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India commitment. Global capabilities. Taking your opportunity further. That’s return on relationship. The information in this brochure is intended to be a general introduction to the services provided by Bank of America N.A. and DSP Merrill Lynch and its subsidiaries in your jurisdiction. Some products and services may not be available in all jurisdictions or to all clients. DSP Merrill Lynch Limited or any of its subsidiaries are not authorized to conduct securities business in the United States or any other jurisdiction except India.

on and after the earliest to occur of the date of (i) public announcement of discussions relating to such transaction, (ii) public announcement of such transaction or (iii) execution of a definitive agreement (with or without conditions) to enter into such transaction; provided, however, that if such transaction is not consummated for any reason, the provisions of this sentence shall cease to apply.

This material is intended to provide information only and is not intended to be construed as a solicitation for the sale of any particular investment or service. It does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation, and particular needs of, and does not represent investment advice or personal recommendation to, any person. Investors should seek financial advice regarding the appropriateness of any investments or investment strategies discussed in this document. Investments are subject to risks, including loss of principal invested. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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DSP Merrill Lynch or Bank of America, N.A. does not accept any liability whatsoever, direct or indirect, that may arise from the use of the information herein. Opinions expressed in this document are subject to change without notice.

DSP Merrill Lynch Capital Limited has a valid certificate of registration dated 11-07-2005 issued by the Reserve Bank of India under Section 45 IA of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. However, the Reserve Bank of India does not accept any responsibility or guarantee about the present position as to the financial soundness of the company or for the correctness of any of the statements or representations made or opinions expressed by the company for repayment of deposits / discharge of liabilities by the company. Neither is their any provision in law to keep, nor does the companies keep any part of the deposits with the Reserve Bank and by issuing the Certificate of Registration to the companies, the Reserve Bank neither accepts any responsibility nor guarantee for the payment of the deposit amount to any depositor

We do not provide legal, compliance, tax or accounting advice. Accordingly, any statements contained herein as to tax matters were neither written nor intended by us to be used and cannot be used by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties that may be imposed on such taxpayer. If any person uses or refers to any such tax statement in promoting, marketing or recommending a partnership or other entity, investment plan or arrangement to any taxpayer, then the statement expressed herein is being delivered to support the promotion or marketing of the transaction or matter addressed and the recipient should seek advice based on its particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. Notwithstanding anything that may appear herein or in other materials to the contrary, the Company shall be permitted to disclose the tax treatment and tax structure of a transaction (including any materials, opinions or analyses relating to such tax treatment or tax structure, but without disclosure of identifying information or, except to the extent relating to such tax structure or tax treatment, any nonpublic commercial or financial information)


India commitment. Global capabilities.

Bank of America, National Association (“the Bank”), is a banking entity incorporated in United States of America. The Bank has been licenced by Reserve Bank of India to provide banking and foreign exchange services in India. The Bank currently neither offers any exchange-traded products or services to its existing customers nor does it market such products or services to prospective customers.

DSP Merrill Lynch: SEBI Regn Nos. Stock Broking: INB/INF 011348134, INB/INF 231348138, INB201348134; Merchant Banker: INM000011625, Portfolio Manager: INP 000003336, Depository Participant: IN-DP-NSDL-223-2001. Registered Office: DSP Merrill Lynch Limited, Mafatlal Centre, 8th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021. Tel.: (91-22) 6632 8000. Fax: (91-22) 6632 8579

“Our biggest strength and opportunity are our global footprint and unparalleled local integrated platform which enable us to provide comprehensive and value-added financial services to our esteemed clients.”




Meeting your unique objectives with global capabilities and Asia commitment

–Kaku Nakhate, President and Country Head, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, India

Bank of America N.A., India


Realizing your opportunities with insightful solutions and long-term relationships

In-depth fixed income expertise for companies and investors Corporate banking solutions that bring out the best in your business Multicurrency loans that match your needs Treasury and cash management services designed to optimize your working capital Contact Bank of America

Merrill Lynch

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Bringing you a powerhouse of proven capabilities Global markets innovation to address your unique objectives Global investment banking with leading on-the-ground expertise Bank of America One Bryant Park New York, NY USA

Insightful and objective research for informed investing Global wealth and investment management that takes a holistic approach Contact Merrill Lynch Accolades

Shared values and commitment


Corporate Responsibility Diversity and Inclusion


India commitment. Global capabilities.

India commitment. Global capabilities.



Bank of America Corporation (BAC)

Meeting your unique objectives with global capabilities and Asia commitment.

Bank of America Corporation (our parent company) is among the world’s largest and most comprehensive financial institutions. It serves the financial needs of businesses, government and multilateral entities and individuals around the globe through its operations in more than 40 countries—from the world’s largest corporations and institutional investors to local and regional businesses representing every size and industry, as well as individual consumers. Working together across disciplines and geographies, we provide the capabilities and strength of one of the world’s largest financial institutions to help our clients achieve their unique, wide ranging objectives. Since the coming together of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch in January 2009, clients and customers of Bank of America Merrill Lynch and its various banking and broker-dealer affiliates now have access to an even broader array of world-class corporate and investment banking, sales and trading, strategic advisory, risk management and other financial expertise. Bank of America Merrill Lynch is also one of the world’s

leading wealth management companies, providing comprehensive wealth management and investment services for individuals and businesses globally. With more than 15,000 Financial Advisors/Private Wealth Managers and approximately $2.2 trillion in client assets, it is among the largest businesses of its kind in the world. In the Asia Pacific region, we have more than 60 years of on-the-ground experience and a broad network that spans 12 countries and territories, five time zones and more than a dozen languages. Our presence includes Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, People’s Republic of China, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. In India, our broad solutions are delivered through four subsidiaries: Bank of America N.A., DSP Merrill Lynch Limited (DSPML), DSP Merrill Lynch Capital Limited (DSPMLC) and DSP Merrill Lynch Trust Services Limited (DSPMLTS).

Nine Months Ended September 30, 2010 Revenue

$87.8 billion1

Total assets

$2.33 trillion

Capital strength

Tier 1 capital ratio of 11.16% and total capital ratio of 15.65%



Client relationships:

 9% of Fortune 500 companies; 9 82% of Fortune Global 500 companies; and approximately 57 million consumer and small business relationships



India commitment. Global capabilities.

Revenue net of interest expense on a fully taxable-equivalent basis.

India commitment. Global capabilities.


Bank of America N.A., India Realizing your opportunities with insightful solutions and long-term relationships.

With nearly five decades of commitment, dedication and growth in India, Bank of America N. A. (BANA) is one of India’s leading corporate banks and part of Bank of America’s broad global reach. We work closely with Indian corporations, financial institutions, subsidiaries of large multinational companies, and U.S. commercial banking clients, to understand their unique objectives, deliver insightful solutions and build longterm relationships. Our India-based client managers and product specialists work together to meet our clients’ comprehensive needs, including working capital requirements, treasury management, trade finance solutions, capital raising, risk management, foreign exchange and fixed income.

In-depth fixed income expertise for companies and investors.  ompanies and institutions require sophisticated C solutions to manage the challenges of investing and operating globally across multiple currencies, interest rate environments and regulatory structures. Our global markets specialists take a solution-oriented approach to meeting the needs of clients in India and around the world.  e leverage extensive experience, in-depth market W knowledge and a wide range of capabilities across currencies, interest rates and credit to provide the right solutions for you. • Currency solutions—Premier foreign exchange advice and solutions from the preferred provider to top-tier Indian corporations, multinational companies and financial institutions. We offer long-standing experience in executing large, complex transactions, and managing large ticket capital flows. In addition, we are a leading market maker for various crosscurrency swaps, enabling clients to hedge assets and


India commitment. Global capabilities.

liabilities denominated in a wide range of currencies. • Interest rate solutions—Leading primary dealer in government securities and market-leading innovation and trading capabilities across bonds, Indian rupee rate derivatives and structured solutions, including ground breaking customized derivative solutions for hedging clients’ long-term liabilities. • Credit solutions—Unmatched depth and breadth of investor and issuer relationships and specialized expertise in providing timely, bespoke financing solutions to meet specific liability and asset management objectives. In addition, our dedicated operations team maintains high standards of compliance, efficiency and focus in seamlessly serving our clients.

Corporate banking solutions that bring out the best in your business. Our experienced client managers are at the forefront of every client relationship. Understanding the unique complexities of your business is how we address your critical objectives, wherever you do business. We invest the time to understand what drives your company— your immediate objectives, long-term goals and ever-changing market and competitive environments. Together we create opportunities for you that lead to more opportunities by drawing upon the broad expertise and resources of one of the world’s largest financial institutions. We partner closely with you to meet your complete corporate banking needs, including a full array of lending, global treasury and trade services and foreign exchange, interest rate and credit products.

India commitment. Global capabilities.


Multicurrency loans that match your needs. Our broad lending platform and deep client commitment gives you access to comprehensive, flexible financing solutions based on currencies, tenors and interest rates that match your needs. • Rupee and foreign currency working capital loans— Short-term, cost-effective financing solutions ranging from a single day up to one year in duration. We provide rupee loans, cash credit/overdraft facilities, local bill discounting and and import and export (pre- and post-shipment) financing solutions.. • Rupee and foreign currency term loans—Proven expertise in providing term financing solutions to a wide spectrum of clients. We have a long-standing leading market position in foreign currency term lending and strong on-the-ground capabilities for rupee term loans. • Structured finance/term lending—Ability to structure and tailor financing solutions to suit specific requirements, including providing suitable options and flexibility on security, covenants, recourse, tenor, amortization and repayment.

Treasury services designed to optimize your working capital. We deliver the capabilities, information, analytics and execution support you need to optimize your global working capital and liquidity — with greater visibility, efficiency, speed and control. • Accounts—Extensive local in-country accounts (demand and time deposits) and the ability to link you to the world’s major clearing systems and provide back office processing for most major currencies. This includes local clearing in Asia through 19 branches across 12 countries, and escrow services for capital markets and various other transactions. 6

India commitment. Global capabilities.

• Payments—Outsource your entire business-tobusiness and business-to-consumer payables processing, including all types of paper, electronic and statutory payments. Bank of America ensures timely processing of your domestic high value payments through Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) across more than 73,000 bank branches as well as your low value payments using Electronic Clearing Services/ National Electronic Clearing System (ECS/NECS). In addition, we cater to your cross-border payments and receipts needs as well as enable you to outsource your local draft and cheque issuance to Bank of America, covering over 9,000 locations. • eCommerce—Our online payment initiation capabilities provide you a secure and efficient platform for flexible initiation, approval, access and management of transactions from virtually anywhere in the world through a web browser. We cater to all industry standard payments and report formats and support payment approval matrices based on your board mandates.

management and investment solutions. We take a strategic, end-to-end approach by accommodating operational cash needs with local and regional resident/non-resident account structures and sweep solutions. We also provide enhanced visibility and control of group-wide liquidity using our state-of-theart online information reporting capability to support your treasury objectives and compliance-related requirements. • Global cash management—Flexibility to concentrate excess liquidity/cash between offshore accounts spread across the world at different locations, including third-party local banks, helping companies make payments, reduce debt and invest cash effectively. We also provide USD clearing services to financial institutions and banks from our New York branch, plus multicurrency clearing products, including Australian Dollar (AUD), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Thai Baht (THB), Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and Saudi Riyal (SAR) accounts.

• Receipts—At Bank of America, we understand how important receivables management is to your business cycle. Our extensive domestic branch and correspondent bank network in over 3,000 cities across India facilitate timely collection and efficient clearing. We can improve your receivables processing with enhanced data capture and reporting capabilities. We help you meet your business process improvement objectives with a comprehensive array of electronic collections, including domestic electronic funds transfer (high and low value) and reconciliation support using virtual accounts.

• Trade services and finance—Specialised global trade expertise and technology designed for large multinational importers and exporters, middle market companies and financial institutions. Through offices in 40 countries, backed by more than 2,500 correspondent banking relationships, we are at the forefront of successful commercial trade in all major time zones. Services include banker’s acceptance, which provides cost-effective financing of international trade for shipments under letters of credit, collection or open account, as well as guidance in seeking financing through the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Exim) and Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).

• Liquidity—Dedicated global liquidity consultants help you analyse and strive to enhance your working capital with comprehensive global liquidity

• Client fulfilment services—We are committed to providing world-class service and fulfilment experience. This includes simplifying documentation,

providing flexible service options, helping you monitor your accounts against unexpected events and maintaining quality performance standards. Knowing you have the right solutions and support enables you to focus more of your time on the critical functions that add value to your business. For Bank of America accolades, turn to page 14.

Contact Bank of America Mumbai Express Tower, Nariman Point Mumbai 400021 Tel: (91 22) 6632 3094 / 6632 3000 Fax: (91 22) 2202 9016 / 2287 0981

Bengaluru Tel: (91 80) 2532 6030 Fax: (91 80) 2532 6025

Chennai Tel: (91 44) 2852 3856 Fax: (91 44) 2852 2550

Kolkata Tel: (91 33) 2288 3388 Fax: (91 33) 2288 4488

New Delhi Tel: (91 11) 6616 2000 Fax: (91 11) 2371 4042

India commitment. Global capabilities.


Merrill Lynch Bringing you a financial powerhouse of proven capabilities.

DSP Merrill Lynch Limited (DSPML) is a subsidiary of Merrill Lynch in India, and part of Bank of America Corporation. DSPML is one of India’s leading investment banking, broking and wealth management firms, providing seamless local and global advisory services for private and public organisations and private clients.

Global markets innovation to address your unique objectives.

Our legacy and experience in the Indian financial markets began more than 140 years ago through the brokerage firm DS Purbhoodas & Co, which later became DSP Financial Consultants Limited and is now DSPML. Today we continue to help transform our clients’ visions into realities by understanding individual needs, customizing solutions, introducing new capabilities to the Indian financial marketplace and by leveraging the firm’s full resources worldwide.

Our sales and trading professionals have extensive experience in Indian capital markets and offer you a wide array of equities and debt solutions designed for your unique objectives.

Our businesses in India include: • DSP Merrill Lynch Limited—A full-service investment banking and brokerage firm providing capital raising solutions, mergers and acquisitions advisory, securities research, sales and trading capabilities and investment advisory. • DSP Merrill Lynch Capital Limited—A leading NBFCregistered with the Reserve Bank of India. Solutions include securities-based loans, IPO financing, secured receivables-backed financing, real estate and other collaterals, and structured products designed to meet the investment needs of clients. • DSP Merrill Lynch Trust Services Limited—Provides trust services as a wealth management tool to help clients with succession planning.

We develop innovative and sophisticated solutions to help the world’s leading corporations, financial institutions and investors achieve their mutual goals in the global capital markets.

• Equity sales and trading—World-class sales and trading capabilities across cash, derivatives and structured solutions led by dedicated India sales specialists. Our global client coverage extends across Mumbai, London, New York, Pacific Rim and the Middle East, supported by Merrill Lynch’s global sales resources. We offer leading India access products supported by hedge fund sales specialists and are a top fund mobiliser in India with highly regarded corporate access and non-deal road shows, including premier India investor conferences. In addition, we are a pioneer of electronic trading in India offering algorithmic trading and co-location capabilities. • Futures and options—Customised equity derivatives solutions and a powerful platform for efficient and robust, high volume derivatives trading. We are one of the leading option market makers in listed index and single stock options, and an industry pioneer in providing self- and third-party futures and options clearing services. • Structured products—Innovative solutions linked to Indian exchange indices, stock baskets, mutual funds,

DSP Merrill Lynch Limited: SEBI Regn Nos. Stock Broking: INB/INF 011348134, INB/INF 231348138, INB201348134; Merchant Banker: INM000011625, Portfolio Manager: INP 000003336, Depository Participant: IN-DP-NSDL-223-2001. Registered Office: DSP Merrill Lynch Limited, Mafatlal Centre, 8th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021. Tel.: (91-22) 6632 8000. Fax: (91-22) 6632 8579 8

India commitment. Global capabilities.

India commitment. Global capabilities.


ETFs, research-backed themes and quantitative analysis-based themes, drawing on our company’s broad global capabilities. We are one of India’s earliest providers of equity structured products and innovative structured solutions serving an array of sophisticated investors, including private banks, asset managers, portfolio managers, Indian corporations and private wealth managers clients. We have a strong and experienced leadership team in operations with a wide product-based skill set. Our dedicated client relations team interacts with international clients and custodians and services cash equities, equity derivatives, and equity/debt structured products needs. We employ the highest standards of compliance, control and efficiency to ensure successful trade processing and settlements using state-of-the-art systems and technology. We offer seamless depository services with over USD 14 billion in assets.

Global investment banking with leading on-the-ground expertise. Working with Merrill Lynch in India gives you the broad capabilities of a global investment banking leader and the proven experience and track record of one of the oldest foreign investment banks in the country. Our worldwide presence, product platform, expertise and issuer-investor relationships are competitive advantages in meeting your complete investment banking needs. We leverage our extensive client base, global strengths, financial capabilities and capital resources to help you access the capital markets locally and globally, providing innovative strategies and strategic financing and advisory services. For mergers and acquisitionsrelated objectives, we offer unparalleled experience and a leading position in facilitating the largest, most complex domestic and cross-border M&A. 10

India commitment. Global capabilities.

In India, we are at the forefront of transformative public and private deals representing the full debtequity continuum, from short-term loans and leveraged finance to hybrids and listed equity. We offer one of the largest teams of experts based here on the ground, an extensive retail network and powerful distribution platform spanning the globe. • Equity capital raising—The world’s largest arranger of equity and equity-linked products from 2005 through the first nine months of 2010, with more than USD 460 billion raised for our corporate clients. We are also a leading pioneer in Indian equity capital raisings, delivering more than USD 46 billion for Indian corporates from FY 2001 through the first [insert] months of FY 2011. Our global distribution platform comprises more than 2,000 institutional equity sales professionals, traders and analysts, including over 200 professionals in Asia equity sales, all working closely to serve 5,500 institutional accounts across 70 exchanges and 44 countries. • Debt capital raising—The global leader across a full spectrum of debt solutions and asset classes. From January 2008 to August 2010, we led the league tables with USD 270 billion raised for our clients in the investment grade corporate bond markets. We are ranked #1 in syndicated loans through the first [insert] months of 2010, and are also the top underwriter of corporate high yield debt in the U.S. markets. We have also played a pioneering role in the perpetual securities market, leading the year’s highest profile transaction. Our leadership in debt capital markets is backed by more than 1,700 debt sales, structuring, trading and origination professionals globally, including over 450 professionals in Asia and Australia.

Insightful and objective research for informed investing. Making informed, timely decisions is critical to investors. With more than 800 analysts focusing on equity, macro and credit research, we offer one of the world’s most respected research organizations. In India, Merrill Lynch was one of the first firms to establish a research team dedicated to macro and company research. Our in-country analysts offer insights informed by both detailed local knowledge and worldwide information resources. • Broad coverage—We cover 100% of Sensex stocks, 94% of MSCI India Index stocks and 85% of India’s total market capitalization. Our team and our coverage is among the largest in India, including a dedicated mid-cap research team. • Expert perspective—Our top-rated India research combines local, regional and global intelligence and is highly valued by a broad array of large institutional clients. • Adding value—We add value to our clients with proven accuracy that leads to smarter investment decisions along with award-winning macroeconomic research that enables investors to take a topdown view.

Establish Objectives Set Strategy Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Process Review Progress Implement Solutions

Global wealth and investment management that takes a holistic approach. As India’s leading wealth manager, our Global Wealth and Investment Management (GWIM) team adapts Merrill Lynch’s world-class capabilities to deliver quality investment advice and robust products and solutions. Our dedicated Financial Advisors strive to build longterm relationships with resident and non-resident Indians and Indian corporate investors, earning your trust and supporting your objectives with the full power of our global franchise. All supported by exceptional service teams, product and investment experts, insightful research and seamless execution capabilities. • Best-in-class investment solutions—Broad array of equities and derivatives, structured notes and PMS, mutual funds, debt and equity, bonds, alternative investments including private equity (PE) and real estate, and open architecture that includes offerings from DSP Merrill Lynch and other providers in the market. India commitment. Global capabilities.


• Liquidity solutions*—Loans to generate liquidity while retaining long-term investments, loans against shares, mutual funds and structured notes, as well as IPO financing.

Contact Merrill Lynch

• Business solutions—Investment and corporate banking, including equity and debt capital raising, qualified institutional placements (QIP), M&A and corporate loans; advice on treasury investments for liquid cash, debt and equities; trade finance for import/export payments; and foreign exchange remittances and structured solutions.

Registered & Corporate Office Mafatlal Centre, 8th Floor Nariman Point Mumbai 400 021. INDIA Tel: (91 22) 6632 8000 / 2280 4100 Fax: (91 22) 6632 8579

• International investments—Access to global research, investment expertise and platform, including non-India investment themes and diversified portfolio risk through global exposure. • Trust and succession planning—Structured family trust solutions designed for your specific needs, and smooth wealth transfer through Merrill Lynch corporate trusteeship structure. • Research-led advice—Wealth team analysis to identify investment themes for high net worth individuals (HNI) clients, rigorous, objective duediligence in selecting products, and industry leading insights on the India economy, equity and debt markets and specific stocks from the Global Research team. • Comprehensive financial planning—Global Merrill Lynch structured four-step investment process provides a holistic approach to planning for your financial goals and superior tools and reporting capabilities to implement and track your plans.


Bengaluru Tel: (91 80) 2226 4114 Fax: (91 80) 2226 4116 Chennai Tel: (91 44) 4391 1717 Fax: (91 44) 4391 1718 Kolkata Tel: (91 33) 2282 1828 Fax: (91 33) 2282 9497 New Delhi Tel: (91 11) 43579500 Fax: (91 11) 43579600

For Merrill Lynch accolades, turn to pages 14-15.


India commitment. Global capabilities.

* Offered through DSP Merrill Lynch Capital Limited

India commitment. Global capabilities.


Merrill Lynch: A proven financial leader Merrill Lynch has an extensive track record of developing innovative and strategic solutions for clients in India. We’ve earned several notable awards from independent international agencies in the past five years, including:

Institutional Investor • #1 Asia’s Best Sales Team, 2009 • #4 Equity Research, 2009 • #3 Equity Research, 2008 & 2005

Our track record of developing innovative, winning solutions is well-recognised. Bank of America has earned several notable awards, including:

• #2 Sales & Trading, 2007 • Best Domestic Equity House, 2006 • #1 Overall Sales Service, 2006 • #2 Best Execution & Best in Sales & Trading, 2006

Thomson Reuters Extel Surveys

• #3 Overall Country Research, 2006

• #1 Equity Research, 2009

• Best Equity House, 2005 • #1 Sales Service & Trading, 2005

Bank of America N.A., India Earning trust and recognition in India

• #2 Best Execution, 2007

Consistent pioneering performances


• #1 Overall Country Research, 2005

• #1 Best Sectoral Earnings Estimators: Industrials, 2009

• #1 Execution, 2005

• #3 Best Sectoral Earnings Estimators: Real Estate, 2009

• #1 Best Conferences & Events, 2005

First ADR issue from India

First credit enhanced Euro-convertible bond Issue

• #2 Overall Best Brokerage House, 2009

• E&Y/Financial Express Best Bank Award: ‘Best Foreign Bank in India’ for 2008 & 2009

Lead Manager

Lead Arranger

• #2 Best Stock Pickers: Industrials, 2009

• Best M&A House, 2008

• #2 Best Stock Pickers: IT, 2009

• Best Equity House in India, 2007

• E&Y/Financial Express Best Bank Award: ‘Best Bank in India by Efficiency’ for 2008 & 2009

First limited recourse telecom financing in India

First sponsored leveraged buyout financing in India

• #3 Best Stock Pickers: Consumers, 2009

• Best Asia Investment Grade Bond for ICICI Bank, 2007

• E&Y/Financial Express Best Bank Award: ‘Best Bank in India by Credit Quality’ for 2007

Lead Arranger

Left Lead Arranger

First US private debt placement for an Indian corporate Lead Agent

Merrill Lynch

First PSU private placements of debt via book building

Advisor for the “India Growth Fund,” the first U.S. - registered fund, which was promoted by the Unit Trust of India First NY Stock Exchange listing from India

Lipper • #2 Earnings Accuracy for Small/Mid Caps • Runner Up: Performance Recommendations

• #1 Overall Best American Company Operating in India, 2008 First Indian securities business house to arrange a private placement of securities with FIIs in India First secondary ADR offering for an Indian issuer

First floating rate bond offering in India linked to overnight call rates


First FRN issue in India

• Best Private Bank, 2005 – 2008

Finance Asia • Best Secondary Equity Offering for ICICI Bank, 2007 • Best Investment Grade Bond for ICICI Bank, 2007 • Best Foreign Investment Bank, 2006 • Best Equity House, 2005 • Best Investment Bank, 2005

First concurrent common share/ADS offering by an Indian issuer

• #2 Sales Trading, 2008


• #2 Overall Country Research, 2008

• ICICI Bank named Asia Investment Grade Bond of the Year, 2007

• #2 Execution, 2008 • #2 Roadshows & Company Visits, 2008

First 100% domestic bookbuilt issue in domestic markets


• #1 Sales Person, 2008

• #2 Events & Conferences, 2008 First Asian Accelerated Tender offering

• Best Domestic Investment Bank, 2005

• Best M&A House, 2005

Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) • #1 Best U.S. Company in the Financial Services Sector, 2008

Consistent pioneering performances

The Asset

• Best Asia Follow-on Equity Offering for ICICI Bank, 2007 • #1 Earnings Accuracy for Big Caps, 2009

First limited recourse foreign currency oil refinery financing in India Lead Arranger

Structured and co-lead managed “The India Fund,” the first country fund for international investments in the Indian stock markets

• #2 Overall Best Earnings Estimator, 2009

First ever Greenshoe mechanism for price stabilisation

• Best Asia Equity Deal for ICICI, 2007

Global Finance • Best Investment Bank, 2006

• #1 Events & Roadshows, 2007 • #2 Overall Country Research: Asiamoney Broker Polls, 2007


India commitment. Global capabilities.

India commitment. Global capabilities.


Shared values and commitment

To learn more about our commitment or capabilities, call the office nearest you or contact our India Marketing &

Corporate Responsibility

Diversity and Inclusion

Together we are committed to fostering a culture of corporate social responsibility. Through collaborative activities such as networking, volunteering and fundraising, we strive to not only meet specific charitable goals, but also create enduring relationships with the communities where we live and work.

Our company is a widely recognized leader in supporting diversity and promoting inclusion through progressive workplace practices. In India, we are a meritocracy of diverse people and perspectives, each empowered to excel in our work, reach our fullest potential and receive reward and recognition based on our performance and results.

Responsible citizenship inspires and guides everything we do, from the way we conduct business to the associates we recruit and the commitments we make. Our key program areas include health and human services, education, environment, arts and culture, and community development.

Communications team at +91 6632 8000 or

In addition to being the right thing to do, encouraging a diverse, inclusive workplace gives us the business advantage of understanding and meeting the needs of our diverse clients and also provides fresh ideas and perspectives, which promote ingenuity.

Our associate-led volunteer program is active in markets across the globe, represented by associates from across all lines of business who are passionate about giving back to the communities we serve. Volunteer focus areas are aligned with the company’s philanthropic priorities of education, health and human services, community development, arts and the environment for greater community impact. In addition, the company supports the individual commitment of associates to improve communities through programs such as volunteer grants and time off to volunteer.


India commitment. Global capabilities.

India commitment. Global capabilities.


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