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ISOframe® Wave 8

ISOframe® Wave

The World’s first fully flexible exhibition system. Ideal for any exhibitor who requires maximum flexibility to suit multiple venue spaces. Bend it into almost any shape and extend or reduce the size whilst setting up at the show. Tool-less assembly and easy portability – perfect for the self-build exhibitor.

ISOframe速 Wave

Stunning looks, elegant shapes, infinite flexibility, useful accessories and extremely user-friendlyISOframe Wave is the first portable display system that can be formed into any shape during set-up.

Flex your entire graphic wall into the shape you need at each event, whether freestanding or within a shell scheme. Extend or reduce your display as you go without re-printing graphics. The unique, patented Flexi-Wave link gives the system total flexibility to fit any shell scheme or freestanding floor space. ISOframe Wave is also portable by car and assembled without tools - ideal for the DIY exhibitor. Free, quality 3D stand design program. Try it online at

Key Points Tool-less assembly and portable by car. Flex the display to create any shape you need Enlarge or reduce to suit the venue 2090mm, 2290mm and 2490mm height options i-Line system for perfect graphic alignment Attach tables, shelves and media screens. Perfect for shell schemes or space only events

Simple graphic hanging and alignment with the new i-Line system.

The entire stand is assembled without tools.

The new Flexi-Wave link sits behind the graphics for improved aesthetics.

The patented Flexi-Wave link means that the frame can be flexed to almost any shape during or after set-up.


ISOframe速 Wave ISOframe Wave is ideal for shell scheme spaces to create a totally different aesthetic.


Extend or reduce the size of your stand to suit different exhibition spaces.

Wave stands can be used freestanding without a shell scheme.

Stands can be added to at a later stage to meet new requirements.

ISOframe速 Wave

From render to reality, our finished stands really do look like the concept drawing.


ISOFrame Wave Product Brochure  
ISOFrame Wave Product Brochure  

Now available in South Africa - exclusively through Jadeye Exhibitions