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Product and Graphic Designer A highly motivated and outgoing Undergraduate student based in London, who enjoys ensuring an exceptional work standard at all times. I love to think outside the box, and have a thriving passion and thirst for design; qualities that enhance my ability to become the best designer I can be.




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1 Chopstix


3 HealthBreak


5 Rotatable

LDN Stool


BRIEF Design a product to be used as a promotional product or gadget by a brand, with their logo and brand guidlines incorporated. The product can be traditional or brand new, and must have a reasonable life-cycle as this will ensure it is cost effective. Cultural differences may also be considered, and perishable goods may not be used.

The form of the Chopstix box is plain and simple. The nature of this promotional product is to project the brand, so I aimed to keep the product form as minimalistic as possible. The box has a small, clear PVC window to show the contents to the user, as the box itself does not reveal much about the product so this provides a brief insight whilst also reflecting the brand.


The size of the box and compactability means that the user can transport the product efficiently and hassle-free. The actual chopsticks are retractable and reusable, and therefore allow for the user to give back to the environment by using a sustainable product. The keyring attatchment means that eating out has never been easier; now that a compact, portable cutlery solution is available- for free!


The style of the final design screams simplicity. The minimalistic approach allows the product to focus on projecting the brand, and therefore serving its purpose as a promotional product. The sleek, black box inspired by the simplistic brand guidlines is suited to a wide target market, complying with the needs of the typical Wagamamas customer.



RESEARCH FINDINGS MIND MAPPING -1 in 5 foodies bought food from a

restaurant 15 or more times in a typical month, which translates to at least every other day.

- 78% of people asked aged 18-25

said that they had visited Wagamama at least once within the last month.

- 100% of people asked aged 18-

25 said they have been delivered food that DID NOT come with cutlery.





User arrives at a music festivalwants to look fashionable whilst also concerned about sustainable fashion.



Heat and sweat causes the consumer to become sweaty and concerned about appearance detrimental to their enjoyment.

Consumer swaps their shoes after payment, and recieves a pair of Havaiana trainers, made from recycled rubber and thermochromic fabric.



Consumer arrives in fashionable shoes that have become hot and they do not want to get dirty.

Consumer wears trainers around the festival, heat is absorbed by shoe and reflects colours to utilise heat energy.



The consumer approachs the Havaiana Hut with a pre-paid deposit or card payment to be made on the day.

Each pair of shoes reflects customer’s own body heat, and they are able to party without causing excessive sweat and discomfort.


A sustainable fashion concept that combats discomfort whilst also achieving the ultimate, unique fashion statement. The product incorporates a service that enhances Haviana’s brand values, whilst also complying with the latest trends and preaching sustainability.



PERSONA / Phoebe Hunter

Research Scenario Research of how different groups of society are affected by loneliness. In this instance, Questionnaires allowed for dictation of which specific user group to target; students. I then interviewed Phoebe Hunter, aged 22, a Nottingham Trent student, to empathise with her feelings and assist in creating a product that may help to uplift loneliness within student’s lives.

Accounting for how different groups in society are affected by loneliness, design a way to reduce its impact on one or more of the following: physical health, mental health, or access to services.

What is RotaTable? RotaTable is a spinning wheel that provides interactive recipes after a simple spin to provide an oppurtunity for interactive mealtimes within student housing. The device features a magnet, which enables it to be placed on one of the key elements of the kitchen the fridge. The wheel can be spun using the small handles on each segment. Each segment would have a unique QR code, corresponding to a particular cuisine. Once the wheel stops spinning, users would then scan the QR code with their phone on the RotaTable app. The app would then provide the cuisine and a range of recipes to choose from.

CAD Development


Final Concept

BRIEF Design an immersive experience and exclusive KitKat product offering for Nestle Chocolatory. This should include a promotion of the Nestle Cocoa Life Plan in a fun and engaging way.

The form of the KitKat Chocolatory HealthBreak system is intended to be easily understood and recognisable. The bracelet is thin and sleek, to fit aorund a person’s wrist, whilst the touch screen is large and thin; to consume as little space as possible whilst also gaining the attention of customers within the store.


The product is all about hyperpersonalisation, and enhances the way the consumer purchases KitKat Chocolatory. The consumer can attach the braceletto their wrist; which connects to a monitor and displays statistics from the user’s body, generating a fulfilling flavour combination to compliment their taste buds and state of health.


The style of the final design is extremely simplistic. The idea was to keep it as minimalist as possible, as this would make a bold statement and attract people to the device when in store. The size of the bracelet is purposeful to fit all types of customers, and increase inclusivity, displayed by the adjustment strap. choosing a royal blue as this is bright, bold, and gender neutral - perfect for the experience.


Application Mock Up The information can then be stored on the Chocolatory app, where the consumer may take a personality test if they are unable to attend a pop up store or are purchasing the product as a gift. The application and the monitor with both then simulate an AR image of the chosen sweet treat, and a choice of 3 different packaging types, so the consumer can get a glimpse of the aesthetics before they make a purchase.

You are currently sustaining a heart rate

of 107 BPM. This is regarded as HIGH. A snack suggestion from us would be one of our healthier combinations. Why not try an Elderflower and Honey KitKat?



PERSONA / Wealthy Heavy Spender

Research Scenario Concept Development

After selecting the target market of wealthy heavy spenders, I had to further research into their livelihoods and average spendings on furnishings and other household items. I did this by using the Internet to focus on interviews, and also research into existing brands that will already have products available at the standard price range for such item.

Model Making A selection of sketch models created to envisage how manufacturing would occur for this bar stool. The models also allowed for experiment with form and style, seeing which shape best suited the function of the product.







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Jade Smith- Design Portfolio 2020  

Jade Smith- Design Portfolio 2020