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AQA GCSE Double Award – Combined Science: Trilogy (8464) Triple Award – Biology (8461), Chemistry (8462) and Physics (8463) Course Description The Double Award and Triple Award Science courses both combine relevant, inspiring content and practical work. The study of either results in recognised GCSE qualifications in which students can achieve grades 9-1. The Double Award is made up of two combined GCSE Science qualifications covering all three Sciences. Triple award covers the same content and more, resulting in three separate GCSE qualifications: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The course starts in Year 9 with every student learning the content which is common to both the Double and Triple Award. A recommendation will be published to parents at the end of the first term in Year 10 as to whether students should continue studying science for the Double Award or for the Triple Award. This decision will be based on the students’ topic test and mock results.

Triple Award Course Outline – Biology, Chemistry and Physics The curriculum content below is a guide to the areas on which candidates will be assessed. Biology 1. Cell biology 2. Organisation 3. Infection and response 4. Bioenergetics 5. Homeostasis and response 6. Inheritance, variation and evolution 7. Ecology

Chemistry 1. Atomic structure and the periodic table 2. Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter 3. Quantitative chemistry 4. Chemical changes 5. Energy changes 6. The rate and extent of chemical change 7. Organic chemistry 8. Chemical analysis 9. Chemistry of the atmosphere

10. Using resources Physics 1. Forces 2. Energy 3. Waves 4. Electricity 5. Magnetism and electromagnetism 6. Particle model of matter 7. Atomic structure 8. Space Physics

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