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April 2005


Casting Our Vision By Rev. Ewan J Glass

I have no doubt that most, if not all of us, has at some time experienced a dream or a vision. You may have even heard that still small voice of God giving you direction for present or events and future projects that He desires you to have involvement in. As a boy growing up in the city of Ipswich, Queensland we were in close contact with many industrial enterprises such as coal mining, woolen mills, saw mills and the largest railway workshop in the State. Along with these huge industries came the need for several Foundries. A Foundry is an establishment that produces castings in molten metal. The Foundries would manufacture boilers, tools and many other parts for the machinery used in these industries. Manufacturing these spare parts was done by an ancient method called Metal Casting. This was done simply by first making a sand mold in the shape of the tool or piece of machinery required, and then pouring in the required molten metal. This was then allowed to cool and set.

Molten metal being poured into a casting

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When you hear from the Lord, the first thing you can be sure of is that if your dream, vision or His word for the people will always be in harmony with His Word and His Spirit. The second is that if it is from God you have no need to worry about how, where, when and why. If God has spoken to you He will surely bring it to pass if we are willing to cast it in the foundry of our hearts. Many times God has directed His people in these ways, but sadly for many diverse reasons, to often they are neglected or forgotten and have died in the heart of His people. Can you just imagine the first morning that Joseph awoke in the Presidential Suite of the Prime Ministers mansion down in old Egypt? The servants who brought in his breakfast that morning had no idea why Joseph had that stupid grin on his face. Yes, it was more than a dream; God had bought it to pass. Joseph had held onto those dreams through rejection, false accusation and even years of imprisonment. A long time ago he had cast those dreams in the foundry of his heart. How? Joseph believed God and lent not on his own understanding. It is with this thought in mind we would like to ask you to continue to support the visions of the Overseas Missions Department. We need your prayers and finances to fulfill our vision in reaching many souls with the Apostolic message in Indonesia, West Papua and East Timor. We pray that this vision will also be cast in the Foundry of your hearts. When it comes to our role in the work of the Lord, the bottom line is reaching a lost and dying world. Yours for souls,

Ewan. J Glass

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Overseas Missions Report

Update from Missionary Margaret Bellette By Sis. Margaret Bellette Visit to West Papua On the 4th February, I undertook a week long visit to the church at Jayapura, West Papua (originally known as Irian Jaya). It had been just over two years since I last visited this field. The church and the brethren, wanting to make the most of this visit had excitedly worked out a schedule whereby each family would have me visit with them personally rather than have two or three services at the church. This meant my schedule looked something like this: -

two visits a day for six days;


a special Women’s Ministry meeting Saturday night to answer questions on ‘holiness standards’;


teaching 7:00am;


preaching normal Sunday services followed by three baptisms at the beach;


an all night prayer meeting Sunday night; and


a love gathering at the church on the last night to fellowship and say our goodbyes.





Meijer would be heartened to see this family now. Pioneering a new church is only a small part of missionary work. The real work is in the establishing of the saints. It is the stabilizing, teaching and daily nurturing by visitation and teaching true doctrine that makes strong saints of God. There are now five churches in West Papua, much of this being the work of Bro Diaz, pastor of the Nabire church. We are working toward establishing a unity between these churches by establishing a Video Bible School campus in West Papua to be administered by Bro Diaz and Bro Seseray. We are praying that this will be soon.


I asked them if there was to be any rest time and they said no, if I could only come for one week every two years then everyone ‘needed to have a turn’. Exhausting, but exhilarating! Exciting too, when the river rose due to heavy rains and I praised the Lord thinking I would be unable to get across and would have a morning’s rest only to find Bro Oyang Seseray had arranged for a bigger, heavier vehicle that could ford the river and pick me up without any problem. The most wonderful aspect of this trip, apart from baptizing three people, and seeing new saints in the church, has been witnessing the wonderful spiritual growth in the original congregation. I was astonished and humbled at what the Lord has done in these people. They are a glory to Him! One man who had been an adulterer and a thief, whom everyone said was beyond hope, had repented, been baptized and had a deliverance ministry. God has blessed him and he is now a successful business man, built a two story home and is one of the leaders in the church. Bro Meijer visited the church some years ago paid a visit to this man’s home and encouraged him. Bro

Missionary Margaret Bellette and Pastor Seseray baptize a new convert in Jesus name. The glory belongs to God, but God has used the saints in the Australian churches to achieve these wonderful results. We know that we are not saved by works, yet, Revelation 22:12 tells us, ‘And behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give to every man according as his work shall be’. Our reward is over and above our salvation and it will be proportionate according to our labour in the Lord’s vineyard. To all of the brethren who have sacrificed and given of their time and their money to the work in Indonesia, there will be a reward. Let’s’ press on together. Your fellow laborer in missions,

Margaret Bellette

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Overseas Missions Report

JSS Bible School Report – Jakarta, Indonesia By Sis. Margaret Bellette

The work of establishing the Video Bible School in Indonesia is continuing with much interest being shown by the Indonesian pastors visiting JSS. They eagerly await the time when they will have their own Video Bible School. Here at SAAA (Apostolic Bible School of Asia) we have finished preparing the VCD disks, teacher and student material, review questions and tests for the 12 Units containing 76 lessons. These have been taken from Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth. The students at JSS have studied up to Unit 9 and the current lessons on Holiness have generated much friendly discussion. While teaching in the Bible School the preparation of material and VCD disks also continues. We are at present working to prepare Dr. Poe’s recording of ‘The Life of Christ’. This comprises 26 one hour lessons and as with Dividing the Word of Truth, we must create VCD disks, teacher and student notes, review questions and test papers. The work is time consuming but yields a great reward. The students are already showing a maturity in their spiritual understanding of God’s Word and it is exciting to see and hear them after each lesson discussing what they have learned. It is often difficult to end the lesson as each student has many questions. It is desired that a Video Bible School with the completed material and disks for Dividing the Word of Truth will be setup in a number of churches sometime this year and with Sis. Rebecca Turkington arriving in Jakarta on the 21st March to work for three months as an “Aimer” in this field, we hope to see great advances in our effort to complete The Life of Christ and perhaps The Book of Acts. We greatly appreciate the combined effort of the Overseas Missions and the Women’s Ministries departments for making it possible for Sis. Rebecca to come to Indonesia to assist with the work in the Indonesian Bible School. Thank you Bro. Glass and Sis. Grech, and to all who are supporting this work of the Lord.

Nabire Compassion Offering By Rev. Ewan J Glass

Upon arriving in Nabire West Papua we were greeted by Brother Alfeus Diaz, the District Superintendent and several of our UPC Ministers and leaders. They were very excited about their first visit from UPC Missionary representatives and had done much in the way of preparation. During 2004, the church in Nabire had experiencing two major earthquakes. This resulted in the destruction of many large buildings in Nabire such as churches, mosques and their market place. Since this catastrophe Nabire has had little or no help from the Indonesian Government in rebuilding the essentials such as power and water. The two main UPC buildings had been completely destroyed by the first earthquake and lay in ruins. However, we were greatly encouraged by the efforts and wisdom of our leaders and their members in beginning to reconstruct new timber buildings in place of the old brick ones. Brother Diaz has already completed the first stage of his building program and it is a beautiful meeting place. The compassion offering was received with much gratitude and tears from these brethren who had

Pastors in Nabire receiving compassion offering thought that they had been forgotten by the main body of the church. We had not informed them that we had any funds with us until the last evening, yet these brethren had shown us nothing but graciousness and brotherly love. We are believing God for great things in this region of West Papua, Indonesia.

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Overseas Missions Report

Report from Bali By Sis. Susanne Downs

In February, I had the privilege to visit our field in Bali on our return from the orphanage in India. Upon our arrival in Bali it was very hot and humid as usual. However, that was all quickly forgotten when we meet up with Pastor Thompson. Just seeing his enthusiasm and dedication to raise up a work in Bali put everything into its proper perspective. We arrived on a Wednesday and on our way to the motel from the airport Brother Thompson took us to pray for one of the saints who had been hit by a motor bike and had been in bed for three months. The church there is believing in God for a full recovery. That evening we went to the church for a prayer meeting. May I say that I am really pleased that the Women’s Ministries of Australia had purchased an airconditioner. I don't know if I would have survived otherwise. It was such a real blessing to join with the saints in prayer and talk about God’s goodness and faithfulness. It was in this prayer meeting that I first met Pastor Thompson’s wife, Sister Bertha. What a lovely and delightful lady she is and a true prayer warrior. On the Friday evening we had a ladies’ meeting which was attended by 35-40 people, mostly women but quite a few men who were not going to miss out. Such is the hunger for the word of God and fellowship with the brethren. On the Saturday Bro Thompson took us around to meet and pray for many of his contacts. This started in the morning and finished in the small hours of the Sunday morning. We woke early on the Sunday and were blessed to baptize 5 people at 6.00am on the beach near our motel. Then it was off to church with Brother Thompson and across town to Brother Freddy’s church. Each of these churches are well attended with approximately 40 people at both services. In the evening we ministered at an Assembly of God church in Kuta in the evening. Brother Downs preached on the name of Jesus. I feel blessed to have been a part of the beginning of the work in Bali. Since Bro Thompson made contact with us it has always been our prayer that God would raise up a work in Bali and now thanks to Brother Glass and the Overseas Missions Board we have been able to assist in establishing two churches that are strong and focused on reaching the lost. Pastor Thompson is facing difficulties with his employment situation; however, he remains strong is his faith and trust in God. Please keep this “flourishing” work in your prayers. Pray for the families of Pastor Thompson and Pastor Freddy. Your offerings and prayerful support to Overseas Missions are going a long way to saving the lost in Indonesia. Picture: Sis Susanne Downs with Sis Bertha (pastor wife in Bali)

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The second is that if it is from God you have no need to worry about how, where, when and why. If God has spoken to you He will surely bring...

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