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CELEB STYLE STEAL Cheryl is known for her “doll“ like appearance, flawless skin is essential for this look.

Bad girl lash mascara by Benefit

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Bourjois Little Round Pot blusher is Rose De Jaspe


s well as being known for her career as a Girl’s Aloud member and X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole is also known for her iconic style and glamorous appearance. For her latest single, “Promise this”, Cheryl’s eyes have a particular technique used to recreate this iconic smokey eye look.

Love her skin?

Start by applying moisturiser carefully all over your face. Do It Daily from Benefit is perfect to help control oily skin. Then apply your usual foundation to help create a flawless airbrush look against you’re already smooth skin. Apply a light sweep of powder on your T-Zone and then some blusher to your cheekbones. Little Round Pot Blusher in Rose De Jaspe (3) is essential to create Cheryl’s look. Now you’re done with your skin!

Hammer, swears by Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye shadow in Argent 25. Next get a smaller shadow brush and apply a black powder (1) to the crease and to the eye socket. “Make sure you apply the right amount of black eye shadow otherwise too little would make it not dramatic enough.” says Ruby. “Be sure to tap off the brush before you apply to the crease and applying this look in daylight is essential.” Adding black eyeliner will help the eyes ooze sex appeal. Bad gal (4) by Benefit is essential to help create Cheryl’s look. Now add many coats of mascara to the lashes and voila you have sexy smokey-eyes. Bad Gal Lash should do the trick.

Love her lips?

Add a nude lip-gloss or nude lipstick to help make the eyes stand out even more. If you’re lips are slightly dry trying putting Vaseline on them before apply the nude lipstick.

Love her eyes?

Next the eyes, this is slightly trickier but with the right products it will be easy as 1, 2, 3. Begin by sweeping a beige coloured shadow under the brow bone. This will help make you’re eyebrows appear more defined. Next using a medium sized brush, sweep dark grey shadow just over the eye socket. The Talent Brush by Benefit is essential for helping you make this exotic look.

Cheryl with her glamourous waves and backcombed crown

For the dark grey base, make up artist Ruby

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Making Magazines - Beauty DPS  
Making Magazines - Beauty DPS  

I was asked to produce a DPS for the Beauty section of a fortnightly magazine.