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“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.� ~Howard Thurman My passions evolve around the world of surfing and design which both came into my life at an early age. Strengthsquest has classified me as positive, adaptable, and empathetic. There is no such thing as a bad opportunity and I am very eager to learn new things. This portfolio serves as a condensed compilation of my course work along with a glimpse into what I am all about.

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Personal identity

02 Hello Friends

03 Beautiful Feet

Typography bitmap

Senior show


Museum Standards Manual

07 Photography

01 Project Name

Personal identity Category Branding & Identity System Description For my personal brand, I wanted to focus on my attributes of positivity and adaptability. I also put a strong emphasis on being as dynamic and geometric as possible. The entire identity is built off of the logo, which is placed on a simple grid of four equally sized circles and squares. Variety of color is kept to a minimum throughout the brand with the exception of personal photography, while visual hierarchy is maintained with font weight and size.

02 Project Name

Senior show Category Branding & Print Media Description Every year, the art and design department puts on a portfolio review for the graduating class of graphic designers. In many aspects, it is like a group exhibition showing off the accumulation of experience. My goal for the brand was to capture this collection of seniors experience in a way that demonstrated their hard work. This was done by an outpouring of school colors that drips and flows across all surfaces. The logo was kept consistent with the department font while allowing the design to translate across a variety of medias.



Graphic Design Portfolio Review

Fermanian Business Center Thursday, April 30

Visual Art Exhibition H Li Te 15 Keller Gallery Wednesday, May 6 - Friday, May 8



Graphic Design Portfolio Review

Fermanian Business Center Thursday, April 30

Visual Art Exhibition H Li Te 15 Keller Gallery Wednesday, May 6 - Friday, May 8

03 Project Name

Beautiful Feet Category Print Media & Branding Description Beautiful Feet began in Nicaragua as a means of bringing immediate aid to the residents of Cristo Rey by providing shoes for the families working in the garbage-dump nearby. Their partnership with Cobian Footwear enabled them to travel the world and preach the message of grace and deliver over 160,000 shoes to those less fortunate. Their outreach takes from in three separate ways: campaigns, events, and programs. My task as an intern for the San Diego branch was to take these three undeveloped ideas and turn them into a cohesive print identity as well as create a registration system.

04 Project Name

Typography bitmap Category Font Construction Description The task for this project was to pick a four letter word and build a typeface based on the characteristics of that word. Naturally, I chose what interested me most, which is surfing, or in this case, “Surf�. The challenge and fun of it was trying to combine the fluidity associated with surfing and waves with the rigidity of a bitmap and old english.

05 Project Name

Museum Standards Manual Category Branding & Identity System Description The Getty Museum is a favorite of mine because of its large exhibitions and beautiful grounds. The overall feeling of the actual location is a sense of geometric order and beauty, using space most efficiently while incorporating dynamic design. The proposed logo and company branding system intends to strengthen these physical features of geometry and neatness. In order to keep the integrity of the logo type alive over time it is vital to follow the guidelines setup in this manual. A carefully managed and well implemented brand identity program will help carry out a consistent message.

06 Project Name

Hello Friends Category Branding & Advertisement System Description The driving ideas behind this identity is to be memorable in both content and design. This is achieved by forcing the viewer to be up close and personal while having clean and simple delivery.

The goal of this project is to raise water awareness to help communities in need. A space is activated by asking to join the “hello friends� movement! It works by following Pastor Celstin’s unfolding story as he visits the Democratic Republic of Congo and works with the people to address water justice issues concerning access, hygiene and sanitation. Follow through interactive video recordings and donate to receive a free t-shirt and button.

07 Project Name

Photography Category Personal Hobby Description Taking photos has always been something that I have enjoyed doing, and became one of my main hobbies after purchasing a DSLR camera at the age of fifteen. Since then, my excitement in photography has gone up and down, but somehow always manages to renew itself. I find it soothing to be able to record a moment in time just the way I like. For this same reason, I try not to limit myself to particular categories of subject matter; but find that I am most attracted to the color of nature over time.