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All pictures belong to Kirsty Bridge



We spoke to Kirsty Bridge about her popular blog site, Belle Fantasie. Blogging is definitely the

about it somewhere! I loved

latest trend in the fashion and

photography too so I decided I

beauty industry. Fashion blog-

would use my own shots on my

ging is the newest way to learn

blog as well.

about the hottest trends and

“If I get nasty comments, I just delete it - blogging should be fun!“

the newest beauty products. Blogging has often been described as an “online diary” and a perfect example, is of twenty-year-old, Southampton fashion graphic student: Kirsty

How did you put your own

Bridge. With her constant style up-

style onto your page? Did it

dates and growing fan base,

take time to create a general

it’s no wonder why everyone

look for your blog?

wants a piece of Belle Fanta-

It definitely took time! I have


gone through about 4 layouts

So Kirsty, do you remem-

since I first started! I think it’s

ber when you first created

difficult sometimes to find the

your blog and what your first

perfect one but I love my lay-

ever entry was?

out now, which I designed and

I started in October 2008

put together myself. I think it

and my first post was about go-

completes the blog and links

ing to a vintage fair in Bristol.

in with the theme of my posts.

I loved taking photos of every-

The majority of my posts are

one’s stalls.

outfit posts so I guess I stamp

What made you decide to

my own style onto my blog as

start blogging?

soon as put a picture of my

I used blogging as an out-

clothes on there. People know

let for my love of fashion. I was

what I’m wearing and start to

doing a media communications

see my likes and dislikes in

BTEC at the time which didn’t

fashion through my clothes. Are there any other blog-

focus on anything to do with

gers that inspire you?

fashion so I wanted to write 24



So many bloggers inspire

Blog about your love for

get you down if you let it and

me! I follow over a 100 blogs,

something! You must be pas-

it did at first. But I just ignore it

some fashion, some not, but

sionate about the topic you

now, and if I get a nasty com-

I am inspired by all of them!

choose or it will come across

ment I just delete it. Blogging

I think it is hard not to when

that you are bored with it on

should be a positive thing!

you are reading them daily or

your blog.

What is your favourite part of blogging?

Do you have any current giveaways at the moment? I don’t at the moment but

My readers are my most fa-

Belle Fantaisie is always host-

vourite thing! It’s so lovely to

ing giveaways so keep check-

receive and email or comment,

ing for updates!

congratulating you on your

How do you find the time

blog or saying how much they

to balance blogging and be-

love reading it.

ing a student?

What is your least favourite part? Personal negativity. People out there will comment just to be nasty. Do you have any advice and tips for upcoming bloggers?

your experience as a blogger? I would describe it as being eye opening and fun!

I find it quite easy as blogging doesn’t take a huge amount of time for me. Do you ever get hate mail,

Ways to contact Kirsty: Website:

All pictures belong to Kirsty Bridge


How would you describe

and if so, how do you deal

with it?


I think every blogger does and it’s horrible! It can really 25

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