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Orriant offers all New and Effective Corporate Wellness Programs to Employees It is time to take out those fitness kits, as all new and effective corporate wellness programs are here at Orriant for employees. This company focuses on providing wellness physically, mentally and fiscally to individuals and companies. Adding further, a spokesperson added, “We believe that wellness is the key to enduring happiness for all people, young and old. Orriant strives to provide increased wellness for individuals, for businesses, and for the community as a whole. It is our goal to pass on physical, mental, and fiscal wellness opportunities to the American workforce.” In fact, unlike other company Wellness Plans, Orriant is designed to be a simple and easy to implement program. Lowering costs for businesses by making the employees accountable for their lifestyle choices and rewarding them for making good decisions that would lead to better health. Orriant, being an opt-in program, where employees commit to live healthier lifestyles by keeping fitness and wellness as their goals has made healthy living a trend. Employees who are able to meet their goals will enjoy better health, along with lower premium for their health insurance. Whereas, employees who choose not to participate in the program or don't strive to complete their goals end up paying a little more for their health insurance premiums. And the employees, who don’t participate, end up funding the discounts for both the healthy employees and the business as a whole. About Orriant:Through Orriant’s company wellness plans, participants become healthier which decreases the number of doctor visits, contributing to lower monthly premiums. Janice is just one of the many success stories to emerge from Orriant’s corporate wellness programs. Orriant participants are continually seeing healthy improvements such as weight loss, lower cholesterol, and a decrease in blood pressure. With an increase in health and well-being, increased productivity in the workplace goes hand-in-hand with Orriant participants. To find out more about Orriant’s corporate wellness programs and how they effectively lower employee healthcare costs, visit Contact:9980 South 300 West Ste. 100 Sandy, UT 84070 Office: 801-266-0990 Toll Free: 1-888-346-0990

Orriant offers all new and effective corporate wellness programs to employees