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Through My Window A Photo Essay By: Jae Monet Wilson-Armstrong

In todays age, few people take the time to enjoy the weather or the outdoors. We spend so much time looking at our phones and walking blindly through the world. I fight with my younger siblings to get off the computer and go outside. The kids I babysit would rather look at the fake stars on their wall instead of just laying in the back yard and point the real ones out. I remember when I was a child, the best part of my day was laying down watching the clouds picking out different shapes. I used to enjoy staring out my window to see what passed by or drove past. Looking in the woods for deer was the best game ever. As I grow older I try to remind myself to look up. Throughout this photo essay I did just that, and I captured everything that I felt amazed me and made it clear how I saw and how I imagined the world around me.

Photo Essay

Photo Analysis

As mentioned before, we miss a lot when we don’t pay attention. I chose this image to analyze, because it’s not too often that you’re lucky enough to see a rainbow. This image shows exactly what Annie Leibovitz stated as photography happening anywhere, even through your window. This image contains a few elements of composition, such as lines, texture, and geometric shapes. Lines come into play with cable lines passing throughout the photo, as well as the alignment of the one cable line beneath the rainbow. I feel as though the texture of the clouds makes it easier to see the key image; the rainbow. And last but not least the geometric shapes of the trees, which were purposely made to look like shadows. This photo has a lot going on but once you focus on the main aspect, everything falls into place. The overall feel of the image is a feeling of “hope” and “joy” through darkness. The fact that something can always shine through, and pick up your spirits. Though the frame of the image is dark, the main object has just enough color to outshine the shadows.

Photo Essay Analysis For this photo essay I chose fourteen photos; in which I edited, to show the common images I see throughout the week. I wanted to portray images of how I see things through my window. I wanted to focus on the window theme, because people ignore the image outside their window on a regular basis and within this essay I show exactly how I, myself captured the image and I felt it actually looked in my mind. There are pictures that have a spooky feel, because I felt like it looked haunted, there are photos with a lot of sunshine, because the colors are amazing. I used my Iphone to take all of the pictures and to edit them I also used my Iphone. I chose to use my Iphone instead of my digital camera, because with an Iphone you can download many apps, which help you change the effects of your photo. It’s also very easy to carry around, and with a quick slip of my thumb my camera pops right up, so I don’t miss something I want to capture. To edit I used three apps Pixlromatic, Fotor-PES, and Color Effects. For majority of the photos I used vintage themed settings, classic settings, grey settings and black frames. Those settings helped capture the feel I wanted to give off. Overall I wanted my audience to see how I viewed images in my head, and also allow them to see the regular image as well. This gives my audience the chance to compare and contrast what they like, or how much different the photos are from one another.

Through My Window  
Through My Window  

In todays age, few people take the time to enjoy the weather or the outdoors. We spend so much time looking at our phones and walking blind...