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MD Ware Software Announces Software Solutions for Salons MD Ware Software has announced its software solutions for salon businesses. This software has been developed to help the beauticians to book appointments for their clients very easily and to make the operations for an operator very easy. The company has also developed Medical Practice Software, Cosmetic Spa Appointment Scheduling and the remarks received were fairly positive. “Beauty salon equipment will not only take an enormous load off of your shoulders but also increase the efficiency and productivity of your business as a whole. Relying on employees to manually book and manage hair and nail appointments is outdated, MD-Ware's specially developed appointment software has all of the necessary capabilities to do what an office manager would do, but this particular type of beauty salon equipment does it without mistakes or conflicting dates and times. Every receptionist or manager knows how those accidental conflictions with hair and nail appointments tend to happen regardless of how careful you're being, so why even risk it when you can purchase error-free appointment software from the foremost name in beauty salon equipment, MD-Ware.� said a spokesperson from the company. Apart from the integrated features like scheduling appointments in its Salon Appointment Software, the package can also send out SMS reminders, can conduct both credit and debit card transactions and can also check the availability of rooms and staff at the same time. About The Company; MD-Ware strives to establish solid client relationships with hospitality operations worldwide." This is our mission when developing such high quality medical and medi-spa management software. We see this technology as more than just another way to handle appointment scheduling and practice management; we look at it as an uncomplicated way to simplify and enlighten the way hospital and salon protocols and appointments are conducted. To learn more visit,

Md ware software announces software solutions for salons