of the foot It's just like; *screaming, yelling, groaning* *laughing* I had the same thought with these shoes Cause like I did a similar thing, umm, when I made the teddy bear. Yeah, when you killed that bear. When I - Okay, so, I felt guilty enough having to cut this open once and put a phone case in there but with these ones you're literally, every time you step into these shoes it's like you're stepping into the stomach, into the intestines of this bear. And then, and then! Not only that, you're then walking around each time you step. It's like *screaming* Here we go This looks like an H.R. Giger picture. Can you bring one up, like, on the screen? Like go to the images. like - Ooo! - like it looks a little like this to me, these horrible like Oooo! This is really scary! Ooo I don't like this, don't look that up!! I don't like it at all! *Luci lauging* That's what it looks like to me! It's like these babies squished through some industrial tube! It's horrible. It's horrible! I'm not - I'm saying it's horrible! Yeah *Luci lauging* Ohh, you look so frightened! I'm really frightened by that I would love to see you make this cause I'd love to see you just like sawing the soles off some shoes. Like people would be like "what are you doing?" "I'm gonna put babies in here, I'm gonna put some little babies, with a viewing window so you can see 'em" That's fashion(!) In fashion everything is everything(!) Put some babies in there. Oh ok, so this was a suggestion - *Groaning* That bears legs are waaay too long. *Laughing* Pass! Weird bear. *Laughing* So weird. Mmmm, dead cat. That's a good suggestion. No, it's a cute handbag. Ahh! It's a cute and fashionable handbag. Tha-that's pretty creepy. That looks like a dead cat to be perfectly honest. No! It's a cute handbag! It really, really looks to me like a cross between a cat and a worm *Laughing* Where is its legs? Thats a good question. Well, its legs are gone because it's a dead cat bag and the legs were not useful. Aw, no. *Luci laughing* I'm not the one who sent in a picture of a dead cat. It's not, it's a bag and it's from a Japanese designer and there's even one that has a little hat on it *Awkward laugh" Oh boy! That's even creepier. Cute. But the really creepy thing about that is, that person's not only killed and stuffed a cat but then they've put it through the indignity of giving it a little boater hat like an English schoolkid. Aww It's not - it's horrible! I think it's cute. Okay, so this is an item that is very very popular, has been suggested by like literally everybody. Pokemon Go! No, it's this backpack. Ah. Pokemon mould *laughs* It kind of looks like Ash's backpack if it got a terrible virus. Mould? It got like a mould infection - Yeah. - and then the galaxy.. *laughs* And then the galaxy was there? Maybe this is our galaxy, people. Have ya ever thought about that? Expand your mind. Maybe our galaxy is a mouldy backpack. Welcome. To Cosmos. So they also have a, I would say matching, pair of shoes. Ahh. Mould shoes. The ol' mould shoes(!) See, now these ones don't look as mouldy because they don't have that, um multicoloured pattern. They don't look like a fashion thing. They look like an orthopaedic thing. Yeah, no I think these might be like therapy shoes. *Laughing* What do you mean therapy shoes?! I know you wear them - Psychotherapy?! *laughing* Massage shoes! They're massage shoes. Ah, ok. I think they'd be really uncomfortable to actually walk in. They look like a nightmare, yeah, they don't look comfortable at all. I feel like the shoe design that we have where you put your foot on a flat surface -

Works pretty well. - has evolved over time. So, I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to DIY these either. Well it's simple, uh You get a rubber shoe, melt it... in the sun and then you put a bunch of marbles under there! I'll make my own You should make your own channel I shouldn't "Make Thrift Buy with Luci!" *laughing* Everyone would come and be like "You stole this idea from Annika Victoria!!!11" Little do they know that you actually came up with the concept of "Make Thrift Buy" (sigh) Little do they know... The unsung hero of "Make Thrift Buy" Luci actually came up with the concept of "Make Thrift Buy" I came up with the name and put it together and everything else but you know Luci: Yeah and made it and did all the work and did all the creative work- But yeah, Luci came up with the initial concept for it! Mhm Which is pretty cool! Yeah! So thanks! That's ok, it's materially contributed to my life in many good ways *chuckling* Because I walk around with you in public and people come up to you And be like "It's Annika Victoria!" and I'm like "Hey, and I'm somebody who knows her...!" There's a little ol' thing called 'Internet Famous Girlfriend Club" *laughing* Okay... this guy... oh boy... He.... Ok so my immediate reaction is if I slept in this hamburger bed, I'd be so terrified all night of a giant hand smashing through the window and like grabbing it You think you'd come into Tiny Tale? I think it's like a situation where I'm exploring this amazing new world, I think I'm on an alien planet- Actually I've been shrunk down by an evil scientist, and I don't realize What looks to me like a soft bed is actually a hamburger! And then I get eaten like, by my own... best friend or something Yeah it'd be a bit scary to sleep in How would you feel if you... came home one day and I had replaced our bed with a DIY burger bed that I've made myself Hmm... Um... my publicist said I would only be asked questions about my up-coming movie *laughing* (fin-tastic) *wheeze* *laughing* Everyone wants to be eaten! Eaten by a hamburger, eaten by a shark? I think it's uh, I think it's a thing Uh yes, it is It is a big thing on the internet I love that this person- like it shows the progression of their relationship *laughter* First of all it's like ♫ Shark and me ♫ ♫ Our relationship will never go downhill ♫ And then *sad tuba noise* Yeah Eaten *wheeze* They're still standing though They're still standing and that is the most important thing in life That is an important lesson Yeah, maybe you get swallowed by a shark, you're still standing Still standing Y'know, what about self-care? Run a bath! The shark would like that Probably dried out He'd probably like it a lot! Probably dried out like a big chip! What is it supposed to be? Is it a sleeping bag? I don't know I think it's a sleeping bag Looks to me like a Converse™ ad Y'know it so draws the attention onto the Converse™ *chuckling* yeah Like I feel like I'd go into a Converse™ store and there be some sort of new, edgy campaign and one of them would just be that It'd just be legs sticking out of a shark's mouth Annika: It'd just be feet just sticking out of a shark? Like an actual shark? I should warn you Americans, if you come to Australia you WILL be eaten by a shark Don't say that! Yeah! Half the Australian population is eaten by sharks every year (source not found) Annika, whispering: that's not true Luci, confidently: Mhm And some of them are robo-sharks //Mechanized// Don't tell them about our robo sharks- So everyone that is the end of the video! And this is my Mystery Boyfriend, now no longer a mystery! *chuckle* So which of the items do you think that I should try and recreate on "Make Thrift Buy"? Ummm What's my favorite? My favorite was probably... that bear with the real long, creepy legs That was your favorite? Just cuz that photo was really weird and I was just like "Pass, too creepy" Ok, but would you really want a giant bear taking up our tiny apartment? No... actually, I remember when you came home with that huge hamburger cushion *laughing* It was not 'huge' it was like- *gasp* I have- Ok guys I almost had a hamburger bed once and- What did- Why did I get rid of that cushion?? Is it still in our house?? I wish I had not reminded you of this horrible- Annika: oh noO... This cushion's //filthy//, people Ohhh it was the best, I thrifted this hamburger pillow it was like this big... And it was so goOD I think I- Did you get rid of it?? I think I might've persuaded you to get rid of it 'cause it was //so// filthy It was so impossible to clean Oh yeah, it got covered in mold, I think Yeah, it was disgusting like a real hamburger, left under the bed It got pretty moldy Keep sending in weird suggestions I actually really, really enjoy going through them and sometimes recreating them And as I always say at the end of my videos... (the noise you make when you want to be a good boyfriend but you can't remember her endings) Signature sign-off! That's the way the cookie crombos(?)....! Little Annika-heads! Do you have some name for your...? Little Annika-heads? Yeah! That's what- Do you guys wanna be called 'Little Annika-heads'? There's no bad ideas in brainstorming, how 'bout that Everybody, you gotta share, like, and subscribe We gotta get this video to 6 billion likes and you will unlock some premium, freemium content On the- all the feeds; the Instagrams™, the Tumbles™ Annika: Ok alright, Mhm, Yup Uh... the Pinterests™ Uh... This is my exact sign-off! Yeah, exactly Wow! It's like you're reading from a script! You've got the Snaps™, Chapsnats™, and um... Or you know, you know, we could just say "bye" Everything- Ok bye! Let's just say bye *laughter* Bye Bye! Bye.... Byeee And then you do this Because that's not how a camera turns off, I actually have, like, a little remote fo- Thank you to all of my supporters on Patreon for making these videos possible To become my Patreon supporter go to St. Bonaventure University, Allegany.