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About this book This book combines draughtsmanship with 21st century advanced technology. Utilizing the iPad as a portable toolbox, Soiza has produced a series of digital drawings based on commissions.

“More than just an Object”

“More than just an Object”

“More than just an Object” Jadrian Soiza-Digital Artist

“More than just an Object”

“More than just an Object”

“More than just an Object” Jadrian Soiza-Digital Artist

Introduction His work has been defined as digital arts; his interest for innovative technology has grown greatly throughout the years, integrating his developed drawing skills with 21 century advanced technology. Soiza is interested in developing his digital drawing skills further and in order to do so he has undertaken a subject matter of interest, which will challenge his talents and benefit his exploration within the use of digital applications. Soiza’s current subject matter is based on the way people perceive everyday objects and their emotional interactions towards them. His current work originated from a book titled ‘The New Philanthropists’ by Charles Handy & Elizabeth Handy. Soiza’s aim is to explore the boundaries of digital technology and through this illustrate given objects as digital representation and reveal the value/memory of the objects to the viewer.


The Tree Of luck The Tree of luck, A gift given to a granddaughter from a loving and caring Grandfather, a positive and intelligent man who has influenced her life with his magical personality and humorous attitude towards life. This beautiful and special ornament provides her with the extra surge she needs to overcome the obstacles that life presents her with.


Tree Of Luck - 2013


Dress A doll given to a little girl when she was discharged from hospital following intense care. After so many years only the dress remains, the dress reminds her that something good can come out of a difficult situation.


Dress - 2013


Elephant This gift is very important to her, and for her, this ornament provides good luck and happy memories, given to a daughter from a loving and caring father, this ornament is cherished, when times get hard the object is held close, giving her hope for a better tomorrow.


Elephant - 2014


Sugar Pot Given to a daughter as a first ever-household gift by a kind and loving mother. Twelve years later the sugar pot still remains, for her, this is more than just a sugar pot, for her this is more than just an object, this ornament reminds her of her mother and of many happy memories they both shared together.


Sugar Pot - 2014


Cross A gift from a loving brother to his sister, always kept close for a sense of security and togetherness. With it she feels loved and happy. The cross represents a beacon of hope which she incorporates into her religious journey. With this ornament she prays for the protection and well being of others and when times get hard she keeps the charm close to her helping her overcome the troubles life presents her with.


Cross - 2014


Teddy Bear A gift given to a son from an adoring father a year before passing away, cherished to this day for the childhood memories it represents.


Teddy Bear - 2014


Process The development of each drawing from initial sketch to final piece was aided through the use of layers which enabled me to build upon each individual aspect of the subject independently.


The tree Of Luck -Process



Dress - Process



Elephant - Process



Sugar Pot - Process



Cross - Process



Teddy Bear - Process


Jadrians portfolio book  
Jadrians portfolio book  

Soiza’s practice integrates draughtsmanship with 21st century advanced technology. His current subject matter is based on the way people pe...