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September 2005


Director’s Report By Rev. Ewan J Glass During the month of November Brother John Downs and I will be attending the Global Council of the United Pentecostal Church International to be held in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the last few years several of our Australian ministry have asked me to explain this new concept and its purpose. Below is a letter from Brother Bruce Howell that may help to clarify this new initiative of the UPCI. To give you some idea of how this new concept is working and how global our “village” has become, we need to look at our latest Overseas Missions project. Working in harmony with the Regional Commission of the Global Council, and long serving Missionary to Brazil Brother Bennie DeMerchant, we are helping to place a Missionary into East Timor for an initial period of three months. Since East Timor received independence from Indonesia they have reverted to their colonial language of Portuguese. It has been the burden of Brother DeMerchant’s heart to reach out with the Gospel to every Portuguese speaking nation in the world. Next month I will travel with Brother & Sister Moraes to East Timor and introduce them to the contacts that we have made on our two previous visits there. Brother & Sister Moraes are currently Brazilian Missionaries to Mozambique where they are having

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What is the Global Council (Bruce Howell)


Update from Missionary Margaret Bellette


Annual Indonesia Youth Camp (Stanley Harvey)


Evangelistic Team in Bali (Benjamin Finn)


Report from Rebecca Turkington UPCI News in Brief

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much success in establishing the Church. It is also hoped that this couple will be able to spend a little time in Darwin where there is a large East Timorese community. Working together for His glory we can surely make a difference. The Global Council will provide the church its greatest opportunity ever to unite the forces of our global family to fulfill the task of world evangelism. While the sacrificial labor of missionaries has planted the gospel in 142 countries of the world, far exceeding the estimate of possible goals-the future promises a greater impact as effective national leaders propel the gospel into new dimensions. Yours for souls,

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UPCI News in Brief

Revival in El Salvador: In preparation for a citywide crusade in Guatemala City, the church saints in El Salvador were able to distribute 1 Million tracts. In response there were over 1500 visitors! Each service the altars were packed with brand new people. 305 were filled with the Holy Ghost, 25 baptized in water and many healings and miracles. Forbushes Retire - Following a 13½ year pastorate in Milton, Florida, Brother and Sister Robert Forbush received their appointment as UPCI missionaries to Hong Kong in 1981. In 1989 the Foreign Missions Board appointed the Forbushes to Australia. In 1997 they were appointed as a missionary prayer evangelist. Brother Forbush has served not only as a missionary, but as a field superintendent, president of a Bible School, and a member of a national board. Malawi (Zimbabwe): We would like to give God the glory for a wonderful Children’s Day/Crusade here in Blantyre, Malawi on July 16, 2005. We had announced it for local churches, but churches from two and three hours away sent children. Preparations were for 300 children. We had 459 register and more that were not registered. It was ‘joy unspeakable’ to witness 113 children speak in other tongues for the very first time. One young girl from a very rural area spoke in tongues in English! Reaching Africa’s Children— what a joy! Botswana: The General Conference of the United Pentecostal Church of Botswana ended today with 66 people having received the Holy Ghost and 15 baptized. It was a wonderful outpouring of blessings on the Botswana church! Continued on page 5

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Overseas Missions Report

What is the Global Council ? By Bro. Bruce Howell (Foreign Missions Director, UPCI) The Global Council The Global Council is a coordinating body that will bring the United Pentecostal Church's leaders together from around the world to insure loyalty to doctrine, adherence to holiness, and a continuity of an evangelism program that will effectively reach the population of a lost world. The International Articles of Faith is the legal platform that weaves the powerful international leaders into a harmonious team. The Global Council will insure the preservation of pure doctrine and provide the coordination of the whole gospel to the whole world -- by the whole church. The purpose of the Global Council is to enhance evangelism! A deep burden for souls is the demanding factor that mobilizes the worldwide church. Throughout the development of the Global Council the heart of the Global Council has been souls! Every National Organization from any country having an affiliation with the United Pentecostal Church International shall be a member of the Global Council. The Global Council will convene this combined membership every five years, and each nation will be responsible for the funding of their delegate to attend the meetings. Between sessions of the Global Council the Executive Council shall represent the worldwide body. The Executive Council Each region will send seven delegates to an Executive Council. The Executive Council shall convene approximately 2 1/2 years after the Global Council meeting. Each region will be divided into three subregions, and during the Global Council meeting shall meet separately to elect its members for the Executive Council (one missionary and one national from each sub region). Of these seven delegates, six delegates will be comprised of three National Members and three Missionaries of the United Pentecostal Church International. By virtue of the scope of his position the Regional Director shall be the seventh delegate. The General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International shall serve as the chairman of the

Executive Council. If he is unable to attend the meeting for any reason, the General Director of Foreign Missions shall serve as the Chairman. The duly appointed Regional Director shall chair the meetings within the regions. By virtue of his office the General Superintendent shall chose the delegates from the United States and Canada to attend the Executive Council. The Global Commission - The Missionary Arm of the Global Council A select committee for the purpose of missions will be formed within the Global Council. This is a standing committee and is referred to as the Global Commission for Missions. All membership organizations of the Global Council, which are sending and/or regularly supporting missions outside of their own nations, shall be considered the members of this Commission. The General Director of Foreign Missions will chair the sessions of the Global Commission. The Global Commission shall organize evangelism outreach to assure that all countries of the region will be properly evangelized. Under the administrational guidelines of the Global Council of the United Pentecostal Church International, Regional Missionaries will be commissioned. The emphasis shall be to ascertain the need, supply funding and send missionary personnel. The purpose of the commission is to coordinate the efforts of the churches sending, the missionaries going, and the nations receiving. What Foreign Missions have produced in the formation of the Global Council is an awareness of the possibilities! We must also accept the need of modifying the program with patience until we have a workable and uniform principle successfully operating throughout the world. It is imperative to establish a successful long-range program. The task ahead is complex! Change is always difficult and worrisome. However, the future is dependent upon how vigorously we will meet the challenge. The Global Council is indeed the dawn of a new beginning for the international body of the United Pentecostal Church International.

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Overseas Missions Report

Update from Missionary Margaret Bellette

By Sis Margaret Bellette

Visiting Ministry What an incredible two months we have had here in Jakarta since I wrote last, in June. It seemed as though I had just returned from the airport after bidding farewell to my last lot of visitors, (Sisters Grandquist, Oakes, Grech, Everett and Turkington) when I turned around and went back to pick up Br. Jacobsen. Bro Jacobsen has now left for Bali, after having completed 20 hours of recording a subject on Hermeneutics. In addition to this, Bro Jacobsen was able to teach some leadership seminars. Bro Jacobsen left Jakarta to return home via Bali where he will also minister. His time in Jakarta was a great blessing to the church, and there were many comments about his wonderful teaching and preaching, especially from the younger people. On completion of the recording of lessons by Dr. Poe and Bro Reynolds next month, we will have achieved a total of 180 hours of Bible School material. Exciting Bible School News Last month, we were invited by the Head of Sekolah Tinggi Theologia Rhema in Salatiga (a Theology School), that is, Brother Edi Zakaria, to come to Salatiga and demonstrate our Video Bible School. We have agreed and are currently making plans to go to Salatiga. In the meantime, Brother Edi and his team arrived here in Jakarta this week to attend a seminar, and while here they spent some time with me going through curriculum material, our method of teaching and our vision for Indonesia. Brother Edi and his teachers were very excited with what they saw and are now anxious for us to go to Salatiga for further demonstration. They have suggested that we incorporate Sekolah Alkitab Apostolik Asia (UPC Bible School in Jakarta) curriculum into their syllabus as soon as possible. Their Theological College is already a Government approved higher educational institution. This will give status to our own Video Bible School. I am so encouraged with what God is doing. In taking up this opportunity, students from other denominations will be exposed to the Light, the True plan of Salvation. “He doeth all things well”. It is our intention, to establish the Video Bible School in Salatiga, Bandung, Java and West Papua by February next year. Together with the JSS church here in Jakarta, this will give us five new campuses from where we will be able to reach out to other churches. Pastors and Ministers Seminar More than 120 pastors and ministers attended the seminar held here in Jakarta this week. There was a wonderful spirit of repentance, unity and love, such as I

have never experienced during my years in this country. Afterward, many pastors came and asked me, “How soon can we have the Video Bible School in our church?” These people have suffered a neglect of love and attention for many years. Many have fallen, but they are now beginning to realize that the churches in Australia and America are serious about helping them. It is as though they have been given an injection of new life. Reaching this country of Indonesia I one asked an army specialist if there was a strategy for invading a country. He was response was yes. The first “wave” to be sent in were the spies. Their job was to find out where the important locations were. These included such things as communication centers (TV, radio and telecommunications), utilities (electricity, water, transport etc) and the food chains and road links such as important bridges, tunnels and such like. The next wave to be sent in was the ‘foot soldiers’. They blew up the bridges, took control of the roads, communication center and food chains. Their aim was to bring the country to a stand still. The next wave to come in was the “top brass” army generals, officers and specialists. These people were focused on organizing and implementing new systems etc so that the country would continue to function and life would proceed as normal and as quickly as possible. They took over the control of the country in the name of their king, president or ruler. Would it be too fanciful to imagine that the Lord also uses strategy in invading countries governed by powers of darkness? That He sends in waves of denominational missionaries who prepare the countries for deliverance? Could they have been carrying out the work of spies and foot soldiers, preparing the way for those who come at the end, who will bring ‘a better way, the way of Truth?” I feel excited about what is happening here in Indonesia and believe that we are standing on the edge of a wave of revival. Your prayers and your giving are works of love and are bearing much fruit. May the Lord rain His blessings upon all of you who give support to this missionary field? It is not my work, or your work, but it is His work. We are only the laborers that He has hired at the last hour. Let us labor on, not giving in till all has been accomplished and the Lord calls us to say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”\ God bless you all

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Overseas Missions Report

Annual Indonesian Youth Camp (11 July – 24 July 2005) By Bro. Stanley Harvey

When Brothers Ben Finn, Willie Maniti and myself arrived in Jakarta, we felt a great sense of excitement and anticipation. Not only because of what we believed the Lord was goings to do through us, but also because it was the other two brethren’s first time in Indonesia. Our main task in Jakarta was to minister to the Youth, in Church and at their annual Youth Camp. While there we also preached at some other churches in the Jakarta area. The Spirit of God was evident in every service we attended as we witnessed hungry souls giving their lives to God. Staying at the JSS (UPC Indonesia) Church, pastored by Rev. Amin Lie, we spent the first two days prior to the camp adjusting to the time zone and climate. It also provided us with the opportunity to meet with the youth of the church, particularly the leadership. We spent time seeking the Lord together in prayer and supplication. This prepared the way for an outstanding Youth Camp held in the Mountainous region of Puncak, which is about 3 hours south of the capital city. The camp grounds were situated in a spectacularly scenic mountain retreat, ideal for intimate worship and inspiring services. Both Brother Finn and I ministered the Word of God, translated by Bro Jusman. Br. Willie Maniti ministered in song. Bro Amin Lie and Bro Tommy Apandi (Dunamis Ministry Leader) also preached and every message was, as it were, just a continuation of the last,

creating such unique cohesion with the ministry. There was an attendance of about 70 young people at the camp and 9 of them received the Holy Spirit for the first time. However, the work of the Holy Ghost beneath the surface, in the hearts and minds, only God can account for. The theme of the camp was “History Makers” and surely history was created in the lives of so many in that camp. Glory be to God! Our week in Jakarta was concluded by ministering at 4 different services on Sunday. Both Br. Ben and I were separated to take 2 services each, at a Chinese, English and Indonesian service and we saw 4 people baptised. The final service was more like a Home Fellowship Group in a very poor area. It was hosted by a UPC pastor in a home that belonged to a fisherman. The house was situated on the bank of river, support by stilt beams that go into the river itself. The entire house was the size of an average Australian lounge room but we managed to fit about 25 people into half of the house. The people were quite poor, but the worship and humility of the people had drawn such a thick presence of the Spirit of God. Bro Ben ministered and the people could not get enough of God’s Word. They were strengthened and revived and that serviced really stood out as the highlight for the Jakarta leg of our trip.

Evangelistic Team in Bali (11 July – 24 July 2005) By Bro. Ben Finn

The team touched down in Bali after a jam-packed yet enjoyable week in Jakarta. The first service in Bali was on a Thursday Night at the El Shaddai United Pentecostal Church (GPDSI) in Denpasar pastored by Bro Frederick. There was a great move of God as Bro Stanley ministered the word. Many hearts were touched. Next up was a Saturday Night service at the House of Prayer Church in Nusa Dua. This church is a part of the trinitarian Bethany organisation. Bro Willie did an outstanding job in ministering in music and I preached the word. There was a great response from the church and the Lord met various needs. After service we had a great time of fellowship with the leadership and saints of this church. Good friendships were established. Sunday was our last day in Indonesia and proved to be a big one. The morning started with a service at the GPDI Church in Kuta, which is a large non-UPC church. Bro Stanley ministered in preaching there with Bro Tjantana

interpreting, many were touched. I had the opportunity to preach on the same morning over at Bro Thompson’s UPC Church just outside of Kuta. Bro Willie also shared in song. About 60 attended and two were filled for the first time with the Holy Ghost. On Sunday evening the team split up with Bro Stanley preaching another service at the GPDI Church in Kuta and Bro Willie ministered in song. At the same time I preached at the UPC Church in Denpasar, pastored by Bro Frederick. Attendance was very good at both services and that evening 14 people received the Holy Ghost with many others touched and healed. After service the team then made their way straight to the airport after their respective meetings for the flight back home to Sydney.

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Overseas Missions Report

Report from Missionary Assistant Rebecca Turkington By Sis. Rebecca Turkington

I want to thank the saints of the United Pentecostal Church of Australia and specifically the Overseas Missions Department, for the opportunity to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia to assist Sis Bellette with the Bible School program. It was such an honour and privilege to have the opportunity of playing a small part in the Lord’s work of teaching hungry souls about the Word of God. My work with Sis Bellette consisted mainly of recording the teaching of the various lecturers that came to Jakarta during the three months I was there. Following the recording I spent time editing the video lessons in preparation for the Bible School Curriculum. The Lord gave us a major breakthrough when we found out how to record the teaching directly onto the computer while the lecturer and translator are in the studio, and yet being able to keep the recording on the video mini-cassette as backup. This saved at least an hour for each lesson and also solved the problem of image and sound corruptions caused by reusing the minicassettes, thus enabling us to produce more professional quality VCDs. It was also a pleasure to help Sis Bellette with some of the other aspects of her work, and to go with her to visit neighboring churches as well as the homes of some of the folks in Bro Amin’s church. We also revamped the studio arrangement and decorations to be more comfortable for the lecturers and visually pleasing for the students. Sis Bellette and I had had a lot of fun and laughter, as well as many ‘deep and meaningful’ chats. Sis Bellette did everything possible to make me feel welcome in a strange land. From the bottom of my heart I want to

UPCI News in Brief

thank her for her love and encouragement and for being an inspirational blessing to me. During the last month of my stay there, Sis Bellette returned to Australia for 3 weeks to attend the Perth Mid-Year Conference and for the Minister’s Retreat in Canberra. While she was away I stayed with a lovely church family in their home. They really made me feel welcome and took me to see many places and sights. During that time I also recorded some Bible School sessions taught by Bro Tjantana, and was able to contribute some design work for brochures advertising the visit of Sisters Gwyn Oakes, Nancy Grandquist, Jena Grech, and Bronwyn Everett. The students in the Bible School are hungry to not only gain knowledge of the Word of God, but grow in the Lord. Several times Sis Bellette mentioned how she had been in contact with some of the other pastors in Indonesia and how they had asked her how soon they would be able to establish a campus in their church. There is truly an urgent need to support this work and to make solid Bible-based teaching available as quickly as possible throughout Indonesia. The Lord is doing a great work and we are privileged to be involved. I want to encourage the Australian church let’s not be content to just ‘tag along’ but let’s keep praying … giving … going … whatever it takes to see the Lord’s will being done.

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Haiti: During a recent Mercy Medical Network clinic under the direction of Compassion Services International, 3,319 adults and 155 children received medical treatment and 1,100 pounds of rice were distributed in five remote areas of the island. However, the most important aspect of this ministry is that seeds of Jesus’ love and compassion were sown in the hearts of each of the individuals whose physical needs were met. At the national ladies conference, 562 ladies were refreshed, renewed, and encouraged by the Holy Ghost. At the annual national conference, 48 people were baptized in Jesus’ name and 36 were filled with the Holy Ghost. Belize: During the three days of the national convention services, 36 adults and children were filled with the Holy Ghost and several were baptized in Jesus’ name. Lithuania: Five people were filled with the Holy Ghost in the capital city of Vilnius. Greece: Twenty people received the Holy Ghost in a special Holy Ghost service in which Filippo Ciulla (Belgium/Switzerland) preached in Athens, Greece, the weekend of July 24. Bangladesh: Recently 161 people were baptized in the glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ in a northern area of Bangladesh!

OSM Newsletter Sep 05  

By Rev. Ewan J Glass much success in establishing the Church. It is also hoped that this couple will be able to spend a little time in Darwi...