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Youth Foundation Inc. Why & What? By Jade Robinson, Youth Foundation Inc.

Jade Robinson Youth Foundation I created Youth Foundation Inc. as an initiative to help struggling teens and their families. I have dedicated 18 years of my live in making parent-teen relationships work and I'm on a mission to make parenting a better discipline and create the BEST future citizens from the teens of today. Here's the mission statement I have created for Youth Foundation Inc.: Youth Foundation's mission is to provide a positive learning environment that will educate young men and women, and motivate them to build strong character, positive self-esteem, responsible decision making and stronger family relationships. Contd...

Jade Robinson Youth Foundation Some of the key points about Youth Foundation:

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Academic Program: Designed to help students maximize learning and be a better human being Character Building Classes: State-of-the-art motivation, direction and tools to build a strong character Seminars and Workshops: For Students and Parents - Learning by doing. Physical Fitness and Exercise: Ill physique seldom creates strong character - here your physical self is taken care of and nurtured 24 Hours Supervision: If you don't inspect what you expect, you wouldn't know the progress. Monitoring makes all that difference. Motivation: Youth Foundation removes the obstacles for a teen child to get himself or herself motivated to do the right things. Contd...

Jade Robinson Youth Foundation

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Jade Robinson Youth Foundation

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Jade Robinson Youth Foundation  
Jade Robinson Youth Foundation  

Jade Robinson Youth Foundation Inc. (YFI) is one of the important initiative he has taken to help struggling teens & their families, in his...