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A superhero or a evil villain? Neutral. I’m posing as trickster, symbolizing that I tend to trick people by giving a wrong impressions. I like to joke around with my friends and make them laugh. I’m secretly mischievous, as extremely low counts of people have seen me in this side. Only closest friends of mine have. I orchestrate the pranks via my friends, a mastermind behind numerous prank plans. When purposefully asking hard questions, there’s usually a trick question involved.

My pet peeve is MESSY MESS! It makes it hard for me to clear up and find things I want. I absolutely hate cluttered up clothes, files, foods etc. I usually set a clear folder paths, so I could find things easier. I usually take all the mess into one folder that’s designated for cleaning up later. Once that’s done, I’m usually pretty satisfied with all clean folder paths, files that belonging to where it is supposed to be. And this is only small part of my pet peeves. I absolutely hate it when someone makes mess on my things!

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Just some informations about me...

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