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OVERVIEW Company Published by Ebony of Johnson Publishing Company PREMIERE black teen girl lifestyle magazine Print and internet 5 sections Only magazine of its kind!

History Founded in 2012 Class Project to Greatness

AUDIENCE Demonstrated demand Audience Profile

33 million teens spending $112.5 billion Black teens spend

20 percent more

per month than the average U.S. teen


35th highest 2,016,049

Top 100 1,029,336

COMPETITION Teen and fashion magazines Niche publications aimed at African Americans/teenagers Online competition Further research

MONEY Growth Insert Magazine Website Technology

Revenue Cost Reduction Ad Sales Events

Potential Advertisers

RISKS Consumer will not want to pay for a product that was previously free Sustaining the workforce necessary to continue building a stronger product that people will pay for Inability to offer competitive product pricing

SETUP Q 1 2 3 4 Yr

1 2 3


Develop & Test



Continue Issues & Marketing

Last issues as trial

Pitch full magazine

Editorial growth


Innovative projects

Major marketing endeavors


OPERATIONS First year staff Managing Editor from Ebony Jade Editor Freelancers Interns Web Designer Marketing Team Sales and Operation Manager Business Consultants

14 total

Second year staff Grow to 24 members total, adding an associate editor, web editorial team, legal team, etc.

Team Jade Brittany Marshall Megan Miller Ariel Ramchandani Jean Song Amber Travis Gillian White February 1, 2012


Business Plan

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