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E n joy fu lf illing, nut r i t io nal and t ast y m eals B uy vegan p ro duc t s to t akeaway Shakesp eare St reet, No t t i ngham 11am-6pm


re : p l a ce

A pop-up vegan cafe that locates itself in vacant shops amongst the British high streets in order to bring the community together and take advantage of the space to make it more visual, fun and experiential. The cafe offers consumers a different choice of cuisine, vegan. Sponsored by Alpro whose brand ethos ‘plant power’ uses beans as its main ingredient. The cafe has an open kitchen with expert chefs serving up honest, locally sourced, fresh vegan meals. The stripped back, rustic cafe has a shop alongside it where consumers can buy and engage with members of staff. The natural and simple design of the cafe is a place where consumers can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Staying in Nottingham for two weeks, the cafe has arrived due to student demand for ‘healthy, good quality produce.’ The cafe will move around Britain and locate itself in other vacant shops close to Universities to provide students with flavoursome and nutritional meals.


The food sold and served in re: place has the same approach to the design of the cafe, minimal and simplistic yet engaging and inviting. Using the best quality ingredients the menu has a minimal selection to choose from. The ingredients used in the recipes are natural and raw to provide authentic home grown food.


The drinks available in re: place are either made with Alpro products or raw ingredients. The smoothies and fruit juices are packed with essential nutrients to improve an individual’s diet. At re: place we make sure that all of our products make an impact that will enhance your life and the planet’s.



re: place leaflet  

A leaflet that goes along side the report giving a brief description about re: place.